The Serendipitous Key Holder

Submitted by: CBelted

As I turned in the driveway, I noticed my storm door was propped open. I've rented the 2nd floor apartment for well over 25 years. Currently, the downstairs apartment has been vacant for a few months. I parked the car and approached the enclosed stairway with mounting apprehension. At the bottom of the steps I saw to my horror that the door to my apartment was wide open. The bottom panel of the door had been kicked in. Going upstairs and being careful not to disturb anything, I surveyed the damage. The bedroom was completely ransacked. The bed upended, the drawers in both dressers were pulled out and clothes strewn haphazardly all over the floor. All the balls of socks were pulled open in search of treasure. A quick glance at the kitchen showed the cabinet doors opened but thankfully nothing pulled out. The living room was not as disturbed but there was a gaping hole where the LCD TV and the DVD/VCR had been. Left behind were a laptop, a PC and a number of other electronic items. Well, it could have been worse as I was not there to be injured or assaulted.

I called 911... The 1st officer to arrive had a K-9 companion. Apparently the dog had the perps scent because there were 2 other break-ins in the area. One perp would wait in the car while the other the other did the break-in. The officer said they were probably thugs looking to make drug money. As I live just a mile off of Interstate-95, they most likely came from Chester or Philly, Pennsylvania which is about 25 miles up the pike. The 2nd officer to arrive was County Police. He took a statement, dusted for prints (they used gloves) and gave me a number to call if I came up with or remembered anything else.

After the officer left I began the clean up. I scanned the bedroom to decide where to start. SHIT! my small jewel box was gone. It only had inside some junk jewelry such as cuff links, tie tacks, some old family heirloom coins (only of sentimental value) and my chastity belt keys. And they were identified as such with an engraved stainless steel tag saying Keys to Alexs Chastity Belt. My hands reached down to feel the waist band of the CB in which I was now trapped. My Locked In Steel belt was no longer a part time fetish toy but the real thing. I regretted my decision to wear the belt today. I tried to think of options. With just one of the new style shackled locks which was not keyed alike to another lock, the keys did not have a key number, so there was no way to get a duplicate key. I certainly did not want the embarrassment of going to a lock smith, or the Fire Department to have it cut off with the Jaws of Life. For the time being I was securely locked and chaste.

For the next couple of weeks I learned what it feels like to be really locked in a chastity belt with no hope of release. The frustration was driving me crazy. I tried humping anything that would support my weight the floor, the bed, the stuffed chair all to no end. I even bought a Nexus G-Spot Massager which only milked me thoroughly but with no orgasm. And then it happened

The phone rang. The name Mistress came up on the Caller ID. I answered and a deep, sultry voice reminiscent of the young Lauren Bacall asked to speak to Alex. Speaking said I. Are you currently locked in your chastity belt with out a key? said she. Stunned, embarrassed and confused, I could not think to reply. After a pause, she said Ill take that as a yes and continued, Today is your lucky day. The keys to your belt have come into my possession. The jewelry box had little value but the fence who bought it knew the keys might be worth something to the right person. Offered to me, I took a chance on a whim and paid $500.00 to control your cock. My question to you is, are you worth it?. My head was reeling from the thought that my worst fear and best fantasy had come true at the same time. I spoke hesitantly saying Yes I am belted and horny as hell what do you want of me?. Well, my little chastity boy, meet me tonight and we shall have a little discussion. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!.

It was serendipity that my apartment was robbed, the jewel box stolen, the fence knowing who would value the contents, Mistress acting on a whim to purchase my keys and my being too embarrassed to have the belt removed by other means. The rest as they say, is history.

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