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Submitted by: Cape Cod Richie

After lots of research while waiting for some money I finalized my measurements for ordering a Jailbird from Mature Metal. Last year I gave his Pet Trap a try but I believe I sized the tube too long and ended up having sex with it and selling it. I was very impressed with the customer service of Mature Metal so I am older and wiser and going for a Jailbird. I'm compact and high and tight and uncut. I ordered the tube at 1.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches long. I got the main ring @ 2" round with a 3/8" space and also got a second ring for Plan B @ 1 13/16" round with a 3/8" space (in case I fall out of the larger ring- it's the smallest ring I can wear).

After ordering I sent Bill an e-mail and he replied and we changed my tube length as there was some mystery in my research on a phantom 1/4" for the dome end of the Jailbird tube. We went with the shorter option (we changed 1.5 to 1.25) and that was a good thing. I've read many reviews where the main problem was the tube being too long and my own experience backed them.

I'm trying my darndest to not have to send the device back. I got both rings round as (for me) I found with the Pet Trap adventure that the oval ring caused burning at the bottom but it may have been too small. I got a second ring same size but round and it was much better for me. Being high and tight it seems that oval is just inviting losing a cracker (ball). I guess the oval shape is better for guys that are more droopy than I.

Received the Jailbird on Friday which was good as it's one of my bi- weekly shaving days so I shaved and popped it on. The cage looked kind of strange but it all made sense when installed. I was totally comfortable width wise and all the way into the tube. Due to the 1.5 inch diameter tube it makes more of a footprint on the front of my scrotum (than the CB6000S I've been using) making the package wider. Giving myself time to break in to the subtle changes with a different device. It's good that the Bird arrived on Friday as I'll have it on continuously till Monday morning when I go to work.

Slept all night with no problem. The 2" main ring is large for me but with the tube pressing in up front it all works out. Following sizing instructions @ Chastity Mansion, my 10 years experience with various chastity devices, and my longer time playing with rings has been helpful with sizing the Jailbird.

I am experiencing the device turning on me to the left (where bottom of lock is). I had this happen with the Pet Trap I had previously. I'll try to switch the lock around but I'm sure it will just turn the other way.

I put on my regular blue jeans this morning to do yard work and noticed the Bird barely shows at all due to the short cage length; even when sitting down. Uh oh, should I try to wear at work? Work has been the only place I don't wear a device so far. Will have to decide this issue after a much longer test term.

It's Saturday and I just came in from a couple of hours of housework. I'm experiencing a little bit of burning at the bottom and a bit to the left side on the main ring. I moved things around a bit and applied a little bit of baby oil. Also I'm glad that MM built the cage for me being uncut. Due to my morning swelling my penis has inflated a bit and now there's some loose skin sticking out below my penis hole (a square below). No pinching or discomfort but if MM hadn't reversed the order of the bars (horizontal inside and vertical out side) I might be getting pinched bad. Very good of MM to accomodate us uncut guys.

I was unable to get the key to switch the direction of the lock so this morning I washed and soaped everything and turned the device past center to the right. Wearing underwear and jeans while doing housework the device did not turn so I suspect with a little support it doesn't want to turn so much. The turning is not a big deal as there's no discomfort. I just like it centered.

I've been sleeping through the night with no problems.

On Sunday morning after getting up (Day 3) was really getting burnt on main ring. Kept lubricating and moving skin around. Also the device is turning like crazy. It's nutty. Not sure about cure and low on bucks for now. As someone on TV said a long time ago "It's always something". Later on in the day had a shower and everything loosened up and all is good. Mrs. Keyholder teased me in the shower and afterwards I was dripping. No surprise at Day 55 in this Chastity Run. Am thinking of getting ring (s) changed to 1/2" space but will continue testing. I want to wear this Bird all year long. Don't want it falling on the floor when winter comes. It's happened with other TBD's (trapped ball devices) due to my compact build.

Got home from work on Monday and shaved and cleaned the Bird and got back in. So nice cleaning stainless steel.

It's Wednesday and very hot. Been having some burning issues with the 2" ring. Thinking about how not different this Jailbird is from my former Pet Trap I decided to try the smaller (1 13/16") ring that I had success with on the Trap. It went right on and my package is smaller than with the larger ring. Will give it the overnight test. Might be onto something here.

Thursday June 9th. I gave the small ring a try yesterday and my package seemed smaller than with the large one. Had some minor burning but after some lube and skin moving all seemed good. Slept mostly through the night but at about 4:30 AM had to beg for key and get out. Was getting burnt badly all around the ring.

That was that and I e-mailed MM and am going to get the space increased on both rings and am also purchasing a third ring; 2 1/8" round with 1/2" space. I want some choices in the future. I am confident we'll get it just right as the cage is perfect. Now to get the supporting parts to cooperate with my screwy scrotum. Am back in my plastic device till the Bird returns.

The modified Jailbird arrived Monday so I got in with the 2" ring. Even though the space had been increased I was burning with half an hour. I lubricated and moved skin around and made the night okay but I wanted better. Tuesday I got home from work and put on the Bird with the largest (2 1/8") ring I had purchased. It was easy to get into the ring and I don't even know I'm in the Bird. Will test all night and I'm very optimistic. My chastity friends that are similar sizes to me use a 2 1/8" ring and they seem to have found success. I'm hoping for the same. My scrotum doesn't look like a football either; like with the smaller rings. Results to follow after more fun testing.

Wore the Bird all night with no problems. I believe I'm ready to post this review. The larger ring did the trick.

I think a common mistake that's made (by me too) is having that 2" wall of ring sizes. I didn't order the measuring rings that were available as I had conducted testing with the CB devices and metal rings I had in stock but none were larger than 2". With the increased footprint on the front of my scrotum the equalizer was a larger ring. It makes sense. Of course I'm high and tight and my similar sized friends (I've noticed) use a ring larger than 2" also. For guys that are more droopy the larger ring might not be a solution. I believe (at this point) that I have discovered IT. The device that I've been dreaming about. The only thing I worry about is winter when I've fallen out of previous ring type devices but this Jailbird is so much different that I can only hope for continued success. I also have other devices to fall back on if need be.


  • Custom made is the way to go.
  • Stainless steel is erotic (for me) and easy to clean (& Mrs. Keyholder likes it better).
  • Quick to put on and only 3 pieces to deal with- cage, ring, & lock.
  • Customer service & communication are top notch.
  • Custom made length of cage (for me-short) does not show with any pants I wear.


  • It takes a lot of patience to get it right even when one is a smart aleck with over 10 years experience.
  • Sending the device away for service can be frustrating but I can be impatient.
  • It's a trapped ball device so for some (I've read) they can pull out, have orgasms, and defeat the device. I can't.

That's it. I'm happy and secure. Mrs. Keyholder is getting more evil as time goes by. I don't have a clue when my next orgasm will be. I'm awaiting the next Lust period to start in a few days. I had a Father's Day orgasm at 69 Days. I'm only at Day 3 now; 3 or 4 more Days and the Lust begins. Yippee!!

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