Exobelt Extreme and X-1 Comparison

Submitted by: Janet_IN_Spikes

I was asked which device I like better and do you need to switch back and forth between the two. My answer is no, both are equally secure. However, I like to do so for the reason below.

I like both devices. Both devices are secure. However, I like the X-1 better because my slave can't touch himself at all. It is more bulky than the Extreme. I found that the X-1 could be hidden under clothing easily if you wear tight fitting underwear or a jock. Since I feminize my hubby, he wears panties and the Extreme is easier to hide under them for daily wear.

The only reason I ever switch him up in devices is because of the "no touching" aspect of the X-1. Its fun for him and me because of the deprivation feeling the X-1 causes. Plus I like that he is totally locked and no touching at all unless I say.

So if you don't mind wearing tighter undergarments, then I would say the X-1. Especially if you want the "no touching" deprivation sensation. If you don't need that and don't want to worry about hiding the device then go for the Extreme. It is equally secure. You can't touch the penis, but you can touch the scrotum. I personally think the devices should switch names....wink. wink.

The X-1 rings would resemble a cock ring. You slide them on and the penis and scrotum go through them. The Extreme has no tubes or rings. The Extreme is easier to install, But the X-1 also becomes easy to install with practice.

Still my favorite is the X-1.

My slave can't pull out of either the X-1 or Extreme.

Here is one of the little teasing games I play with my hubby.

I got this idea from a slave on a message board. Here is what I put my little man through. Grin.

I first placed him in his Exobelt X1 chastity belt. That way he can't touch his penis or balls. I then inserted vibrating plug and put on pantyhose. I insert the plug because I didn't want him to see it and know that it was remote controlled. Then I had him get dressed up.

So here we are sitting at dinner. He's all excited with all he's hiding under his clothes. I know he's thinking he's going to have some fun tonight, boy is he right. So I order and then he orders. As he's getting ready to order from the waiter I start the plug. He feels it vibrate and turns beet red. I know he's wandering if the waiter knows. Like I care. So all trough dinner I start and stop this plug. He was so worked up not being able to touch himself at all. So frustrated.

I loved it and he took good care of me all night. I didn't let him out either. LOL.

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