Bird Cage - The Chinese Version

Submitted by: Daniel

Got the product today. You get what you pay for, but a surprising amount more. To be clear, this is blatantly NOT a custom product and NOT a product one can be easily proud of. That said, it seems to be an excellent starter for a budgeted college student.

Comfort - It's smooth and spaced rationally. My anatomy is slightly above average in girth and slightly below in length, with large balls and a healthy, pliable sack.The grip it has on the balls is firm and due to the spacing, I am confident I will have no accidental ball slips. It has no odd quirks like an off-center locking rail or chrome bubbles. That said, there is clearly WAY too much length with this thing. The girth is snug, but I have a full inch of blank space between the tip of my dick and the tip of the device. It renders the "pee hole" redundant. Because of it's length and weight, it pulls forward and down far too hard to be trusted to stay in the same place.

Security - It's not. It's about the bottom the barrel when it comes to that. It's a toy, not equipment. Because it rides down and forward so hard, it has the capacity to naturally slide off the dick with no effort. It's NOT coming off the balls, but the dick itself can be pulled out with almost no effort. If you are hard in the cage to begin with, then it becomes tricky, but there's a good chance you will slide out with no effort with no underwear. For those who want something to stretch the balls throughout the day before you buy a serious product, it's excellent for that. I have already stretched out just from today. It gets a good passing grade for the cost, but the cost is rock bottom.

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