Second Best Decision - Chapters 3 & 4

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Part Three - The Lock Clicks Shut!
(You Always Remember The First Time.)

Saturday was pretty low key to start with. We woke up late, and I had Scott lick me then decided to fuck him before I lowered the boom later in the day so we did. Later we sort of dressed, watched some TV, and ate leftovers out of the fridge. We spent the early afternoon laying out by our pool, but soon it was time to make my move. We moved the party inside and were putting some things away in the kitchen. Scott came up to grab me around the waist (I was getting a lot more simple affection lately too... which I loved!!!). I pushed him away playfully and told him I had a question for him. He knew what was coming. "Baby, do you have anything to confess to me?... anything at all?" Scott really is a good liar. He said very convincingly, "No baby." I asked if he was sure, very playfully and not accusatory in the least. He responded, "No sweety, not since last time. I swear." Then I dropped the bomb. I went to the drawer where I was hiding the papers I had printed out on his surfing history and laid them in front of him. "What is this?" he queried. "Its your Internet surfing history from the past few weeks", I retorted. His face went white. With the sweetest voice I could possibly summon I asked, "Now, are you sure there is nothing you want to confess?"

I had printed the pages in big letters and showed him the names of all the nasty sites he visited. He was clearly sorry and noticeably scared. He should have been. He tried to claim he had looked, but hadn't played with himself. I let him know that I didn't believe that for a minute and considered that further lying. Anyway, he was forbidden to look very clearly. He muttered something about still trying to stop, but I cut him off. I told him to march to the bedroom and undress. He did obviously thinking he was about to get spanked (he was) like normal (he was not) and that it would be over. Oh no, not this time. I went up to the room behind him, bound his hands in front of him, pulled him over my lap (my new favorite position) and went to work paddling his bare ass, nice and slow (yet HARD) at first then much faster as he squirmed and squealed. He screamed and promised not to do it again, yada yada yada! Then I stopped. It was about half way through a normal paddling, but he was hurting yet relieved when I quit. That relief was short lived as I jerked him up and marched him to the bathroom. I told him to sit on the toilet. The seat was up (something I hated and had asked him years ago to change) and we had to pull him back up and put it down (how ironic... that would be changing ). I then grabbed a wash cloth I had already sitting there and went to the sink and began soaping it up and including bits of soap I scratched off with my nail. I came towards him and he realized what was about to happen, and he started to stand. I slapped him slightly hard across the face and commanded, "Sit the fuck down and open you mouth!". He started to and then resisted so I tapped his face firmly a few times and told him to open up or else. He did and I shoved that soapy rag in his mouth. He started sputtering and gagging. I told him he better not bite me and he sort of relaxed. Tears were in his eyes and he was clearly close to puking, but I kept scrubbing his teeth with those suds and soap flakes. I said, "I am going to wash those nasty lies out of your mouth, before I start paddling you again!" His look was priceless. I had a hard time getting him to keep his tongue out for me, but I managed to thoroughly coat it too with that awful taste. I toweled off his chest where he had been drooling, took him back to the chair, and continued his paddling. Actually, to be more precise I started over with a new one and went on for a long time with him thinking it would never end. He didn't even seem to know when I had stopped, but then I got him up and took him back to the bathroom. He calmed down a bit and I handed him a cup of water and told him to take a drink and swish the soap out of his mouth and spit it out. He did, and I don't know how he kept from throwing up. I had read that swishing only made the soap taste worse and cover more of the mouth. "Aw, are those ugly lies tasting bad in your mouth? You might want to get used to this because this is not the last time", I announced. Then I marched him to the wall and told him to stand there and not move. Of course, I had noticed that his cock was as limp as a wet string during all this. The fantasy was obviously different from the reality. I gave him six or seven hard swats with the paddle, then I left to take a shower. I took my time and when I came back Scott was still standing there shaking. I laid on the bed and told him to come start licking, which he did. I don't know if it was my excitement, the soap in his mouth, or both but he licked like a starving cat on that one. I came two times with ease before stopping him. I then told him to go down and kneel in front of the sofa and wait for me. I put on a robe, grabbed the crop, and slipped a present for him in my pocket before following him down in a few minutes.

I sat on the couch and had him kneel in front of me. This is something we have made part of our routine. I lectured Scott on his behavior and let him know that his punishment was far from over. It was just beginning and it would last for the rest of his life. I had warned him that lying would not be tolerated and I had meant it. I restated that in no uncertain terms. I also glanced down as his cock and it was as hard as it had ever been. He seemed very embarrassed by that. One of the points I talked to him about, he basically answered as I did the talking, was about his guilt over his masturbation (he just hates that word! ). He definitely agreed that it did make him feel guilty, but agreed he didn't think he could ever truly stop. I just smiled and pulled the CB-3000 out of my pocket. I honestly don't know what he was thinking, but his look was priceless. He had never seen one or knew what it was, but the shape sort of revealed the purpose. I explained about my research and told him what this was and what was going to be done with it. He seemed too shocked to speak much, but his continued erection didn't lie. I let him know that this was going to be used to help him stop his habit and would only be taken off for sex, cleaning, and teasing. He didn't really know what that meant, but he has surely learned over the past 5 years.

His hard cock make installation a problem, but another session with the paddle cured that. I can't lie and say that attaching it and getting it locked was easy that first time. It wasn't. A few times I didn't know if it would ever go on. He almost got hard again and I had to wear him out some more to deflate him, but eventually we got it put on nice and tight. Then, for the first of many times, I took the little lock and clicked it shut. I will never forget the first time, the sound, the look on his face, the wetness in me. It was incredible. I then put him back down on his knees in front of me, but not for any further discussion, although he definitely got to move his mouth for the next 15 or 20 minutes. We have since learned how to get it on relatively quickly and have even bought a couple of other devices. Its still a bit of a hassle, which is something I use as a reason to deny him from being unlocked, "Baby, its just so difficult to get back on. "

Oh yea, I finally let him brush his teeth and he spent a good 10 minutes trying to get the soap taste out. He admitted he could still taste some for a few days afterwards.

Part 4 - Get with the Program Mister!

After Scott was finished servicing my pussy he seemed ready to have the device come off. I was having none of that. During our lives raising two boys, I had learned something from Scott. Only through being firm (most of the time) can you get through to them. No way was I going to change that for Scott. Plenty of times as they were growing up they would whine or complain and I'd be ready to give into them, but Scott was pretty firm. Eventually, I saw the logic in this, and I was going to use that on Scott. I decided that if other men could wear a chastity device for long periods of time then so could Scott. Now, there was nothing unusual about his 'equipment'. Nor was there any reason that he couldn't adjust to wearing one full time, as others have obviously done. Articles I read recommended a 'break-in period' before going full time. I wanted to make that break-in short, and the only way was to be tough.

After I let him brush his teeth we started playing with the device to see if he could pull out or slip it off. I twisted, turned, pulled, etc... until I was convinced that it was secure. It was no good if he was able to cheat, and I knew he would. My only concern was that I felt he could learn to wear the next smaller ring down (he has learned), but at that time I was okay with letting him get used to it and stretched out in his balls. As I mentioned earlier, it was hard to get on, but once we had it it was pretty much a perfect fit. Scott agreed that he definitely knew it was on, but that it wasn't really painful... .unless he got hard... ..make that TRIED to get hard. Poor baby was going to learn to save that just for me. I was nice enough to hand him some things that I had printed out listing techniques to make wearing more comfortable. One of those things is lubing the area with Vaseline and Scott learned that helped prevent pinching. His pubes also got stuck, so I informed him that when we took it off next (whenever that was going to be ) that he could shave himself bald down there to prevent that and, in fact, would be required to. His face!

I let him know that I was going to keep him in the device for at least a couple of days and that he would simply have to get used to it in a hurry because I would probably (yea right... probably) enforce periods of several days in the near future. If he really needed it off for terrible pain then I would unlock it, but no matter the reason he could expect a mouth soaping and paddling once it was off. If he could stand it at all he would be wise to keep it on. I also printed off a list of rules for him and taped it to the inside of his underwear drawer so that he could see the rules every day. The rules are as follows. (Oh yea, I had read a device called a 'Beater Defeater' somewhere and thought that was so funny and appropriate. When talking to Scott I called it his 'Beater Defeater' or 'BD' or sometimes just 'The Cage'.)


Scott should consider his new chastity and discipline program as an ongoing lifestyle that is designed to train him to be a better husband as well as punish him for his many years of past transgressions against Kate and his marriage. Meaning, this is not a quick fix, but a permanent change in Scott's life. Therefore;

  • Scott will wear his Beater Defeater (BD) at all times as directed by Kate.
  • Kate will retain all keys to the BD.
  • Scott will submit to beatings or any other discipline prescribed by Kate at any time and for any reason she sees fit to administer it. li>Scott will not attempt to remove the BD under threat of severe penalty.
  • Scott will not ever ask to be released from the BD other than for the most necessary of reason. Asking for release will result in added time in the cage was well as spankings and/or other punishments.
  • Scott will not whine or complain in any way. This too will result in added time and spankings and/or other punishments.
  • Scott will enthusiastically service Kate's sexual needs as often as she wants and in the way she wants without complaint.
  • The BD will be removed occasionally for cleaning and teasing of Scott's penis, but this will not always result in an orgasm for Scott. In fact, most times it will not.
  • Scott will never hesitate to put the cage back on once it is time to re-lock after it has been off. Kate will tolerate no hesitation when it comes to Scott being re-locked or severe new methods will be employed and time out will be greatly reduced.
  • Scott will obey his wife when she gives orders on chores and will not argue with her. Penalties will follow if broken.
  • Scott will, at all times, refrain from acting moody or sullen due to chastity or any other reason.
  • Scott will begin a weight loss and workout plan as directed by Kate and will make progress as directed by her. (he has since done this and looks GREAT!)
  • Scott will become more openly affectionate and hug and kiss Kate often and without being told.
  • Kate will extend time or punish Scott according to her sole discretion.
  • Scott will verbally thank Kate on a daily basis for this chastity program (more on this later )

Scott had a lot of trouble sleeping that first night, but I held my ground and wouldn't remove it even though he was obviously having trouble getting comfortable. I asked him how it felt a few time, and let him know he could answer questions honestly if he didn't whine or complain. He told me it felt weird and would take some getting used to. I pointed out the multiple articles that I had downloaded that confirmed that was the case, but assured him there was no reason he couldn't get used to it, and one day find he has done a 180 and feels naked without it. He did admit that a little less than a year later. At that time, I just told him that we were going to break him in quickly and get him used to wearing it, and that I would make it worth his while when he did get to fuck me again. He was just going to have to trust me.

I kept him locked for two solid days the first time. I questioned him and checked on him to make sure his balls weren't turning black or anything. I also checked regularly for security. Scott was waking up in pain from getting hard in the night and admitted that really hurt. Good!!! I told him that if he couldn't sleep that he was welcome to go walk on our treadmill or walk around the neighborhood. I teased him and told him to feel free to surf porn now that he was 'harmless'..ha ha. He actually did get up and go walking early early one morning and that was a good sign for him and me. I was serious that he was going to lose at least 15 pounds and start using that gym membership we pay for every month. He wore it to work, to the store, driving, sleeping, non-stop. He said he never forgot it was on and agreed it didn't prevent him from doing anything he wanted to do. Well, one thing... ..but that is the idea.

Two nights into it I told him I was thinking of unlocking him. He got this really worried look on his face like I was going to change my mind. I laughed and told him to get undressed and I did unlock it and we carefully took it off and inspected his package for any shipping damage from his 'container.' He didn't have any. He didn't even have any chaffing, and that was probably due to all the Vaseline that he was keeping on it. I reminded him that I wanted him to shave himself bald and told him to go clean up before I let him near me, but no funny business in the shower. He got out his beard trimmer, then his razor and came back in the bedroom in about fifteen minutes. I loved the new look. It made his rock hard cock look even bigger to me. I made him get down on his knees and thank me for the second time that day for locking him up. I then invited him onto the bed and fucked his brains out... twice. I didn't even have to ask him to clean me both times. Before he could get hard again we washed him off and reattached the BD. He then got on his knees before me and thanked me for his orgasms. This is now a well established pattern.

To be continued... .

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