A Review of the cb6000s

Submitted by: Cape Cod Richie

After having some problems with the device I was using and getting too fat for my full metal (LIS) belt I found myself unsecured.

Cruising around the Net I found a good price on the CB6000S and ordered one. I had been unable to defeat the (old style) CB3000 cage on my CB2000 rings so a shorter tube seemed like a good idea. I also liked the 2 piece ring on the 6000S as going smaller than my usual size would not be so risky if I had to.

The device arrived in a spiffy box that would look normal hanging on a peg hook at a vanilla store. It was nicely packaged in a zipper pouch inside the box and included installation directions on a handy card.

With considerable experience of TBD's (trapped ball devices) I immediately went for the 1 7/8" ring with a 3/8" space between tube and ring. So nice to have options to change things without sending unit across the country. I had some difficulty getting into the 2 piece ring so I put on a solid aluminum cock ring and then put on the CB ring and took the cock ring off. Next time I will simply tie a soft cord around my high & tight package before installing and then remove cord. Other than than installing the rest of the device was easy. I like how each locking pin has its own spacer; much better than playing games with combinations as with the old style CB device.

I kept the keys for the first over night stint and the next day gave them to Mrs. Keyholder.

Today is Sunday afternoon and I put on the device on Friday afternoon. I had no problems with early AM wake up. I think the squarish profile of the main ring may have something to do with that as I've had issues with round shaped rings with all previous devices (plastic or metal).

No one is home and my last orgasm was a week ago and I've dripped twice since Friday. I've pushed and pulled and humped to no avail. It's like the Millers made this tube for me. I can not get stiff or even begin to get a tickle going. Don't know how this will play out as my time gets longer as things change with larger amounts of Lust.

The construction is top notch and I have had no comfort problems. I also like how the seam on the penis tube is top and bottom instead of an the sides as on the CB3000 cage I've worn. I had pinching issues with that that were cured by sanding the edge of the seam.

I don't use the supplied lock with the CB devices. I use a small Master Lock #9. I've read the lock pickers can open them but I am not a lock picker. Either lock bangs on the tube noisily so I wrap the lock with an elastic band to quiet it.

That's it in a nutshell (hehe).


  • Easily available combinations for sizing issues.
  • Smaller tube for compact guys.
  • 2 piece main ring less scary if going a bit too small.


  • It's plastic and not as sexy as metal.
  • It shows alot with my normal jeans when sitting. Looks like a stiffy pointing down. Won't be wearing to work.
  • Rumors of possible breakage from what I've read but I can't begin to get stiff. I hope it doesn't.

Cape Cod Richie & Mrs. Keyholder

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