Ms Lori's #7 Review

Submitted by: Bridgette

I'm currently in a Ms Lori's #7 device. I asked for no extra bars covering the head like the older models had because I've found that I can become extremely turned on and teased without orgasm if my partner is feeling spunky and wants to stroke my head to amuse herself.

The device is impressively manufactured to spec as they always are. The quality of craftsmanship is superb. It might be a little difficult to get the perfect measurements for your device on the first try, but you will get exactly what you ask for. I suggest taking measurements at a few times a day for a few days, and going with the average.

I think you'd rather it be too short than too long, or narrow. I had one of them that I ordered like this and it stretched my piercing out a good bit and it was my fault because she sent me exactly what I ordered.

The devices are expensive, take a long time to build, are of the best quality on the market, are the REAL THING (ie- if you put it on, it's not coming off without the ONE key she gives you), and are asthetically the most attractive on the market.

Enough couldn't be said about Lori's integrity, customer service, or quality of product. It is well worth the money and time if you want to explore the possibility that you might give over the key to your sexuality to another. You get what you pay for and a whole lot more is what I'm trying to say. Quality products backeed by the best customer support available.

I bought the sheath a few years ago, and several devices from her since then I've still not found one that It worked well for me in until recently. Now I've figured out you just need to stuff the thing and then pull it over the remnants of your manhood before sex. You'll be bigger and longer than ever and think it'll be great for you for maybe the first time. She'll thank you with more denial after that. If your's likes intercourse but also denial you might not want to set yourself up for that.

This is the only serious device on the market. Beware- and enjoy...

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