Aspects of CB Wear - Some Comparisons

Submitted by: Tim

I wear a chastity device because I was circumcised, seventy years ago as a baby, and have hated that fact ever since.

"To be circumcised among the prepucial is to be naked among the clothed."

It is only in recent years that I have discovered that chastity devices are available and have consequently tried several in the effort to protect my glans and feel, in part, 'whole' for the first time in my life.

The first I tried was the CB 2000. I found this exciting to wear but it seemed a little short. This was particularly apparent in the mornings when my erection would extend itself backward out of the cage and ring and thus stretch my balls well out to the front. In consequence I bought a CB 3000 cage and, sawing off the front bit of the 2000, glued the 3000 cage onto it. This gave me more room to allow my cock to expand into the extra length and added to the glans protection with the smooth glans-shaped carapace. It also effectively destroyed the 2000, a fact that I now regret as it is no longer possible to obtain this initial and excellent CB, which has its own unique attributes of bars instead of a moulding. Sometimes I would like my cock to be 'banged up' for a day or so, if only for ease of cleaning. I have since learned that the early morning 'push' of an erection is really not a problem but just part of the whole process.

I should point out, at this stage, that I am not particularly well endowed, not a 'shower' but a 'grower' to only five inches.

The one excellent aspect of the CB 2000, which was only to become significant later, was the construction of the base rings which were beautifully smooth and comfortable.

Wanting to have room to expand in the mornings, or at any other time come to that, I next invested in a metal 'Bird Cage', a sort-of chrome version of the 'Curve'. This was delightful and allowed my member free room to rattle around, in its flaccid state, and to expand almost to the end if erect - yet with a delicious bend instead of straight. Of course it did little to protect my glans, except from direct abrasion from underwear, but did allow excellent ventilation and easy cleaning. However, there was one drawback: after a few days of wearing it, the ball-sac became swollen and painful under the base ring. This could be aleviated at first by pulling the skin through to allow a different area to be subject to the pressure but within a short time this too was made sore and the device had to be removed.

I now moved on to the CB 3000S. I got good glans protection from this, until it split, but the base rings were a disaster. Made of 'H' section polycarbonate, they had the effect of trapping the skin of the testicles in the grooves and becoming very painful very quickly. In fact the effect was so radical that I soon abandonned the device all together and ordered instead a CB 3000 with the new hinged base rings. These were OK as a whole, except for the hinge piece itself which also had the tendancy to trap skin in it and become quite uncomfortable.Covering the hinge in tape did little to improve things and so I reverted to a hybrid of a smooth and comfortable CB 2000 ring and the snug (re-glued) and protective CB 3000S cage, that I made up using cable clips as locking devices. This worked very well and was suitable for long term wear, if a little hard.

However I figured that a softer device would be preferable and so settled on the Bon4, which looked suitable. How wrong can you be? Yes, it was soft and, yes, there was room in it for a certain expansion but the whole thing seemed to have been thrown together rather than designed. The two top arms did not really align with the slots in the base ring and the cage itself was far too wide behind the glans campartment. As to the base ring, it was far too chunky and had 'edges' that were without comfort. Looking at it, the device was less than pleasing to the eye and, furthermore, it was not particularly comfortable to wear for any length of time. So I decided to move on.

I now have a 'Birdlocked Classic' with which I am eminently happy. It is good looking, very comfortable and engenders a feeling of 'safety'. In fact, sometimes I am unaware of wearing it at all. It protects my glans very well and has allowed it to regain the smoothness and sensitivity that it would have had if my foreskin had not been ripped off me as a child. So, I am happy with the 'Birdlocked Classic' and will keep my stuff in it for a good time yet. Later, perhaps, as an adjunct, I might try the 'Dick Cage' but I will let you know. Meanwhile, I leave you with this, my indictment on the business of infant 'cutting':

"Circumcision - a peculiar type of mutilation visited by parents upon their sons - from which neither derives any benefit. The parents, as observers, may feel some momentary pangs of righteousness but the son, in that spab of pain, is sentanced to a lifetime's speculation. How can the former hate the latter so much?"

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