A Low Key Relationship Part III

Submitted by: Ampersand
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I awoke the next morning after a rather restless night. To say the least, my predicament made it hard to get any proper sleep. Not because the belt was uncomfortable by itself, just the fact that it made it impossible for me to obtain any sexual relief while it was locked in place on me. To me, that was part of the insidiously brilliant premise of the device. Indeed, aching for relief after being locked up against my will for more than a week, and then so thoroughly teased made for a very poor night's sleep. But the main reason for my restlessness was the trap I had blundered into the previous night.

The new lady in my life, Christina, had managed to get a hold of my key after I had left it behind at work accidentally one evening, and soon I found myself wrapped around her finger afterward. She managed to keep me in the dark about her misdeed for over a week before finally confronting me and putting me in a very compromising situation. At first I thought it would all be fun and games, and I'd be unlocked that night, but soon I found Christina had different plans for me. After luring me to her home, she managed to put on a show that would drive any man mad with lust, but just when I thought I'd finally get some payoff after her toying with me, she turned the tables on me.

After being duped into showcasing myself in my chastity belt, and blatantly displaying my situation for what I thought was just her amusement, a few quick moves later and she had some pretty embarrassing video footage of me. The next thing I knew, I was in a tighter spot than ever, and her status as my keyholder was as secure as the chastity belt she had me trapped in. Soon after, I had no other choice than to pleasure her for the night, while I remained frustrated and hornier than ever before.

I replayed my crisis in my head all night, fuming over Christina's tricks and teasing, dreading what else I would have to put up with, and wishing intensely I had made so many different decisions. If I only had done things differently, I could have risked the lesser humiliating task of enlisting the aide of a locksmith to help me, or even just flat out break the belt. Then I wouldn't even be in this mess. Those options were dangerous and unappealing enough, but they were far more preferable to the bind I'm in now. Now it's too late. Now, thanks to the incriminating video Christina had in her possession, I couldn't even consider them anymore. Any infraction of Christina's rules, and any risks those old options held for me paled to the punishment she could administer. Christina had my key and the means to make sure I stayed locked up for as long as she wanted. There was no going back. I was hers.

Anyway, after such a poor night's sleep, I had awoken fairly late in the morning. There was a brief, hazy moment when I thought maybe things were back to normal or I had dreamed the whole messy situation. A quick glance around Christina's bedroom and the chastity belt fastened to me reminded me of everything. I noticed Christina herself wasn't lying next to me anymore, nor was she anywhere in the room. I honestly didn't want to even bother getting up to face the day, but then again I figured Christina would beckon me sooner or later. After prying myself out of bed, I made a brief search for my clothes that Christina had taken from me the night before, but found nothing. As I searched, I could hear stirring from the kitchen down the hallway.

I carefully opened the bedroom door, and slowly made my way down the hall towards the kitchen clad only in my chastity belt. I made sure to move cautiously, lest I stumbled in front of an open window and reveal my secret to anyone outside. It was risky enough being forced to wander around in just a chastity belt last night while it was dark out, but now it was broad daylight. Fortunately, I could see that all the shades in Christina's home were drawn as they were the night before, and I was relatively safe from any further unwanted exposure.

After turning a corner to Christina's sitting room and making my way to the nearby kitchen, I saw her finally. To my surprise, she was tending the stove, pleasantly humming to herself as she sashayed lithely about. Turning her head to see me standing there, she smiled cheerfully at me.

Morning babe! she chirped. I said nothing. I just watched her as she wiggled gleefully and kept at her task at the stove.

It was at once a delight and utterly unbearable to watch her slender feminine figure gently undulate in her little dance. She was wearing a white short-sleeved crop top over her torso, ending at her sternum, but aside from the delicate silver chain encircling her hips from which my key was still suspended, she was naked from the waist down. I couldn't help but wonder if prancing around bottomless like this was just her being generally provocative, or her own playfully cruel way of relishing in the fact that she was entirely free sexually, while I remained locked up. Either way, it was driving me crazy. As I pondered, she spoke to me again.

So how do you like your eggs? she asked me, still maintaining her suspicious cheer. I answered her rather numbly, still unsure of what was about to happen. Happily she went about preparing the breakfast as I requested. I decided to allow myself to sit at then nearby table and wait to see what happened next.

A few moments later, Christina soon came over to me, setting my breakfast down in front of me, sneaking a quick kiss to my cheek as she did so. Then she slid herself into the seat diagonally from me with her own plate. I eyed her for a moment, wondering if she had some other trick up her sleeve, but she simply began eating, after which I allowed myself to start in on my food. I hadn't realized how hungry I was in the wake of all the strange things that had happened to me lately.

At one point Christina uttered a satisfied sigh and said, Oh my god, last night was *amazing*! I remained silent but gave a agreeing nod. Technically, I agreed with her. We both remained silent for a moment as we ate, when suddenly I saw Christina put down her fork, and she stared downward with a rather pensive look on her face. I looked at her, puzzled, when she spoke again, still casting her glance downwards.

Listen, um... About last night, all that business with the...you know. She mimed holding a camera in her hand as she spoke. Where was she going with this? She took a deep breath and sighed again, before resuming her speech.

I'm really sorry if I came off as a bitch last night, you know tricking you and stuff. she said finally. It's just, I really wanted to make sure that, well, things could stay like this. I mean me keeping your key. She paused for a moment, and sat there in thought. I could tell she had a lot going through her mind at that moment. I slightly leaned closer to her, intrigued by her tale.

See when I was in high school, back in the day and all, I was one of those...mean girls, I guess you could say. I wasn't a huge snob or anything like that, I just kind of had this streak about me where I liked being with guys who I could manipulate and be all... mistress-y with.

This didn't come off as a surprise to me, but as I soon found out, there was apparently more to this girl than I had ever considered. She continued her story.

Sure it was fun for a while, and I had some good experiences with it, but as I got a bit older, I guess my tastes changed. I started to get more irritated with less macho guys, and found myself drawn to men who could really take charge. Yet, at the same time, I still liked to call the shots in the bedroom. When it came to sex, I still liked feeling like I was the queen of the world. She rolled her eyes as if fondly remembering some past exploits. She sighed again I just didn't know what to do. I felt like I was caught in this sexual limbo, and I was at such a loss for several years.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

And then I meet you, and you were just the the type of guy I was finding myself drawn to, yet I still had no idea how I'd still keep my sexual authority, she started getting slightly worked up, even excited. and then I see you in that...that thing, that device that kept you all locked up and it made it so only the one with the key could let you out, and it just seemed like such an amazing idea, and I-I just...I just couldn't help myself. Her hand migrated down to her stomach where she kept my key. That's why I stole your key, she said with a tone of finality.

I stared at her for the longest time, bewildered by this extravagant tale. Christina just looked back at me with doe-like eyes and merely shrugged.

Finally I broke the silence. You could've just asked... I said, still in slight awe of the situation.

Christina giggled and just rolled her eyes, as if I just told a bad joke. Oh come on, where's the fun in that? You have to admit, that was pretty hot wondering what had happened and who was keeping you locked up. Ooo! Somebody has my key! Who knows my secret?? That foxy look spread across her face again as she stood up and approached me.

But still, I do feel a tiny bit bad being nasty about it. So you know what? Here's the deal.

As she spoke, she slinked over to me, and with an arch of her leg she was soon straddling me, resting her soft womanhood upon my stomach just above the sturdy codpiece of my chastity belt. She draped her arms along my shoulders and kept her face mere inches from mine. I instinctively put my arms around her waist.

You be the man in our relationship, okay? You decide where we go on dates, you pay for everything, you even get to enjoy my cooking whenever you want. Christina moved her face even closer, so much so that we were nearly kissing. Her voice was almost down to a whisper.

But once we get to the bedroom... I call the shots. It's all about me and making me happy. Understand? She ground her hips slowly, and I could feel that she was getting aroused. She giggled.

I swallowed, feeling my cock strain inside its prison. I wanted nothing more than to be unlocked, but Christina was the one to make that decision now. Oh don't worry, she said, as if sensing my distress, I'll start letting you out on special occasions someday. But for now, I wanna have some fun with this. She give me her trademark smirk.

So basically the rules are this: I run the show in the bedroom, while you get to be the man everywhere else. You don't try any funny business to escape, and that sexy little tape of you stays our little secret. And through all this, Christina wiggled her hips, causing my key to jangle about slightly, this stays with me. She then pressed her lips against mine in a passionate kiss.

Pulling her mouth away from mine, she spoke again. You know... I still think of this as *your* key. Y'know that? By now she was grinding against me much more fervently. It's your key, not mine. Your key. To your sexual freedom. And I took it. Without asking. Unfairly. And I'm keeping it from you against your will. God, doesn't that just make you so hot? I gripped her hips, aiding in her pelvic undulations, at first outraged by her tease, but at the same time, I realized she was right. It was a huge turn-on, whether I liked it or not.

In one swift move, she climbed off me, and ran her hand through her hair with a quick exhale. She looked at me, running her hands along her sides, from her bare thighs up to her ribs. Then she strutted past me, towards the bathroom in the hallway. As she paced along, she gracefully slid her miniscule top from her body and tossed it aside, speaking to me over her shoulder. I'm just going to hop into the shower for a bit. I could tell by her tone she was smiling. Feel free to join me, if you like. I didn't have to be told twice.

Christina and I bathed together for a good long while. I had the dubious pleasure of lathering soap all over her naked body while still locked in my chastity belt. Her body jewelry, the rings on her nipples and the elegant chain around her waist, only made the experience more alluring. She of course adored the sensation. For me, it was more of her brilliant teasing.

After we had finished, Christina at last returned my clothes to me. To my surprise, they had been freshly cleaned and folded for me. She was taking our unique new relationship seriously. I put my clothing back on, feeling a bit more like myself afterward, and soon saw Christina herself had donned another of her come-hither ensembles. A tight light gray sweater over her shapely torso which left a generous potion of her midriff bare, and tight white boot-cut jeans with a sturdy black belt made up her outfit of the day. The silver chain remained around her waist, but she had reattached my key to her fly as she had the other day. She really knew how to make herself irresistible in my eyes. I could tell she was loving it too.

Still barefoot, she trotted up to me gracefully and threw her arms around my shoulders and gleefully asked, So, what's on the agenda for today, babe?

I returned the embrace and thought for a moment, gathering the rules Christina had set earlier. Keeping my arm around her waist, the two of us slowly walked to her front door as I ruminated the possibilities for our day together.

Well let's see. There's a movie out today that I've been wanting to see, how about that?

Sure, that sounds great!

And how about we have some pasta when we get home later, how about that?

Tony, you're terrific, you know that? We both paused a moment to share a kiss.

Making our way to the door, Christina stepped into a pair of high heeled sandals. I opened the door for her, and we both stepped out to start the day.

So that's the way it's been for me since then. It's been about three months since Christina and I became an item, and true to her word, I'm the man in the relationship, while she keeps my key under her close watch. We've since moved in together, and Christina even suggested we do things like consolidate our finances, so that I can maintain our money more easily. She even asks my permission to spend her portion of the income. It's these surprisingly hefty bits of authority Christina bestows upon me that make her status as my keyholder all the more frustrating and beguiling. The video she took of me hasn't really become an issue, and at times I actually forget about it. But every now and then it reenters the back of my mind, and convinces me to make sure I play by her rules.

Christina, I can tell, couldn't be happier. I do my best to please her in the bedroom, and she's having a blast having what she deems a real man to have at her side. As for me, well... I'm still waiting for her to see fit to unlock me for a while. Her teasing makes it so that I'm basically constantly horny and pining for her, but that special occasion where she releases me has yet to arrive. I've got a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend who really knows how to play the role of keyholder far better than I had ever anticipated. I guess in a way, I got half of what I wanted, and got stuck with half of what I was trying to avoid. But, Christina is happy, and like in the bedroom, that's all that really matters.

The End

Authors note: I hope this story was as fun to read as it was to write! Any comments or questions are welcome, and can be sent to me at ampersandxyz@hotmail.com

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