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Anneke Jacob

About Anneke

I was born in the heart of downtown Toronto, and for most of my life that's been my home. It's a great, intensely multicultural metropolis. The Asian food alone is worth it.

Photograph by Gisling,

The downside is that Toronto is so big and underfunded that it's cracking at the seams. Also, I'm afraid the rest of Canada hates us. Something about fat cats thinking they're the centre of the universe. I could abandon the ego-navel of Canada for some other city easily enough. Even a small town; no problem. As long as they have the Asian restaurant situation worked out.

In addition to stir-fry, I love clear, translucent colours, Third World textiles, and Billy Connolly when he stomps around the stage laughing and swearing. Any cat will succumb to my wiles and come and be scratched.

I hate speeches, commercials, television in general, and cooking anything but breakfast. Music that everyone else knows about, I wouldn't recognize if it bit me on the ass; my musical tastes run to fiddles, banjos and the occasional crumhorn. The state of the planet and the vast inequities between rich and poor distress me no end. So if you've read As She's Told, you can see what I bequeathed my characters.

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