My New cb6000

Submitted by: Amtrack

Well after years in a cb3000, I finally took the plunge and called the Millers in Las Vegas to order a cb6000. That was on a Tuesday and Friday morning it was in my mailbox. Great service from them.

I had a chance to try it after a shower on saturday and mananaged to get released from my old (since 2005) cb3000. It had been a good servant in many ways too. Slid the #4 back ring on and thought it was going to be the one for me. After putting it on, I went about my daily tasks.

That night, one of my testicles slipped thru, so I downsized to the #3 back ring.

It is much more comfortable and fits much better than the old cb3000. I hope to keep going in my new found home the cb 6000.

I think the cb6000 is a good redesign, and give much praise to the Millers

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