Review of Mature Metal Jail Bird

Submitted by: LockedInSteelNow

After more than a month locked in the Mature Metal Jail Bird, I figured it was time I sent in a review.

I have spent much of thelast 3 years in a CB-6000S (and a 6000, 3000, and 2000 prior to that) and I was reluctant to invest in something new that may not work as well.

My fears were completely unwarranted. The Jail Bird is a fantastic device. Solidly built with no rough or exposed edges, the Jail Bird has been comfortable since day 1 -- more comfortable than the plastic 6000s by a long shot.

I'm pretty active (one full Ironman and 2 half Ironmen in 2011) and I think I put some mileage on these things. So far, I have worn it running 10 miles or more in sub-freezing conditions (wear a speedo under your shorts or pants to hold it from moving around too much), alpine skiing over 30,000 feet in a day, and lap swimming 4000m at a time (wearing 2 suits hides it well). I haven't biked longin it yet, but given that I could ride in the 6000S, I'm not concerned. I did take my bike for a quick ride around the block after tuning it up, and I felt fine. The base ring is smaller than the CB devices and puts less pressure under the scrotum. I'm guessing it will work better than the CB on the bike once theweather warms up.

Most important for me, though, are 2 main benefits of the Jail Bird:

  • First, this is far more secure than the CB devices. Sure, I could cut it off with bolt shears if I really, really need to, but, barring that, it feels very secure. Plastic feels like a toy, steel feels like the real thing. There is no plastic pin that I could break off in 2 seconds if I wanted to. I ordered the base ring about 1/8 to 1/4 inch smaller than I was using on the CB, and I don't think I could back out even if I wanted to. Mine is pretty tight around the base of my boys. We did order the anti-pullout pins, but we only used them once. Pulling out isn't much of an option for me, given how this fits. I strongly recommend the high-security lock option since it gives your keyholder a lot more control than the off the shelf locks you can replace at the hardware store.
  • Second, I haven't lost a minute of sleep in this thing. With the CB devices, I was always afraid that if I rolled over wrong, something would break and stab me in the groin. So, I never slept well. After an hour in the Jail Bird, you realize that this is really, really well built and would likely survive any impact or force that would kill you first. So, in short, I have peace of mind at night.

Finally, this is a much simpler device mechanically than the CB devices. My wife always entrusted me to reinstall the CB since there were so many parts and pinch points. During one of the few times she has let me out since we started using the JailBird, she realized that she can reinstall this one. Now, after sex, she has started to enjoy sitting on my face and having me lick her clean while she relocks me.

Any problems so far? Not really. The Jail Bird is heavier than a CB, since it is steel, but not meaningfully so. I still can wear boxers during the day and a jock or speedo holds me tight for workouts. Obviously this isn't airport safe and we had to go back to the CB for a couple days last week during a business trip. As for concealment, I ordered mine with measurements generally similar to the CB-6000s and I have found that it looks about the same under clothing. Maybe even a tad smaller.

In short, I give this a 10 out of 10. Given that Mature Metal builds every device to your exact measurements, I've found that the fit is perfect. Toss in the fact that steel is soooo much better than plastic and Mature Metal's very reasonable prices (compared to the competition) and you have a great chastity option that should last you a long time.

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