The Serendipitous Keyholder- Pt. 3

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I sat in my car in the restaurant parking lot for at least an hour. I had just met the woman who came into possession of the keys to the chastity belt in which I have been locked for the last 2 months. The tension of not having any sexual release yet being constantly aroused had me on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Now I knew the possibility of removing the belt was tantalizingly close or possibly not. The dam broke and the tears flowed copiously down my cheeks. After a good, soul cleansing cry I was spent, the tension temporarily released. I grabbed some paper towels and made myself presentable. I finally drove home, where I found a message (or rather, a directive) on my answering machine. Upon arriving home from work every day, I was to immediately cleanse my lower colon with an enema and take a very thorough shower.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... I went through the prescribed routine and then ate a light dinner. Afterwards, I sat in my in my big stuffed chair listening to 60s R&R. Co-incidence seems to rule my chastity belt, for just as Mick and the boys finished singing I cant get no satisfaction, the phone rang. A male voice said Be on your doorstep at 7pm. A white van will pick you up. I didnt need a second invitation but the half hour wait seemed much, much longer. At the top of the hour the van drove up the drive, the sliding door opened and a shiny black latex covered figure waved for me to enter. Despite the poor lighting, I could see the outline of his CB under the cat suit. I opened my mouth to speak only to have his rubber covered hand cup over it as he said Silence you will speak only when you are told to UNDERSTAND?!!. He then rubbed a light lubricant over my face and pulled a heavy rubber hood over my head, placing two tubes up my nostrils. After adjusting the rear flap, he pulled tight the laces on the back, sealing my head in an extremely taut cocoon. The only sensory input I could perceive was hearing there must have been perforations in the rubber that covered my ears. As the van lurched forward, I knew my journey into slavery had begun.

Without a watch, Im clueless as to the passage of time. After a while, the van slowed, left the main road, crunched up a stone driveway and came to a halt. I was led into a building and stripped of my clothing, except of course, the hood and the chastity belt. I was taken into another room, which was large (it echoed) and very chilly with a cold stone floor. My legs were spread apart and shackled to the floor. My hands were shackled to a metal bar, which was then raised until my arms were above my head. Good evening Mistress Anne said in her husky Lauren Bacall voice. Already I was dripping and so hard it hurt. Anxious, are we? she teased. I felt the slightest sensation of touch running up and down my body, and then my inner thighs. A feather, a long plumed feather was tickling my most sensitive areas. Involuntarily I started bucking back and forth, in a frenzy that was stopped short by the chastity belt. I thought I would explode, I wanted to explode but the CB kept the genie in the jar. My breathing, restricted by the tubes, was heavy and labored. My loud moans were contained by the heavy rubber hood. And then the torment stopped. Slowly my breathing returned to normal but still holding the pressure that was bottled up inside me, I slumped over.

Mistress Anne spoke once more. Alex, you are special and you dont even know why. Because you are special, you are to granted sexual release tonight. Normally you would be denied for at least a month or two or more. This will all be videoed, so that when you find out why you are special, the expression on your face will be recorded for all time.. With that, she slipped her key into the lock and popped it off. Slaves, remove his belt . The belt dropped away from my body and immediately I had the stiffest hard on I ever had in my life. My hands were released from the bar and then placed in front of me, where they met 2 large, rubber covered breasts. I could feel lubricant being dripped over my hands. I didnt need to be told to start massaging the handfuls I had in front of me. Simultaneously, this women in front of me grabbed hold of my penis with rubber covered hands while slathering on lube. Her vigorous and expert hand job brought me to a cataclysmic orgasm in just over 60 seconds. Although I was still shackled to the floor, I collapsed, spent, in her arms. Slowly, I realized this was not Mistress Anne. She was taller and, well, proportioned like a Rubens painting. It didnt matter as I finally had relief after 2 months of torment. I was re-attached to the overhead bar. Warm water was sprayed over my body and I was washed with a delightfully scented soap. It took me by surprise as my genitals were lathered and shaved. Finally I was rubbed down with a rich emollient that made my body tingle. I felt totally mellow. And then I was brought back to harsh reality as my now cleaned chastity belt was put back in place.

Once again I was released from the overhead bar. I was bent over a padded table and my hands locked in place. Ominously my butt was pointed upwards. Lube was then injected into my anus. I felt two large rubber covered breasts on my back as a large dildo slowly invaded my rosebud, pushing in, and further in. When I thought I couldnt take any more, one heavy thrust pushed at least 3 more inches in. Slowly the pumping began in a rhythmic cycle. Obviously this was for her pleasure, not mine. As the tempo increased, so did her moans. My prostate had never experienced this before and was in sensory overload. I was steadily dripping pre-cum from a penis that could not ejaculate because it was trapped in a steel tube pointed the wrong way. It was as if I had never had my previous orgasm. I got even hornier than before. A loud scream and a gasp told me she had achieved her orgasm. Her tempo slowed and finally stopped. As she withdrew the invader from my anus, I had one last spurt which dribbled down my leg.

Still attached to the table, warm water was once again sprayed over my backside and under the front of the CB. A quick toweling followed. Mistress Anne spoke up once more. All pleasure and no pain makes Alex a dull boy. Before the last words were finished, a slash of pain crossed my buttocks. A minute passed by and then another hit. This, I learned, is how a caning is done. Slowly. After 30 minutes and no more hits, I spontaneously thanked Mistress Anne loud enough to be heard through the hood. It was the right thing to do.

I was released from the table and fastened to the overhead bar again. My rump felt like I had sat in a hot barbeque pit. Mistress Anne proceeded to place sharp toothed nipple clamps on me, to alleviate the pain in your bum.

The moment of truth is now here Alex. You have been rewarded as well as put through you initiation ordeal. You have not cried out, whimpered or pleaded and you even thanked me. Well done. When you told me you were in St. Josephs Orphanage and had worn a chastity appliance, this is what makes you special. Lets take off you hood and we will continue.

Once the hood was removed, a hot wet towel was used to clean my face and head. I was a bit bleary eyed and once my eyes were able to focus I had the shock of my life! Mistress Anne was dressed in the same type of nuns habit as those of the nuns at St. Josephs. Except that hers was made of latex rubber. It obviously showed on my face and she said, Well, I see you have some questions. First, let me introduce you to my mother. A second rubber clad nun came into sight (she must have been the one who did me!). I went white as a ghost and speechless it was Sister Mary Frances from the orphanage!!!

Let me explain she said. Yes, I was Sr. Mary Frances but I left the Sisterhood shortly after you left St. Josephs. Remember when you used to come with me when I was visiting the doctor and you waited in the car? (The nuns were not allowed out by themselves). I was actually visiting a psychiatrist. Eventually I realized the convent was not the place for me. You were very special to me at that time. You were a good kid and safe for me to be with since you wore a chastity appliance. Im so glad you still feel the need for a chastity belt. When you got older, I would catch you giving me lustful looks. It pleased me. So when my daughter told me about you, we made great plans for you. Fortunately I married well and was left very well off when my husband died. You will see how large the house and estate is in the morning. We have a number of other slaves here, all belted of course. You met Craig, the chauffeur and George, the gardener. They both love to be in rubber. They snuck into your apartment and checked out your computer. We know your fetishes and will be happy to indulge you. We thought it might be nice to take you on a trip to Europe to see Tollyboy, NeoSteel, MySteel, Latowski, Carrara and Reinholds. As to your place in the household, would you like to be a rubber monk? We even have a monks cell prepared for you. Of course, this is only if you want to stay of your own accord. We only have voluntary slaves. If you want to leave, that is ok with us no hard feelingssorry, bad pun. We will even give you your keys back but you will never be contacted again by us. However, if you choose to stay, you will be belted 24/7, with release only at our whim. You will have free range of the house and property but will have an electronic device permanently fixed to your body that will limit your travels, just like a shocking dog collar but much more incapacitating. So Alex, thank you for a most enjoyable evening. You must be exhausted so we will let you get some rest. Let us know in the morning what you have decided. Anyway, it was so good to see you again.

I was let out of my shackles, the nipple clamps removed and then led to my room. I was tired but the events of the evening had my mind working overtime. The combination of pleasure and pain was overwhelming. I thought of what Annes mother had said about my chastity belt. Although I was free of the chastity appliance after I had left the orphanage, a deep seated need for it remained. And yes, I was ashamed to admit, I had seen Sister Mary Frances as an object of forbidden sexual desire, which was all the more reason I needed to be belted. I finally understood my compulsion to be belted. Fatigue was setting in fast and the pain in my butt had diminished to a warm glow. I needed to sleep. Laying on the bed was a set of monks robes made of heavy black rubber. I moved these to the chair and climbed up onto the bed. I think I was asleep even before my head hit the pillow.

A ray of multicolored sunlight came through the stained glass window above the bed. I gradually awoke and came to my senses. Was this all a dream? No, I was still belted and my sore rump was very real. I got up and went to the adjacent bathroom. As I sat on the split toilet seat to pee, I noticed there was a small hose with a spray nozzle on the wall. I could rinse my belt after each use of the john. The whole set up was designed for use by someone in a chastity belt. I then took a shower, being careful to set the water to a cool temperature. After toweling dry, I went back to the bedroom. The bed had been remade in my absence, with the rubber sheets neatly tucked in. On top of the bed were 2 sets of clothing: the ones I arrived in, and the monks robes. Guess I had a decision to make.

The monk in the shiny black rubber robes was shown to the dinning room, where Anne and her mother both greeted him with a big hug and said Welcome home, Brother Alex!!!!.

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