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Submitted by: Tim

In the couple of years since I wrote about Aspects of CB Wear, I have furthered my research and come to a final solution - you will be glad to hear.

When last I wrote, I had settled on the 'Birdlocked Classic' as the most comfortable and durable CB in which to be locked-up for long periods of time. This was OK to a certain extent but did throw up a couple of problems.

Firstly, the silicone base-ring had a tendency to grab onto any pubic hair beneath it and tug at it in an annoying and uncomfortable way. Even shaving right down to smooth only ameliorated this for a time and it was necessary to constantly introduce some lubrication or talc to prevent discomfort.

Secondly there was the matter of hygiene. As you will know by reading my last report, I was circumcised as an infant (and how hateful is that?!) and, because of this, have a glans that is rough and de-sensitised. However, with the kindly covering of a silicone tube to protect it, my glans soon became smooth and shiny and sensitive and all seemed well. Then I found that it had started to secrete a stinky, white substance that became rather unpleasant and required daily washing to remove. This was, of course, the smegma that must be a constant annoyance to people with foreskins but which is unknown to those of us who have had our prepuces ripped off at birth. Of course, with a foreskin there is no problem; just whip the thing back, give it a good soaping (and whatever else that might lead to - or not; it is up to you), dry off and carry on with your day. For me, using the Birdlocked Classic as a surrogate foreskin, there was much more to do. The whole thing had to be taken off, cleaned out and replaced. This completely destroyed the whole object of the exercise - to have my own foreskin to protect the glans and to keep my cock locked away until I wanted to masturbate (something which happens less frequently as one gets older). Consequently I had to think again.

I tried the Ryker version of the Holy Trainer (which latter I cannot afford) and found that although the base ring was a distinct improvement on the CR3000 series, the juxtaposition of the tube was too close to it and trapped scrotal skin uncomfortably. I did shave off pieces of the offending area but was unable to achieve a smooth enough finish to restore long term comfort.

I tried the Birdlocked Neo as well but found that their claim of 'one size fits all' did not apply to my diminutive appendages and I fell out of it. The tube was fine; it was the base ring that was far too big, allowing my balls to pull through at will. I also managed to obtain a (cheap - don't do it!) version of the original Holy Trainer in silicone. This was a disaster as it was so flexible that my balls could simply pull through when put under any pressure (like when bending to pick up something from the ground) and so I discarded it. The only advantage of its being cheap was that I did not have to throw away much money.

Eventually, after trawling through just about every CB device on the internet, I came across the one that I am wearing now. It is a fairly inexpensive Chinese affair that seems to have hit all the right spots as far as I am concerned. Made for the smaller penis, it consists of a base ring that has the same configuration as the Holy Trainer, with that backwards facing sweep that allows a free'er movement of the ball sack. The cage itself consists of three asymmetrical rings, welded together at the bottom, that fan out on the upper side to give the cage a delightful downward tilt; which has an internal diameter of 32mm and a length of 50mm or just two inches. The front ring has attached to it a pair of vertical, outwardly bent, bars which are supported on each side by a horizontal one. At the centre of this cage is a short tube that supports a urethral insert that is 40mm long and 6mm wide with four 9mm ridges equally spaced along it. This is detachable.

The two pieces are joined together by the usual peg and hoop arrangement, flattened to prevent twist. I found that, as this was a loose fit, the cage was able to ease forward and up, allowing my balls to pass between it and the 'A' ring. I managed to resolve this by securing the device with a cable-tie passing through the hoop, thus taking up all slack and rendering the whole thing solid. Because I am voluntarily caged, this arrangement does not require a lock and so removes that particular problem and bulk. The cable tie must be cut off in order to remove the cage. It works very well.

Once I had sorted all this out, I put myself away into the device and waited several days to see what was what. Here are some conclusions.

Because the cage is so small, once I had inserted my penis into it with the glans right up against the end, I was able to pull the penis shaft-skin forward and up between the first and second cage ring. My glans fills the space from the second ring to the end of the cage - and there it stays. With all my former devices my cock moved around the tube depending on its state of flaccidity or arousal at the time. With this device it does not. Once I have inserted it all the way to the end and pulled all excess skin forward, there it stays and never moves. I powder the whole lot daily with talc and have no problem with comfort.

Erections only push the whole lot forward, balls and all, and make no difference to the position of the penis inside the cage. This is pretty amazing and absolutely fine. I have, however, removed the urethral insert mounting as I did not find the inserted tube so comfortable for long term wear; largely because it interfered with my reverse PA piercing on top of the glans. However, this revealed an added advantage. Now, the glans can squash even further forward and the meatus is thrust out of the space between the two forward bars like a pair of pouting lips - where it remains. In consequence, urination is completely unimpeded and that is a big plus when wearing a chastity device.

OK, so I no longer have the surrogate foreskin that I so long craved but that has to be set against the following advantages:

  • enhanced hygiene and the absence of smegma.
  • the fact that the whole device is so comfortable to wear that I have not taken it off for two months now.
  • a constant feeling of being 'held and cupped', that persists throughout the day and night.
  • a certain amount of protection is given to the glans by the cage and that is better than none at all.

So, there it is. Finally I have found a chastity cage with which I am eminently content, that reminds me constantly that I have a cock and balls 'down there' held in a gentle caress, and that gives me absolutely no problems at all. If ever I feel that I want to masturbate, it is easier now because my cock has been protected from abrasion and is therefore more responsive. I don't do it very often though because I am getting older now and solitary pleasures become scarcer and harder to achieve; but this disadvantage is offset by the constant feeling of being 'held and cupped' - which is quite delicious.

So remember, 'small' is not necessarily insignificant and 'old' is not useless.

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