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Anneke Jacob

Reviews for Owned and Owner

Tobias Tanner

Take a healthy serving of Heinlein, baste with de Sade and salt heavily with some very twisted Horse Whisperer, bake slowly in a crucible of pain and profound deviance, then serve hot, very hot. What kind of meal is it? I’ll give you a hint. It’s out of this world. Way out. Think of it as science fiction and social commentary. This is an earlier novel than Anneke Jacob’s prize winning As She’s Told (which won the National Leather Association’s prestigious Pauline Réage award for 2008). It’s a good thing that Owned and Owner was not available for consideration last year, as it would undoubtedly have given the prize winner a run for its money. In my opinion, this one is just that good. Maybe even better.

What is the single most deviant sexual desire for a man born and raised in a world where male children are crèche spawned and where homosexuality is so normal that there isn’t even a word for it? That depends on your definition, of course, so let’s hone it down a little. Would you say that bestiality is the most aberrant sexual desire on any planet, even our own? Okay, maybe not. But it ranks right up there, doesn’t it? And what if the beasts in question were women; strange, faintly repellent animals, imported from off world and sold to wealthy men with a secret and profound desire to own one of these horrible female things, to control it, teach it and to ... dare I say it ... have sex with it.

I’ll bet you can see where this is going. (It’s going onto my list of books to read again, among other places). There is plenty of kink; beatings and public humiliation and cages and piercings and chastity belts and ... well, you get the idea. But there is more. Questions about the human spirit, about changes and fear and consequences and, inevitably, about choices made under circumstances where no choice seems possible. Only all things are possible, especially in the capable hands of this author. I recommend her work, period. Read. It’ll do you good.

C. Tracy

This is a wonderful erotic tale of Etrin and other sex slaves who have committed crimes on the Planet Raniz, an all female planet. Etrin has always dreamed of going to Henth, an all male planet, where she’d become a slave to a male owner. She commits every mischief possible in order to be caught, tried and sentenced. Once convicted, it will be her choice where and how she serves her sentence. She’s given three options, and to the chagrin of her family and the community, she chooses the male planet Henth. For her family this is the worst decision she could ever make, a lifetime of slavery to a man!

On Henth, Garid wins the auction bid for Etrin and begins training her for complete and total enslavement. He wants total ownership of her body and mind. Etrin wants this too, however, her mischievous behavior gets in the way. Left unchecked, the girl can’t help herself, and she manages to cause havoc in Garid’s household at the most inopportune time. Interwoven into the story of Garid and Etrin are the stories of other slaves and their owners on the planet Henth.

This is a thrilling, sometimes even humorous, erotic novel, a delightful read. It includes all the sex, bondage, pony training and piercing to cause one’s pussy to get fiercely wet! Anneke Jacob is truly a gifted writer. One thing that was particularly entertaining is the reverse attitude of the people on these two planets from what is common in our world today. Women and men find heterosexual behavior as perverse. Radical!!

I truly enjoyed this book. This is a must read!

Slave Dove


As publisher of ST BDSM Ezine, many books, videos, web site passwords and even some music are sent to me asking for a review. I pass them all on to the appropriate members of the "ST BDSM Review Staff". I am a web designer, artist, writer, and weekend gardener. Therefore I am forever disappointing people when I tell them I personally do not do any of the reviews.

But I am breaking out my self-imposed mold as I review "Owned and Owner" by Anneke Jacob.

"...I forced myself to look the judge right in the eye. The room went quiet. I thought, this is it. Do it right, Etrin. I heard my voice ring low but clear across the court. 'I, Etrin Aboia, choose the Third Option, slavery on Henth, as punishment for my crimes..."

Anneke Jacob's book is a futuristic tale of consensual slavery that takes place on the planet Henth a society of men where women are enslaved and considered nothing more than rare and exotic animals. "Etrin" (soon to be renamed Jeedy - The Henth word for female animal) is a young woman who purposely breaks the law on her own planet in a calculated effort to be sold into slavery as punishment. On Etrin's planet a woman convicted of multiple crimes has three options: rehabilitation, exile, or slavery on the men's planet of Henth - Etrin's goal is "The Third Option - Slavery"

Most Sci-fi and Fantasy genere will fall respectively into my least favorite category of reading. Jacob's book is not over powered with futuristic gobblie-gook, it is a subtle seasoning that does not interfere with the story. I was actually impressed with the originality of the setting. Jacob successfully found an unconventional way to project the mental and emotional battle of the Etrin's secret desires. She accurately revealed her subject's feelings of isolation and fear of discovery and resulting consequences. A good book touches you on an emotional level, good writing does not get in the way of the story, Anneke Jacob achieved both objectives in Owned and Owner.

In my Gemini reading the reviewer and reader continually traded places. The reviewer marveled as how well the emotions of a submissive women, her mind set and reasoning were projected. The reviewer wondered if the author was actually into the BDSM scene. The reader became totally sucked into Etrin's harsh training and I worried Jeedy's knees would become raw from all the crawling. The reader worried that the Master was dangerously on the brink of pushing her too far. The reviewer surfaced and marveled how Jacob showed the justifiable psychology behind the cruel appearance of slave training in an accurate light.

The reader felt betrayed and was upset over Jeedy's Master pleasuring himself with other slaves. The reviewer was impressed that the author could manipulate the reader's emotions to the point of feeling anger towards a character.

Jacob writes an intensely realistic story of consensual slavery and power exchange where the fantasy setting is the only thing that reminds the reader it's fiction. Owned and Owner is an exceedingly erotic read - If you get off on sexual - sadomasochistic domination you will not be disappointed with the menagerie of scenes between the Henth community of owners and their slaves. If you enjoy intelligent BDSM Owned and Owner is mind caviar.

This book is bound (no pun intended) to be a classic. My only regret is that it wasn't published in hardback, it belongs on the library book shelf with The Story of O, Venus In Furs, and The Beauty Series.

Forum UK

Vol. 37 No. 9 2003

On the planet Henth, women are so rare they are kept as pets and slaves, but the thought of being owned is one which appeals to the submissive Etrin so much she deliberately earns herself the 'punishment' of being exiled there from her home world, Raniz. As there is no common language between the two races, Etrin is unable to communicate and is treated like an animal. Sold at auction, she becomes the property of Garid, who begins to train and control her, but she has to realise that her pleasure is not a right but a privilege, and one that can easily be withheld.

Owned and Owner is that dodgiest of beasts, an erotic sci-fi novel. But if the term leads you to expect the worst of both genres, as is often the case, don't worry: Anneke Jacob resists the temptation to overwrite which often afflicts fantasy authors, and the alien setting is almost incidental to the erotic action.

This is definitely one for those women who have fantasies of being overpowered by a physically much bigger man, as well as fans of training scenarios. Worth owning a copy.

Elizabeth Coldwell


07 October 2003

Having been an avid reader of science fiction for all of my life, as well as having read vast amounts of verbiage in the erotic fiction spectrum, upon reaching adulthood, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover Anneke Jacob's book, OWNED AND OWNER ... a tale that has combined the very best of both fields.

Ms Jacob takes her audience logically into a future that is believable (given that it is a science fiction story) ... at the beginning ... then smoothly transitions the reader into the erotic adventures and lives of the two main characters.

Many male authors attempt to write from the female perspective when creating erotic fiction, but few, if any, truly succeed. Of course this lack of success is due to the inherent genetic and gender bias that males are born with and absorb through their skins. I can attest to this failure because I've tried to do it myself, with a blatant lack of success. As a male, I just don't have the correct biological and mental equipment to manage it with any kind of believability.

Ms Jacob though, has ALL the perquisites needed, and uses no small amount of skill to create her plot and characters. She then also generates the ambience needed to bring her characters to life; making them into believable persons with understandable reactions within their cultural matrix. Ms Jacob has created a wealth of detail for her story without it overwhelming the reader, and in the process passes along her uniquely feminine observations and comments about all the things that make her story such a rich vein of enjoyment.

I found her tale an easy one to read, without heavy doses of convoluted verbiage or adamant philosophical views being expressed. The story just IS ... love it or hate it, no matter if you are male or female , a feminist, or whatever your bias and views are. No excuses or apologies are made by her for her story, nor does she need to make them. Her tale is a romp into a fantasy land, and should be taken as that ... an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours wrapped in another's erotic day dreams.

I recommend this book most highly, to ANY reader of erotic fiction, and feel I can safely assure the potential audience that the few hard earned pennies the government permits us to keep for our own entertainment will be well spent.

Buy the book.

Whiplash No. 8 - Canada's Fetish Magazine

For a seemingly straightforward BDSM novel this book outperformed. The story is of a woman named Etrin who finds herself compelled to destructive acts in an attempt to be banished to Henth, a planet inhabited only by men, where a few rare women are kept as slaves and pets. The book follows her through her arrival and auction where she is eventually purchased by Master Garid and carried home. To her enviable delight she is held capive, teased and punished in a series of increasingly elaborate scenes.

This book tries hard to escape its lusty pulp fiction roots. It succeeds in places with artfully crafted sentences and engaging description. The plot is believable and carries on well enough to make it a smooth read from start to finish. However, the science fiction element is sometimes tiring.

This book is exceptional for its attention to the emotional link between slave and Master. Including scenes with chastity belts, floggers, suspension and ponies, it appeals to a wide range of BDSM enthusiasts. Overall, good masturbatory fiction.

Sir Stephen

Leash Magazine

Volume 1, Issue 4

The trouble with Utopia is that it's usually so damn far away.

Owned and Owner starts slow. The necessary setting-up exercises, distant planets, entire segregation of the sexes, criminal women deported to the male planet, require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, but once past that, the fun begins.

We see unfold a very entertaining exploration of total power exchange. The main character, Etrin, wants slavery. Never to be free again. Oh, in her original fantasies, the "master" does every naughty thing she wants him to. But then, the hard and cold reality of slavery sets in. She is no longer the star : she is a pet. She is sometimes lonely, sometimes caged, often punished.

In a strange moment of accidental freedom, she proceeds to wreck her Master's workshop, apparently to demonstrate that she is not broken yet. This is followed by a thorough checklist of punishments : every sort of whipping, orgasm denial, pony training, sharing out the slavegirl to other masters, and so on.

Fetishists can rest easy : corsets and leather hoods follow the human race into space.

The inevitable comparison with Gor is favorable. While it might appear superficially similar, the writing is a lot lighter and less preachy. (I've said since I read the Gor books that they were brainwash material: dump a few Gor books on an impressionable 17-year old girl, come back when she's 18 and find a kajira waiting to be collared.)

Slavery is non-consensual on Gor. This is also a big difference, and a point in favor of Owned and Owner. Instead, we have here a consenting adult with a deep-seated need for total submission, who goes out and finds it.

Definitely worth a read.


Reviewed by Dee Luvbight

I really liked this book. It is a science-fantasy story of a universe where men and women live on separate planets. Etrin, a young woman dreams of being completely owned by a "man". When she learns that she can choose to be sent to the planet Henth (where the men reside) and sold into slavery as an option for breaking the law, she purposely sets out to obtain this goal. To be sent to Henth, where women are enslaved and considered nothing more than rare and exotic animals. It covers many areas of BDSM - pony play, chastity belts, floggers, suspension, teasing and denial, and total power exchange, while also giving details on the emotions and feelings that happen between a slave and Master.

I found this book very easy to read and very erotic.