Review of PA-5000

Submitted by: anonymous

I recently purchased a PA-5000 from an eBay vendor. While the price is apparently the same no matter who you buy one from, the eBay vendor offered free shipping, so that saved a few bucks. The device arrived promptly and appears to be very well made. I like the look of the device and the design. Unfortunately, I have not been able to wear it, as the size of the piercing rings are not as was advertised. The original description of the device, said that a 8 gauge piercing was needed. This would be 0.125 inches in diameter. But the rods included with the device is actually 0.188 inches or about 5 gauge.

When I wrote the the Millers about this, they indicated that other purchasers had already pointed out the discrepancy and that I should write back to them in a week or so. (I am not sure why I needed to write back.) In a later letter, I asked what was the resolution, but I also noted that the web site description of the device has now been updated to reflect the 5 gauge size of the required PA piercing. They responded that they would give me a refund if I returned the unit and that the web site originally contained a "typo."

While 0.050 may not seem like a lot of change, it turns out to be quite significant. The recommended period to stretch a 8 gauge piercing to a 4 gauge ( 5 is not a standard piercing size ) is 4 months. My intention at this time is to either stretch my piercing or modify the device to work with a smaller gauge PA, or a combination to these.

UPDATE: I was able to reduce the diameter of the piercing rod and thereby wear the device as it was intended. It was quite comfortable and secure (meaning it could not be removed without breaking it). Unfortunately, at least in my case, I was able to orgasm with the device installed. For me this makes the device only partly effective. The device is likely to prevent penetrative sex with a partner, but not manual or oral stimulation including orgasm.

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