The Second Best Decision of my Life

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Part One - Introduction (Who are these crazy sexual deviants?)

In November of this year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. It is the anniversary of the best decision of my life, the decision to marry Scott. He is a wonderful extraordinary man, and I am so thankful that we have each other. I honestly would marry him again in a heartbeat, and understand that is not always the case with many couples. We met near the end of my first year of college when he was a sophomore, and dated pretty steadily despite a couple of breakups to let us both know that the other was truly our soul-mate. After graduation we got engaged and were married a year later. Two and a half years later, we welcomed our fraternal twin boys into the world. Our boys, though twins, couldn't be more different and they quickly became the center of our lives from the moment they were born. I am so proud of the wonderful young men they have both grown into. They are just wonderful boys, but I digress.

A little over five years ago I made the second best decision of my life. That decision was to lock my husband into a chastity device and to take control of our marriage by becoming a sexually dominant wife. Not to sound like a cliché, but had I known then what I know now, I would have done it on our wedding night. All I can say about this is that if there is a woman out there even barely thinking about doing it to their husband, then think no more. Do it! Do it! Do it!

Oh the time I wasted..... the time we both wasted. A little about me. I am a fit and in-shape, forty-eight year old brunette (okay, with a little help). We own a nice successful business with a few locations around our city on the East Coast of the United States that keeps the bills paid pretty well. We are not super rich, but comfortable, although this current economy hasn't helped us at all we've managed to ride it through so far. I might not be movie star beautiful, but I know that I'm attractive for my age with a few nice curves here and there. My boys told me several years ago that their friends considered me a MILF. I was so embarrassed when I found out what that meant... ha. I feel sexy and much younger than my actual age. They say that fifty is the new thirty so that means I'm still in my twenties.... ha. I have always been very sexual, much more so now, and have never been afraid to experiment and try things. My sexual attitude has always been to live and let live, and if it feels good, I'll do it. To put it bluntly, I love to fuck. I especially love receiving oral sex, anal not so much (until now,but we'll get to that later).

One reason I fell for Scott was because he was so eager in bed and so good at it when we first started dating and for the first part of the marriage. Unfortunately, as the years progressed, especially the for the ten years up until five years ago I wasn't getting to 'do it' nearly enough. Our sex life wasn't horrible, but infrequent to say the least. We would go through hot periods and then long cold ones too. The spark had sort of gone out. I was often left frustrated, but I mainly kept it to myself. Besides, we were working, chasing kids, etc... Life got in the way of romance, and besides a woman can't have it all. Oh how wrong I was! Ladies, you can surely have it all!

I found out in the late Spring of 2005 that Scott had been cheating on me for years. No wonder, he wasn't always interested in sex with me. It was no wonder our sex life had gone so far down hill. He had his mistress. She was seeing to all his sexual needs and fulfilling all his fantasies. She was always available, and it turns out that was often, and she never worried about her pleasure. She just gave him what he wanted, or what he thought he wanted. There was never any pressure to please her, or to perform up to some standard for her, and he took advantage of their arrangement multiple times every week. No, his 'cheating' wasn't with another woman. His 'mistress' was his hand. He was masturbating (a word that just makes him squirm so I make him say it often ) by himself and depriving me of the pleasures I was needing. When I found out about it. I put an end to his 'affairs' once and for all.

In early April of 2005 Scott was getting ready to go on a business trip to a convention. I had thought about going, but didn't want to have to leave our sons as they would soon be leaving to start college. One of them was playing on the golf team and wanted to start school that summer and begin working with the team. The other had a chance to go early too, and they were going to leaving within a month. I was so sad to see them ready to go, but also excited in a way. I was very proud of them about to enter another season of their life, and as empty-nesters thought that we could use the opportunity to bring back the sexual spark in our marriage. Anyway, the boys were finishing high school and had already left the house on a Monday morning. Scott's flight was set to leave around noon and he was packed and ready to go. I had hinted around a bit about some action before he left, but he obviously hadn't gotten the hint or didn't care. I've since learned that with most men, my Scott especially, that hints don't work very well. You have to hit them over the head to get what you want.... or hit them somewhere else over and over and over .

Scott missed my hints and went to take a shower. As he was in there, I decided to surprise him as I had done before in the past, but it had been a long time, too long. I undressed and and sneaked into the bathroom and walked around the corner of our walk-in shower. I was ready for action, but I quickly noticed that Scott wasn't waiting on anything. He was furiously stroking himself, unaware that I was even there. I stood there, frozen, for a short time. I was just about to leave and hope he didn't see me. He was so intense that I couldn't take my eyes off him and what I was seeing. Suddenly everything became crystal clear, in just that one instant. Before I could leave he saw me and what happened next was awkward to say the very least. He quit and mouthed, "I'm sorry" but I turned and fled out of the room. I felt so awkward and disgusted. I was upset at myself that he would rather do that than be with me. I understand a fourteen year old boy, but Scott had me and I was a willing and anxious partner.

What was wrong with me? I got semi-dressed and went down for some coffee. Scott came down about forty minutes later (I later found out he went ahead and finished himself) acting embarrassed and awkward. He kissed me goodbye and hurried out the door to the airport. After I heard him drive off I started crying. I cried thinking I was unattractive and a bad lover and wife, but after about ten minutes the sadness turned to anger. I remembered my moment of clarity in the shower and realized that this was not the first time Scott had been jacking off. I just hadn't seen it before. My mind raced back to his many long showers, his late nights 'working' in front of his computer in his closed downstairs office while I laid in bed by myself. I realized it wasn't my fault, but it was my problem and I was going to find a way to fix it. I didn't know how by any means, but I was determined to fix things. I decided to talk to one of my girlfriends about it, but before that I was going to do some research on my own. I went down to our home computer and decided to read up on men's masturbation.

I ended up reading and studying most of the day. I found out about how often most men masturbate. I almost never did it myself, except when I was with Scott and he loved watching me touch myself while when we had sex. I just didn't dream he was jacking off that often when he was by himself, but signs were all there. The more I read, the more convinced I was. I am no computer pro, by any means, but I found out that I needed to check the history of his computer. I Googled on that and it wasn't hard to do, so I looked. Sure enough, there had been porn sites visited on that computer, but I couldn't be sure it wasn't one or both of my sons... Oh God was this weird.... instead of Scott. I needed to see his computer, but he had taken that with him for the next four days. I'd just have to wait until he came back. I looked to see what types of sites was he had visited (please don't be gay sites!!!.... oh thank God, as that would explain things in a way I couldn't fix) on this computer and there were a lot of web video sites of people fucking and even a few devoted to spanking and dominant women. Again, it could be my sons, but they have their own laptops and Scott had always been interested in getting spanked, something I had done to him on a number of occasions. Obviously, not well enough, but that was going to change.

During my research I also found out about male chastity belts. I had no idea such things existed, but from the first moment I knew deep down that one was in Scott's future. I found various sites about chastity and female led marriage, and I really got excited to read more. I learned how often most men masturbated (I was so naive) and how my Scott was just one of many. Many of the stories were ridiculous, but a lot of them seemed to hit close to home. As with anything you take the gold and throw away the dirt, and I was coming up with a golden plan. Several sites and stories have really impressed me, perhaps just bits of stories or tips. I created a document containing all the good things I was going to do, and that left me feeling very horny. Now it was my turn to play with myself, and it was really nice with all the new thoughts filling my sweet little head. After a couple of short breaks I managed to learn quite a lot. I also went up and dug out some things that had been buried in the bottom of a drawer in our bedroom below some old sweats and tee shirts. Those things were some wrist cuffs, a paddle (furry on one side and hard on the other), and a riding crop. We had played with them in the past, but they had just been collecting dust for the last few years. That was about to change. I never did end up needing to consult that friend. My new friend was the Internet and my new friend was teaching me a lot.

Over the next few days while Scott was gone we talked on the phone about business and personal matters, but nothing was ever brought up concerning what I caught him doing. He later admitted he was greatly relieved, and thought I had forgotten about it. Not a chance! He told me that the conference was going well, but that he missed me and the boys. What he didn't tell, until later under 'intense' questioning that he wasn't missing his 'habit'. He had packed that for his trip and was indulging himself morning and night. I was also indulging myself as well, especially on new information and planning. I was getting very very turned on by this. It was like a new personality in me was opening up. We were going to make up for a lot of lost time, when my dear husband got home. After a lot of looking and consideration, I went ahead and ordered Scott a CB-3000 device off the Internet. I also got the Points of Intrigue spiky things as I was set to make it as secure as possible. That came the day he was set to arrive home, but I didn't plan to use it on him just yet. I was going to get his full buy-in for the idea first, but I was very anxious to make that happen. Just holding the device in my hand made me hot,and I liked looking at the pictures of them on other men. I knew that Scott deserved what he was going to get, and so was I.

The thought of locking his dick into this and knowing that he wasn't going to be playing with it or having any orgasms without my express permission made me so horny. It was beyond exciting to me to think of him having to service me, while he was locked and frustrated for days, weeks, and longer in between. That day couldn't come fast enough, but I had a plan, and was prepared to be patient so that I didn't scare him off before I could trap him right where I wanted him. Scott arrived home early on Thursday evening and was exhausted. We talked and visited with the boys for a while, then went to bed. I was sort of hoping that Scott would make a move on me, but predictably he didn't. He soon fell asleep, but I didn't. This night it was me that was going to get up and work on the computer...his! I went down and got his laptop out of his car. I went into the office and turned it on and started my detective work. Oh yes, it was full of naughty history items. He seemed to like to visit sites centered on domination and such. He also seemed to like to watch videos of people fucking and shaved pussies and anal (more on that later). I got confused as to why didn't he just come out and tell me some of these things if that was what he wanted, but looking back I remembered a lot of hints. He wasn't good at picking up my hints and I wasn't good at picking up his. Well, from now on there was going to be a lot of straight talk between us, starting the next night.

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