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Submitted by: Anonymous

I haven't seen a lot of mention of this company or their products on your site, and wanted to contribute - please post this anonymously.

I've tried the CB2000, but had issues with the method of ball trapment it used, and when I got erect it would pull painfully on my scrotum. I've tried the CB3000 also, but the poor quality of the glue holding the two piece penis tube together caused it to split during play and take a chunk out of my penis - not nice!

My wife and I play with chastity as a bedroom toy, and for longer term play sessions, but not as a lifestyle choice, so I was having a hard time justifying the considerable expense involved in a custom, full size, "proper" belt. After the CB3000 issue though, we both agreed, do it properly, or not at all.

I started my research online and stumbled across Locked In Steel. Based in New Hampshire, they weren't far from us, and they were going to be showing at the next fetish flea, north of Boston. We traveled out there to see the product, and gather information. The flea was incredibly busy, but we got to chat a little, see and hold the belts. We met Jillian, co-owner, who was incredibly helpful and spent some time with us explaining the options and showing off their demonstration models. It was way too busy to be measured there and then, so we left the flea with a card.

Even after researching the better known belt manufacturers of Europe (I'm European, it wouldn't have been a huge stretch to get one from there), we were still very impressed with LIS. We emailed, and after exchanging several emails, we decided to drive up to their NH home to be measured, one on one.

My wife and I met Karen and Jillian, and their fantastic puppies. They showed us around their home, made us feel very welcome and comfortable, and the measuring done by Jillian was quick, painless, with no discomfort or embaressment. The day ended up being a very fun day.

I went with a slim fit front shield (only one lock), a vented penis tube, single cable thong back and a dramatically curved waste belt. We measured from the hip for concealment.

Then, unfortunately, I had to wait :) The 8 week estimate was actually more like 12 weeks, but frankly, for a custom made piece of equipment like this, I have no problem waiting for it to be done right! We got the call to come to collect it.

The fit was excellent! I was able to wear the belt for the entire day. We cooked a meal, spent the day with them, and went to a play party where I was able to wear the belt for the entire evening too!

I did have problems that developed over the next few weeks though. The two piece shroud on the lock appeared lose, but Jillian switched it out for me very quickly, and they now use single piece shrouds to prevent this. I also had a fitment issue with the single cable thong - I had an operation on my lower back, right at the top of the butt crack, many years ago. When I lay on my side, the thong cable pulls the scar tissue aside a little, which makes for a very sore spot the next morning.

Again though, Jillian very quickly and efficiently switched me to a double cable rear, and I've found this to be perfect. No discomfort when sitting, silent, no marks against clothing, and no pulling on old wounds! Even better is no mess when using the bathroom :) I wish I'd gone this way initially, as its fantastically comfortable.

Now I've just got to lose the weight I put on while waiting on the construction!

I can't praise Jillian and Karen enough for the operation they have built up. Locked In Steel sells awesome quality goods, their standards are high, and they are great people to boot. Make sure you check them out when you are doing your research.

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