CB-6000 Review

Submitted by: Megactual

Ok, I have to confess that I like masturbating, A LOT.

Sometimes I just cannot stop and maybe shoot 3 loads, and after that I feel bad.. Maybe that is the reason why my little thing is quite small (12cm when erected, 2~3cm and sometimes shorter when it is not), and that is frustrating...

Well, I guess that was when I was searching online on how to deal with this when wikipedia told me to use a "chastity belt", and the links below its page suggested altairboy's chastity site, so I just clicked in and found it really useful. (thx, Altairboy!)

And now it is years later, I managed to buy a cb6000s(my penis is small, remember?), and below is what I think:

  • The first time I use the device, all that I felt is pain, gosh! the ring kept pulling my ball sack and it got red. I think there was also a pain in stomach but after days i got used to it
  • The ring was designed to make you feel pain and unease? it looks like in shape and the edge was killing me when wearing for a long time. I once weared it to movie, but the cutting feeling made me have to adjust it in the theater..
  • I tried to use different size but either my balls come out or no blood flow at all.. Mmm, so i used a long thread to wrap it (i have no idea how to express..) and glued it. now it feels better! i can almost wear it forever!
  • I thought the plastic pillars would break first so I have to get a new one, but it turns out the opposite, the connexion of the cage broke first.. I guess that is because I once tried to masturbate with the cage on (DON'T ASK!! i was so horny... hell me!), so, glued it. I wonder whether you guys experienced it before?

I was just trying to get rid of masturbating, but after using it i feel it is just like my second skin, just like the others say:"i'll feel naked without it on". so I guess I kindda can't live without it:)

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