Tollyboy Female Chastity Belt FGA/200

Date: Dec 11, 1996 15:06:20 EST


I visited your website the last days. A really good job!!! It's great.

I don't know if you have the new Tollyboy catalogue or not. But they describe a (new?) chastity device for females. I will quote the original text:

FGA/200 This is the latest addition to the range of female genital armour and is the result of an extensive design and development program, the end of which is an appliance that we believe is unique.

Similar in concept to the FB/200 in that it offers full protection, but with one important difference. Whilst it prevents acces to the anus it permits defecation to take place. Like the FB/200 it is equipped with a single back strap that goes down from the waist, between the buttocks to join the crotch guard.

The back strap is in the form of a round section stainless steel rod shaped to the body and curved to follow the contour up between the buttocks. The rod is hardend, tempered and highly polished, although it is rigid the appliance still retains flexibility where it matters. Due to it's small diameter and highly polished surface, the rod offers minimum obstruction to the passing of feces, being soft they simply break up. Wiping the rod clean is a relatively easy task and maintaining hygiene is not a problem. However the use of a bidet is highly recommended but not essential. The rod will of course bar entry to the anus, no matter what position the wearer might adopt.

The FGA/200 offers a number of advantages, lack of back straps passing over the buttocks presents a lower profile, so that no outline can be visible under close fitting apparel. The appliance is also lighter in weight and in some situations easier to wear than other appliances.

It is designed for long term continuous wear and is ideal for this purpose. The FGA/200 has been subjected to long periods of wear and found to be completely effective and practical. However the FGA/200 is not suitable in every case and suitability is governed by individual anatomy.

Note due to the precise shaping, the FGA/200 must be measured and fitted by Tollyboy Products. Thigh bands can also be fitted.

This is a new design, and I will try to get a photo or other product information posted here as soon as I can. If anyone has this photo and wishes to part with it for a while, drop me a note.

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