The Second Best Decision of my Life

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Part Two - The Beast Awakens (within me)

That next day, Friday, we got up and we both went to our office together. Nothing was said about anything of a sexual nature. In Scott's mind I had forgotten all about his shameful little episode in the shower. Not a chance! We agreed to just stay home that evening, order pizza, and maybe watch a movie. I checked with the boys and they, of course, had plans that would keep them each out to their midnight curfews. We left work, and picked up a couple of pizza's and some salads and took them home. One of our son's ate some with us, and I hate to say this, but I just couldn't wait until he left and got out of the house. By 6:30 we had the house to ourselves.

"Can I do this? Can I do this?" I kept thinking. Well, it was now or never. I could keep things the way they are, with my husband essentially cheating on me and me being miserable and frustrated, or I could take the action I truly thought would change things. Besides, its not like he didn't want this too, huh? He had obviously been fantasizing about a take charge sexually type of wife. Now he was going to get one, and a lot more than he had hoped for. Many many times over the past five years I've said, "Be careful what you wish for Scott! You might get it!" and oh how has he gotten it. Finally the moment was right. We finished eating and were cleaning up. I went and put the dogs outside, and Scott asked if I'd like to find a movie or something. I took a deep breath and said, "No, I don't want a movie tonight. What I want is for you to go upstairs, take all of your clothes off, and wait for me on the bed." I said it in as demanding and matter of fact as I could. Scott just sort of froze for a moment. "What?" I told him that he had heard me and that I didn't like to repeat myself. I literally turned him by the shoulder to the door out of the kitchen and gave him a nice little pat on the butt to send him on his way. He did it! I gave him ten minutes or so and then I went up to the bedroom myself.

Scott was sitting on the bed with a rock hard erection and a look of, well sort of, confused worry. I looked at him and noticed that, while not fat or anything, he definitely needed to shape up a bit and loose about twenty pounds. That was something we'd start working on immediately under our new plan. As I came towards him he got up and tried to hug and kiss me. I pushed him back down and said, "Did I tell you you could get up?' He looked really scared now and said no. He then told me to 'come here baby and we can....." I told him to "shut up and you can speak when you're spoken to." I then went to the drawer where I had placed the toys I bought and pulled out the wrist cuffs. Scott's eyes were like plates when he saw them. I walked towards him and took his hands and locked each one up. I then told him we were going to discuss his behavior and my recent discoveries. Soon I had him bent over one of the chairs in our bedroom with his chained wrists secured to the front while I whaled away at his bare ass with my new toys, my paddle and my crop. It took me about three seconds, more like one, to really start enjoying myself. I was like a fish to water. I spanked him hard and long. Every once and a while I would stop and talk to him. I got him to admit to everything and to agree that some changes were going to be in store for us as a couple. He admitted that he masturbated often and that it made him feel guilty. That was the key! I realized that I was going to help relieve and eliminate his guilt over time, and I let him know as much was in store for him. I thrashed his ass that evening until he was literally crying and begging me to stop.

Of course, I didn't stop spanking when he STARTED crying and begging, but instead went on far after that began so that he truly learned a lesson. After he was very well penitent. I was very well horny. I released his hands from the front of the chair, but not from the chains on his wrist. I told him to kneel down on the floor. He did, and I pulled down my jeans and took off my top so that I too was naked. As I was doing that I noticed that his once hard cock was now as soft as noodle. I had read about that during the week. I had spanked the hard-on out of him. Not me. I was ready to be serviced. I sat on the edge of the bed and said these exact words to Scott, "I'm going to lay back, and when I do you better start licking my pussy like never before. If you don't then I am going to blister your ass again." Oh honey, it makes me quiver to remember what he did then. He made me orgasm like I hadn't done in a long longtime. I let him give me two earth shattering orgasms before I told him to stop. Unfortunately for him, I told him that it wasn't good enough and that he had to be punished some more. He looked at me and begged me not to do it again. I noticed that his hard-on had come back stronger than ever, but I showed little mercy. I led him back to the chair, and to my surprise, he didn't really protest too much. Scott is bigger and taller and stronger than I am, and if he really wanted to he could have refused. What could I have done? But his acceptance of my discipline let me know that deep down he really wanted this too.

I wasn't that hard on him the second go around, but he was already bruised and well striped so it wasn't going to take much. After about a dozen hard strokes I let him up only to notice his little dick was soft.... ohhh! I led him to the corner and told him to put his face in it and don't move unless he wanted a double beating and that I'd be checking on him to make sure. I set the alarm clock for twenty minutes. I told him when the alarm went off that he was to come down and find me so that we could have a talk. I put on my bath robe and went downstairs and poured a glass of wine.

Twenty minutes later I heard the alarm and soon Scott sheepishly tiptoed down the stars and into the living room, where I was relaxing. He was still naked and his hands were chained in front of him. I noticed his hard cock had come back. I also ordered him to turn around so that I could inspect his bottom. Wow! Had I ever done a number on it! It was well reddened and bruised. The crop had left quite a few stripes even onto his side and legs. Since then he has received many of the same and even worse, but even that first time I didn't feel sorry for him at all, not at all. I found that a bit strange, but since I really believed he deserved it, and secretly wanted it, I honestly didn't feel sorry about his painful condition. I told Scott to kneel down in front of me as I sat on the sofa. He did as he was told and we began to have a long talk. I talked most in the beginning. I scolded him for his behavior over the years and let him know in no uncertain terms that I considered his masturbation habit to be the same as cheating with another woman. I let him know that I wasn't going to put up with it any longer. Changes were going to be made and he better be prepared to fall into line.

I also let Scott talk, and he even cried a bit. He let me know that his habit had made him feel guilty, but that he just couldn't stop himself. I assured him, that with my help, that he was going to be stopping this habit. I held his face in my hands, looked him in the eye, and asked him, "do you want me to help you stop masturbating so that we can bring passion and excitement back into our sex life together?' He replied, 'Yes'. I continued to hold him and said, "I hope you know that this isn't necessarily going to be easy, but you've just given me permission to take control over you and I'm going to do it." He paused and repeated that he was willing to let me be in charge. I assured him again that he was about to see some big changes. He had no idea how big. After that I let him out of his cuffs. We talked, cried some more, laughed, talked about fantasies. It was nice. Soon I led him back up to the bedroom and had him go down on me once again. I hadn't been eaten three times in the last three months, and here I was getting it three times already in one night, and the night was still young. This was already working out to my advantage. After my orgasm I allowed him to enter me and we slowly fucked while I fingered my clit. It was sooooo nice.

After a while he looked to be getting ready to 'finish' but I had some special plans. I slowed him down and said that I wasn't sure I was going to allow him to come. He looked like he was about to go into shock. "What????" he said. I told him that I wasn't sure that I was going to let him orgasm during sex every time since he had been so selfish. He begged for me to allow it, so I told him I would let him on two conditions. The first was that he had to promise me, look me in the eye and promise me, that he wouldn't masturbate or surf bad sites on the Web any more, and that if he did he had to tell me about it. I told him that lying or not confessing was MUCH worse than the actual crime so that he better come clean if he screwed up. One of the stories that I had read, so far, that really excited me was about a woman whose boyfriend had been a 'player'. She too considered it cheating, and ordered him to confess whenever he did it. Each time he 'slipped up' he confessed, and she would thoroughly paddle his ass and make him promise to never do it again. However, he did keep doing it and kept getting the paddle. The woman liked the fact that he confessed, but she could never be sure he always told on himself so eventually they threw in the towel on the whole 'honor system'. They got him a chastity device and he has been locked up tight ever since. My plan was to let him keep jacking off behind my back (I knew he couldn't just quit),catch him, and constantly punish him. Eventually I believed (turned out I was right) that I could let him know that the self-control thing wasn't working for him, and suggest a chastity device (which I'd already bought) as the solution. Oh I loved my little plan.

I grinded on Scott a bit and asked him if he agreed to stop jacking off and confess if he ever did. He said that he would, and agreed to another spanking each and every time he mess up.... so to speak . He asked what the second condition for coming was. I told him he'd find out after he came and he better do as he was told. I then turned him on his back and got on top of him and gave him a long, hard, slow fucking. Before I knew it I came again! Wow this was unexpected and good!!! Pretty soon he was getting ready to explode and he did, all up inside of me. That was when I went to try another trick I had read in a different chastity story. I dismounted him and reached down and pinched my lips together and knee walked up to his face. Before he knew what was happening, I was squatting down over his mouth and I told him to clean me out with his mouth. He protested, but I reminded him of the second condition and also teased him by saying "You've been cleaning up your come after jacking off for years. Now you can keep up the good work."

I planted by sopping sloppy pussy right on his mouth and he slowly began to eat me out. I told him to swallow it all and clean me up right if he ever wanted to fuck again and avoid another spanking. He was reluctant at first, but then did a good job. I got to have ANOTHER orgasm, and it definitely is nicer to have a soft tongue clean you then a rough washcloth . I almost didn't allow him to brush his teeth before bed . I found that so funny, that I could tell him that he wasn't allowed to do something as normal as brush his teeth and he would have actually obeyed, but that was how this was shaping up. This was the first time I thought, "Why didn't I do this years ago?" and we were just getting started. Oh, I was excited about the future.

Oh yea, I also informed Scott that from now on he could plan on cleaning me out with his tongue each and every time he came in me. He didn't say 'no' . The next two weeks were blissful. Scott was on his knees with his face buried in my sex every single night and most mornings. We fucked nine times, which was about seven or eight times more than we normally did it during that time period unless we were on vacation or something. Then I might expect one more performance out of him...... if I was lucky. He accepted and got very good at clean up duty. Every three or four days I would ask him if he had 'cheated' on me and he looked me in the eye and promised that he hadn't. I believed him. Then he got put into an impossible situation. He had to go out of town on business for two nights. He left on a Tuesday and came home on a Thursday. That night when we went to bed we had a great fuck and suck session. Nothing was asked about his trip, because the boys were home. The next night was Friday so after we got off work we saw the boys off on their dates, then we went to a dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants. We ate, laughed, talked, and drank a glass of wine.

Finally, I turned the conversation serious and asked him, "Scott, were you a good boy while you were gone on your trip?" His face showed me what I needed to know immediately. He tried to joke it off and act like he didn't know what I was talking about, but I pressed him and he admitted he had. I asked how many times, and he confessed to two, once each night. I'm not sure I believed him, but congratulated him on his honesty. I also announced that when we got home he could expect a very intense session with the paddle, but no sex afterwards. He could also expect a session with the crop on Sunday or Monday depending on if/when the boys were out of the house. Scott certainly found out that I meant business with this program as I laid into him harder than that first time. A couple of days later he got a second dose, and was squealing like a little girl before I had barely gotten started. He was marked, bruised, and uncomfortable for over 10 days. Although I'm not a computer expert my any means, I am able to read, do research, and follow instructions.

I managed to find some software on the Internet (it was free even) and install it on Scott's laptop without him knowing it. After I first told him that I had found his history, he obviously deleted it and became diligent in continuing to do so. However, he didn't know that I was getting a secret report of all the websites he visited. I also gave him ample time to be alone in the house for hours at a time, by going out with the kids, girlfriends, working out at the gym, etc... Guess what I found out? Oh yea, he was still surfing naughty sites that he had promised to avoid and I'm sure he wasn't doing it without touching himself. I knew and even hoped he would keep up his habit so I could take the action to stop it that I really wanted. However, I played along ignorant for the next month and a half or so. I would ask him if he had anything to confess and twice he actually did. Of course he got lit up over those times and promised to never do it again.... dozens and dozens of times (yea right Scott! ).

I had laid out my trap and he was walking right into it. Now, while Scott was busy on his naughty sites, I was busy continuing my research, and I was loving what I found. I never dreamed all these things were out there and that so many people were obviously into this sort of thing, but I certainly was beginning to understand why... at least for the women. I was developing quite a knowledge of chastity, punishment techniques, how the male mind worked, everything. I had some definite plans in mind for getting what I wanted, and chastity was going to be the centerpiece of that for Scott. In the second week of July a sad event occurred. We moved my twin babies (well, they're still babies to me) off to college. We were so proud and happy for them, but there were some tears shed that day for sure. I could write a whole book on my feelings about that, but that is a different subject. Anyway, we were now officially 'empty-nesters' and I was sad and depressed for a few days. Finally I started feeling better and decided to go ahead and confront Scott with my knowledge of his continued 'cheating' on me. Boy was he about to be in for it. More accurately, he was about to be in it.... his penis in a chastity device.

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