Exobelt Review

Submitted by: Anonymous

Having recently acquired the exobelt, I was eager to put it on. It is unfortunately the single most complicated thing I've ever done. College trig was easier than not pinching myself with this thing. But with the cunning use of Q-Tips I was able to finally slide my skin between comfortably.

The only chastity devices I've ever tried were the CB-2000 and a couple of locking cock cages. All of which I could pull out of as soon as I was limp. As I am a "grower not a show-er" I could pull out easily, but Jenny said that the enclosure of the exobelt would probably be more secure as it would keep things warmer down there.

When its finally locked on, its pretty comfortable. THe complete inability to touch anything is quite arousing (although arousal is pointless inside). It is kind of large and could be noticable on some people, but I don't seem to have a problem. Or at least no one has said, "say, you got some kind of cock cage on under there?", so I think I'm ok.

And finally security. For the first time ever I'm legitimately locked into this thing. I can't get out, its awesome. I spent the night in the device and have tried a few times to pull out. I haven't been able to do so yet. GREAT!? I came close to being able to pull out (so I thought) but when I looked inside I wasn still a good ways away from the edge, and by that time all the manipulation caused an errection and pulling out while errect just isn't happening.

Now I've only spent a short time locked up, and have the key sitting next to me. If it were a longer time without a key, I may have the urge to pull some type of MacGyver style operation and escape. But as it is now, I'm pretty good. I'm locked up tight, can't get out and am enjoying actually being chastized by a cage and unable to espace (sans a saw or key).

Thanks Jenny!

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