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Most of what follows pertains to the stainless steel chastity belts manufactured by Tollyboy of England, La Ceinture de Chastete of America and Carrara of Belgium. This updated FAQ includes more information on the female version of the belt than the previous one. Special thanks to B&B for their insights, especially on the female belts.

Some of what follows are my opinions. Your mileage may vary.

A source list is at the end of this section.
- Low security
- Mid range security
- High security (Most expensive)

Q: What is a chastity belt?

Broadly defined, it is any locking appliance that prevents the wearer engaging in sexual intercourse. I've seen some buckling leather straps and shorts that purport to be chastity belts, but without a lock you may as well define buttonfly jeans as a chastity belt.

Q: How much do they cost?

That depends on what kind you want. You can spend anywhere from $50 for a very simple leather one to $500 or more for a top of the line high security model.

Q: In the messages several belts were discussed - which company would you say produce the most durable, solid and most effective belts?

Made of Stainless steel, the La Ceinture de Chastete, Access Denied*, Tollyboy or Neosteel style belts are hard to beat for being durable and solid. They are the "traditional" barrel hoop style belt, with a waistband, front shield and a means of connecting the front sheidl via chain or cable. A different style waistband is made by Carrara of Belgium. I'm hardpressed to think of anything more durable than stainless steel. As for effective, anything that keeps the wearer in and/or someone else out could be considered effective. (Access Denied Ceased Production in 2002)

Q: How long will it take from the order to receive the belt?

Mine took six months. I've heard that's about the standard time. Each one of these is custom made to precise measurements for just one person. Check with the maker, some delivery promises are much quicker. Overseas shipments can take several extra weeks to clear postal and customs delays.

Q: Is it visible at all under normal clothing?

It depends on how tight your normal clothes are. There is a definite bulge at the crotch, but in loose fit Wranglers (tm) I've had no trouble.

Q: I can't imagine exactly how they look.

First you have the waist band; this rests in the narrow point below the bottom of your ribcage and above your hips. It is a solid band that flexes enough to be able to get in and out of it. There are pins at the front of the belt and the waist belt closes over these pins. The groin plate attaches at these pins and is held there by a lock which fits over two of the three pins. These extra pins prevent the groin shield from being able to swivel. The groin shield terminates in two flat chains which split in a V, leaving the anus clear for defecation. The chains go up over the cheeks and are permanently fastened at the back of the waist band. Inside the groin shield is a sheath; a steel tube that the penis rests inside. The sheath locks to the groin shield with the same kind of lock that secures the waist band.

The female belt is the same except there is, obviously, no penis sheath. Instead there is a slit, which lines up with the labia lips.

Q: As those belts are designed individually, is it very difficult to get the right measures? Do they exactly describe how to measure?

Tollyboy, Carrara and Neosteel have a measuring form with very precise notes describing in each case exactly what you are measuring and how to do it. Neosteel also has a self measuring kit. Unless you have this kit, You cannot take your own measurements; someone else must do them for you. Make sure the measurements are accurate. Double check everything. If you screw up the measurements they'll charge you extra to fix it and you'll end up waiting even longer for your belt.

Q: Are they really safe? Wouldn't it be possible to cut them off with normal tools?

It is impossible to engage in regular intercourse while wearing one of these. As for getting relief in these, accounts vary. Some men report that they are able to achieve what amounts to an orgasm without ejaculation. I've personally never had any luck getting satisfaction while wearing mine. The female account I have reports that it is possible to get a finger or two behind the shield for manual stimulation.

The lock rests behind a steel flange. There is no way to get to the lock to cut it off. The waist band is 1.25 inch 16 SWG steel. Even if you could get a tin snips in there, I can't believe they could cut it. The only hope I see would be to attack the attaching rivets, but taking the heads off those with standard tools could be hazardous to your health. Remember, this thing rests tight against your skin. The best you're likely to accomplish is to make a sharp edge where you'll cut yourself, or to slip and stab yourself. No, unless you've got a machine shop and someone who knows what they're doing, I wouldn't try it.

The short answer, if you don't have a key you can't get out.

Q: Is it okay to shower in, or will the lock get rusty?

In their literature, the manufacturer claims you can shower in it. I asked the same question of the people at Selective and was told there had been no problems reported. The locks are brass. I've been known to use a lock de-icer spray, since it lubricates and drives moisture out. I'm told a hairdryer works well for drying things out as well.

Q: Is it bearable for long terms?

It is designed with long term wear in mind. The longest I've personally worn mine is three days. The people at Selective told me the known record is nine months. Unfortunately, no chastity device is 100% perfect or absolutely comfortable, but this one is very good. It takes some practice to wear for longer periods, but once you get used to wearing it, sitting, moving around, etc., it is quite tolerable. B&B have told me that he wears his almost constantly. The main drawback seems to be trying to find a swimsuit that hides it effectively.

Q: Is hygiene a problem?

Urination requires a handful of toilet paper to sop the drops from the inside and outside bottom end of the groin shield. I once made the mistake of leaning forward while defecating and the ring at the tip of the shield (which the cheek chains attach to) caught the stool as it was coming out and scraped a groove in it. The mess wasn't too bad, but what a smell! Tollyboy recommends the use of a bidet for one of their models. It's also a good idea to dry thoroughly after showering. It's easy enough for water to be trapped between belt and skin. Again, a hairdryer may come in helpful here.

Q: Will you have any trouble with metal detectors at airports?

Absolutely. You'll set them off. I saw a post from one fellow who simply told the security people he was wearing a chastity belt. He got through without much trouble. One fellow I spoke with actually started to show them his belt and was waved through very quickly. Others haven't been quite so lucky. B&B report that both of them have had a trip to a private room for a visual inspection and explanations.

Q: How can I get one?

When friends ask me what kind of computer they should buy, I tell them to first figure out what they're going to want to do with it. To carry the analogy to chastity belts, how are you going to want to use this belt? Is this something you're going to wear only as part of a scene? How important is security? Is the keyholder going to be present? Do you need to be able to use the bathroom without unlocking it? The shower?

Low Security - Inexpensive

- - - - - - If you're determined and have a sharp knife, these won't keep you in, but they will make tampering obvious. Bathroom functions are generally impossible or difficult in these.

In the low security, but inexpensive line is Water Hole. They offer a plastic belt, that you assemble yourself. It's not designed for high security, but does give you the opportunity to experience wearing a chastity belt, and gives your key-holder a way to discover tampering.

    The Water Hole Custom Leather Inc.
    224 Hartford Tpke
    Tolland, CT 06084

Mid Range

- - - - - - If you're looking for something with a little more security and that black leather SM sort of look and feel to it, try Fetters/Mr.S of San Francisco. They market mainly toward the gay male, but I know they used to advertise chastity belts for women as well. I expect that if asked they would gladly accept a custom order. I bought one from them a few years back. Expect to pay anywhere from $100 up (and prices have doubtless risen since then). Although these are sharp looking, more secure and meant to be worn against the skin, they do share a problem with their cheaper cousin; you can't perform bathroom functions in them. (They used to sell a drainage sheath, basically a condom with a hose on the end, that was supposed to let you urinate while wearing a belt, but it never worked for me. All it ever got me was a belt full of urine.) This means the key needs to be handy. I've seen their new product, the cock cuff (a bent piece of pipe welded to a handcuff) and I can't help but think that it'll probably slip off when you go flaccid. Also, I can't see how it could be worn under clothing. Consider most of these as in-home or in-dungeon toys only.

    310 Seventh St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

Also consider the Stockroom. Joel Tucker has been in the business for a long time, and they have an extensive website that includes a searchable catalog.

High Security - Expensive

- - - - - - The most secure (and most expensive) alternative is a stainless steel chastity belt from La Ceinture de Chastete (William Jones) or Access Denied*, Neosteel, or Walter Goethals of Belgium. These are the finest examples of chastity belts I've encountered so far. Meant to be worn against the skin, they're lined in neoprene to prevent chaffing. They employ specialized high security locks that cannot be cut off. The manufacturer claims that it would take engineering facilities and assistance to cut one off. They're about as secure as you can get today. Since each one is custom made, delivery time can take up to six months. Cost for a basic male chastity belt is $500. Cost of the basic female chastity belt is $400. The optional secondary front shield for the female version kicks the price up to $460.

A relatively new maker, Mario Latowski in Germany. Seen photos, and a couple of reviews. No personal experience.

    Am Haferkamp 10
    59199 Bönen-Nordbögge
    Tel/Fax +49 2383 57426

William Jones was the first US based manufacturer of Chastity Belts. He passed away in the early summer of 2006, and the business was sold to Thomas Hilmer.

Neosteel started shipments in 1998. Design based on Tollyboy, with full metal waistband and penis tube for males. Stainless steel male and female belts. They began selling a silicone waistband liner in 1999 as an alternate to neoprene, which is supposed to reduce chafe, and the possibility of allergic reactions. The manufacturer states they now sell most of their belts with the ergonomic style waist belt, which rides lower and accomodates larger belly configurations. They offer a self measuring kit to solve the problem of not having someone to measure you.

    Neosteel GmbH
    Bornstrasse 8
    D-57629 Malberg

    Tel./Fax 0049-2747-912376
    web site:

Probably the first widely available chastity belt is the Tollyboy. Beginning in the 1960's Hal Higgenbottom produced them until his death in 1998. Richard Davies purchased the business name, and resumed production in late 1999.

* - * - *

Thanks to Mortice Deadlock of the UK for his advice and support. Thanks to B&B ( for their insights and experiences as well as many new listings for sources.

If you've encountered any secure chastity devices not covered here, I'd be interested in hearing about them and where they can be purchased. We're also looking for anyone with experience with the Tollyboy or La Ceinture de Chastete female belt equipped with the secondary shield.

Any corrections to the above should also be addressed to me. If you have any further questions I'll do my best to answer them. I don't make or sell these devices. They've been an interest of mine since puberty so consequently I've read a lot about them and have experienced several as well. I doubt that makes me an expert, but I'd like to give something back to the BDSM community.

Dirk M

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