The Serendipitous Key Holder- Part II

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The meeting was set for a local bar and grill. While there is always a crowd there, it has many dark, secluded corners. It would be a safe place for my potential Mistress to approach me, yet private enough to discuss my problem. I was told to wait in the lobby in front of the ornate floor to ceiling mirror. I felt a solid tap on my shoulder, spun around and a look of surprise spread over my face. What? she said. You were expecting tall, blond and clad in leather?. What I saw was a beautiful petite brunette in sensible shoes, a gray skirt , a dark blue sweater and white blouse who was smiling at my obvious confusion. Somehow she seemed vaguely familiar but I couldnt make a connection. In a business like manner she said Eat first, talk after and then proceeded to get us a quiet booth. As we walked to the table she reached over and grabbed at my crotch, hitting the steel front plate of my chastity belt. Just checking!. We ordered drinks and dinner. After our finishing the meal our small talk turned to the matter at hand.

Alex you may call me Anne while we are in public. Should we get to a point where I have accepted you as my slave, that will change to Mistress Anne. How you answer my questions tonight will decide that. As is my habit, I lowered my head and avoided eye contact, something she did not miss. First order of business is that you owe me $500.00, not to repay me and obtain the keys but for letting you know that I have them. I came prepared for her demand and laid an envelope containing five crisp $100 bills on the table. Good Alex, youve passed your first test and with no whining or haggling. She slid the envelope unopened into her purse and continued her questioning.

OK Alex, what do you think of me?. I took some time to think but not too long. Hopefully that isnt a trick question. I perceive you as an intelligent, self possessed, take charge person, a bit mischievous and without a doubt, a good judge of human nature. She furrowed her brow as she took this in. Thats interesting but you made no mention of my physical attributes most men want to tell me how hot I am. Why not you?.

Once again I lowered my head and eyes. Er well, you are a very physically attractive women and your plain clothing cant hide that. I just think men really drop the ball when they see women only as a body for sexual pleasure and overlook the total package. Anne seemed pleased with my response but at the same time perplexed .

Alex, you certainly do not give the stock male answers to my questions nor react the way most men do. How do you explain that? This was getting into territory that I never really like to talk about but there was no way to answer the question other than the truth. I was placed in an orphanage at a very young age. I wasnt an orphan, just that my family kinda imploded and they were not able to take care of me. I lived there until I was 18. I guess I learned to see women differently and relate to them accordingly.

Anne arched her eyebrow saying That orphanage wouldnt be by any chance St. Joseph's ?. I nodded in agreement and a Cheshire cat smile came across her face. Thats why you lower your head and avoid eye contact you were raised by Nuns! Custody of the eyes and all that pious crap. I then knew she was on a roll and anticipated her next question. Is it really true they made naughty boys there who masturbated wear an appliance. Busted. And you? she asked.

My face already having turned 3 shades of crimson, I answered in an almost inaudible voice Well I got caught when I was 13 and had to wear one of those appliances until I was 18!. This was an unexpected turn of events. How could she have know about that, and that they were called appliances?

About this time, the waiter came over and asked if we wanted dessert. I needed the distraction and asked for the Key Lime Pie. Anne said she would have the same. We consumed the pie without a word to each other. After we finished, Anne recapped the evening and concluded by saying Alex, you are mine. I will permit you to visit me next week and have the belt removed for cleaning and, perhaps, you might get some relief if you show me a proper understanding of the relationship you are about to enter. And I will have a special surprise for you! Wait for my call. I managed to whisper Thank you Mistress Anne. As I was standing in line to pay the check, she slipped out and was gone. I was as hard as the belt would let me get and dripping profusely. All I had to do now was wait in agony.

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