Steelworxx - Looker 01 Review

Submitted by: iSub carrie

I have had the Looker 01 for over 10 months now and my Keyholder has been very pleased with it.

I had been using a CB6000 and found that it had some shortcomings - like two rings breaking and also being very difficult to keep clean and sweet smelling.

I also always felt that it was a bulky item and I did not like the padlock clunking sometimes while moving around at work.

My dominant Lady had been encouraging me for some time to accept that the Looker was the only device that would give security combined with comfort and eventually it was ordered September 2010.

As this is a custom built design, it was decided that the urethral insert should be removable if required (I am not sure if this was possibly the first made in this way) and the end of the insert should only be 1mm larger than the tube - rather than the standard 2mm. My mistress has no desire to hurt or damage me.

Dietmar at Steelworxx was very patient helping to decide on sizing and he did suggest that the cage should be shorter than my flaccid penis. A compromise was reached, as my Mistress wanted to be able to see the tube entering me.

When the device arrived it looked exquisite and very strong.

Although I had experience of catheters being introduced to my urethra it was decided that things should progress at a gentle pace rather than rushing it.

The insert on its' own was introduced to begin with. On the first insertion I hardened, which was not a good thing! The insert slipped in but a little blood was evident at in the meatus. When the the insert was withdrawn after a short pause there was indeed some bleeding. However, this was short lived and it was left until the next day to try another insertion.

I had obviously investigated the insertion aspects of this device while awaiting delivery and had spoken to some users on Chastity Mansion. Some recommended using a sterilising lubricant so I had acquired some and that was used the next day. Insertion was easier with the lubricant and there was no show of bright blood, I suspect it was just a blood vessel swollen by my erection and this has not happened again. There was a slight show of pink in my precum when the insert was removed but no pain on either occasion.

The device without the insert had been tried and this was a dream to fit - only seconds to get the solid ring on and then it located nicely to complete the device. The lock was a little stiff to begin with but has become very easy to apply over time.

Being made to measure it was very close to my penis and did not show in any way when wearing trousers. I could confidently go about my life being locked all the time without worrying that it was bulging more than normal.

The insert was then attached and I wore it for a couple of hours and each day the length of penetration increased until after 5 days it was in for more than 12 hours a day. Once that had been achieved it was decided that I should benefit from the Looker penetrating me for a week before removal or cleaning.

Much has been said in various forums about how to clean the insert and how often it needs to be cleaned.

Some say that it should be sterilised in boiling water and others recommend a lubricant that disinfects. My research and usage seems to indicate that things being introduced to the urethra are better clean rather than sterile and that lubricant is not a good idea.

The Looker and insert are washed in antibacterial wash and no lubricant apart from water is used. The urethra is well accustomed to water and it therefore acts as a good lubricant down the urethra.

The complete cage comes from being submerged in clean water and it is inserted without delay - having ensured that the area around the meatus is clean and also moist.

Once in place and locked there is no escape because the insert goes beyond the cockring.

I found that the feeling of the large end of the insert is not unpleasant and there was no pain on insertion - just a sensation of being penetrtaed. My mistress is very pleased with its effectiveness and likes to consider the insert to be her presence within her submissive male.

The decision to have a removable insert was a good one, as I feel it would be difficult to ensure that the insert in particular was entirely clean. Due to the bespoke made to measure aspect of the device it is difficult to get one's fingers down the inside of the cage with the insert in place or reach every part of the tube through the bars.

Urinating is easy as the insert is hollow - it just means you don't get any real sensation of passing water. However, if the bladder is full it means that some urine goes down the outside of the insert and effectively lubricates the insert and helps to keep it clean. urine is, of course, normally sterile so seems quite beneficial to the situation.

On removal there is no problem, apart from a small trickle of urine from the insert. Unlike the CB6000 where I had a fairly constant trickle of precum, this is now retained by the tube within the urethra and when I urinate it tends to come as a stream of precum followed by urine.

Having the removable tube means that there is a retaining nut on the outside of the tube and this can work loose from time to time. I have lost one and had to replace it. However, I have found that a standard hexagonal nut bought from a shop was as good and tight a fit as the ones provided by Steelworxx at 20 Euros a shot!

I think it is fair to say that this is generally a superbly engineered piece of jewellery that ensures security.

If anyone wants to see pictures they are available on Flickr if they search on Steelworxx.

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