An Introduction to The BON4

Submitted by: Gelaute

At the time of writing, basic fitting instructions are only available from the "Tickleberry" web site and are not provided in the otherwise well presented package. A silent, brief video presntation is available from this and other sales sites. These notes are based on the outline instructions from "Tickleberry", bolstered by personal experience.

1. Assembling the Device

The BON4 comprises just four, non metallic main parts, namely the back ring, the cage; a securing strap and a locking pin.

First study how these four components fit together and then assemble them before you attempt putting on the device. Observe the correct alignment between the cage and the back ring and how its securing strap is located and set. 2. To Fit the Back Ring

Three back rings are provided, being of 41 mm, 47 mm and 52 mm diameter. Select the one having the minimal appropriate size which will suit your personal comfort and security and then position it with the two closest cage locating slots up at the top.

Apply a little water based lube around the inside of your selected back ring. Avoid silicone based prducts, which can cause eventual deterioration of the silicone components of BON4.

First, pull a little scrotal skin through this ring and insert one testicle. Pull some more skin through and insert the other testicle. Ease them in so that both are fully extended through the ring. Now bend your penis downwards and pull its full length through the ring. The silicone material will stretch sufficiently to allow this procedure.

Stretch your genitals fully forward through the ring and settle the back of the ring firmly against your body. Slightly rotate the ring if necessary so that the two closest cage locating slots are positioned centrally at the top. Take care at this stage to smooth away any skin folds, or wrinkles within the ring.

It may be appropriate to temporarily halt proceedings at this juncture so as to become aware of any discomfort. After a brief period, say 30 minutes, you should hardly notice its presence. A correctly sized and properly fitted back ring will be comfortable to wear, but will barely allow you to part insert a finger into the ring. (If it's too slack it defeats the object of its purpose!)

3. To Attach the Cage

Apply a little of the water based lube to the inner surface of the cage. With the locking post pushed through the single hole close to one end of the securing strap, thread the securing strap though both the left-hand upper fixing arm and through the lower fixing arm of the cage.

Ease the cage over your penis and position it, ensuring that all three fixing arms are aligned with their slots and that the securing strap is sitting snugly within the centre channel around the back ring. Take your time, all will settle into precise position.

4. To Secure the Device

Thread the securing strap though the upper right-hand fixing arm. (It will now be holding all three fixing arms.)

The fixing arms will exactly fit into their respective slots on the back ring and the securing strap will be located close to the channel around the centre of the back ring.

Keeping the locking post central with the two top fixing arms, check that the securing strap is properly set, then tension the strap and smooth along its surface, thus making a good compressed, snug fit all around the channel of the back ring.

Align the nearest and tightest hole of the securing strap and push the locking post through that hole. Then thread the loose end of the securing strap through the adjacent cage fixing arm.

Objective Achieved

When satisfied with its comfort after wearing your BON4 for an hour, or so, place the chosen type of lock through the post hole and snap it closed. Ablutions and natural body functions will be unaffected and long term wear will not nomally cause problems.

Now correctly fitted, secured and locked, you can relax in the certain knowledge that once you've handed over the keys, or plastic lock numbers to their keeper your release is only possible at her discetion.

Enjoy the exhilleration of dominant captivity.

So, you think you can slip out of it, do you!

Maybe you can, but not without either extreme discomfort, or partial destruction of the device. Few things are impossible, but consider this: Why ever did you submit to wearing it ? Once removed you'll never manage to re-enter it, so you'll have a lot of explaining to do! Also, before you attempt escape, remember that when fitting the back ring you relied upon the stretch capability of the silicone. A correctly sized and fitted back ring with the securing strap fitted to place and locked up, no longer has any stretch factor available to assist you in its removal.

Just keep calm and revel in the delightful consequences of your submission to higher authority - after all, it's meant to be Fun!


Yes, BON4 is worthy of a 5-Star Rating - and worth every penny!

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