PeniCap and Piercing Padlocks from LustLock

Submitted by: prcd4her

I am an avid fan of this sight and I have learned a lot through reader input. I am currently living a true FLR with an amazing lady. We have been together for decades.

Recently we purchased a second and 3rd Chastitydevice. The second was silicone and worked well, but she was not happy with the look frankly. Comfort was ok. So we ordered a The PeniCap from LustLock. Truly amazing. I woke up today and my wife told me to cum and get on the new device. She wants to take it for a spin, long term. I asked how long and got a very devious stare.

I assume it will be longer than normal and will include some added pain for her pleasure. She is getting very used to using domestic discipline and enjoys the leadership role in our home and outside our home. She has pegged me for years but recently is using as a domination tool along with discipline.

The device is perfect for long term wear, but you MUST ensure your PA is the correct size or it wont work. I am not kidding when I say you do not know it is there until you try to play with your self. I will attempt to orgasm, but know it is impossible with out the pegging or removal of the Chastity.

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