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Similar to other recent reviews of Locked in Steel (or perhaps I should say Locked in Steal), my experience with LIS was not positive. Initially it was great. My wife and I decided to invest in a full metal belt as a Christmas gift and shortly before the holidays we emailed LIS for a custom fitting appointment. LIS was very accommodating in arranging the fitting on short notice. The driving directions were simple and email contact was prompt.

The fitting went well with no problems. We received a tour which consisted of their house and their basement work shop. The actual measuring was professional without making me uncomfortable. My wife was there and after paying $1000 on our credit card, we were satisfied overall with our experience. We were told that we should have our belt within 3 months. There was the disclaimer that it could take longer, but the estimate was 3 months.

I checked the web site religiously and similar to another review my information showed a bunch of actions taking place on the same day (the day we paid) and then nothing. I waited until almost the 3 month mark before I reached out in email for a status update. Especially since the order information had never been updated in all that time. My first email (about a week before the 3 month mark) was responded to promptly indicating that most of the parts were in, but the tube was still at the coaters. After that we sent 5 emails and left 2 voicemails before finally getting a response at over the 4 month mark. I don't believe I once talked to anyone on the phone.

It wasn't until I threatened to put in a fraud charge with the credit card company that I finally got a response. Again, similar to another review (and this was several years ago) I was told about illness in the family, the economy, waiting on parts, etc. Shortly thereafter my order was updated, but only with the fact that parts were being sent for coating! After it was already beyond the original estimated delivery date.

We sent 4 more email inquiries asking for an update on the status of order and it wasn't until we were at the 7 month mark and again put an ultimatum regarding fraud charges if we did not receive confirmation of shipping by a specific date. I indicated that a legitimate business should be able to provide a reasonable estimate of product delivery and that it appeared that I should consider their business defunct. Just before that date, I was alerted that my belt was being shipped.

I watched and tracked carefully and the belt arrived right around the 8 month mark after my order. However, there was an immediate problem. The belt wouldn't go together. After emailing again, I did receive a prompt reply that sometimes the hole that the metal pin goes through needs to be made bigger. I am not sure why that wasn't checked, but I borrowed a drill from a friend and made the hole bigger as needed. However, there was another problem. The belt seemed way too small. There was no way I was going to be able to wear it. So once again I emailed LIS. It took numerous emails and over a month, but I finally arranged to go back to LIS in person to have the belt checked. At around the 9 month mark from my initial order I was back in their house and they were adjusting the belt. It turns out (in my perception) that they just slapped a belt together with whatever was on hand when I gave my final ultimatum.

The waistband was over an inch too small. The rear cables were too short. The keys had not been cut like usual to facilitate unlocking the belt around the face plate. The hole had not been bored properly and the rubber around the waist band had not been siliconed.

LIS apparently fixed all of these problems while I waited and I left with a functional belt. Afterwards, I still wonder if the rear cables are long enough or if the belt fits properly. However, after 9 months and two in person visits to LIS, I essentially gave up on the belt.

I would not recommend dealing with this company unless they significantly change their customer service policies. And yes, I kept all of the emails that I sent and received so I have a record of these transactions.

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