A Low Key Relationship Part II

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I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the large mirror on my bathroom wall. There I was, naked, fit, and locked in a chastity belt. I thought about Christina and her offer to me. I thought about what she had done and the audacity of it all. She spied on me and discovered my secret. She broke into my desk and stole my key. She left me to suffer for a week, then trotted up to me looking as hot as she could, all the while flaunting my stolen key between her legs in a deliberate attempt to turn me on.

Part of me was angry about it. I mean, being messed with like this, and by a girl no less? I wasn't programmed for that sort of thing. Maybe some people are, but not me. Yet at the same time, I felt oddly drawn in to the whole situation. As infuriating as it was to see Christina flaunting my key the way she did after all she had done and being so smug about it, it was also strangely alluring. Maybe coming on to me like that was just her way, and she really wanted to pursue something with me. After over a week of being stuck in this belt, maybe my judgment was getting clouded. Who knows? Whatever the case, after that evening, I soon found myself in an even deeper predicament than ever before.

It was getting close to seven, Christina's requested time I pick her up. I looked down at my belt. I clutched the sturdy unit that encased my manhood, and prodded the padlock that held it all together. I thought about all the options that I had. It was either going through all the effort of destroying a really durable, not to mention expensive device that was attached to me, probably at the risk of hurting myself in the process, or spending an intimate night with one of the sexiest girls I had ever known. It looked like Christina had the upper hand for now. I got dressed and drove to her place.

I arrived at Christina's at the precise time she asked and met her at her door. She was dressed in the same sexy casual ensemble as she was earlier that day in the video store, which as before made me incredibly horny.

"Hey babe!" she said cheerfully and threw her arms around my shoulders in a loving embrace. "Oh I'm so glad you decided to show up!" I returned the embrace, putting my arms around her slender waist. She felt every bit as sexy as I imagined she would. She brought one arm down and ran her finger along my collar the same way she did hours before. "It was the right thing to do, you know," she said in a slick tone. Suddenly I noticed that she was rubbing her leg up mine, pressing her pelvis against me.

My cock ached against its prison, feeling the firm nudge of the beautiful girl's loins along its stifling shell but gaining no pleasure. It drove me wild. Christina certainly must have felt the solid device against her own eager sex, as she uttered a pleasant, "Ooo," as she pushed into me. I rolled my eyes slightly, growing weary of her teasing. Of course, I could tell she was having a blast with it all.

We moved a bit further away from each other, still maintaining our embrace. I stole a quick glance between her legs and saw that she was still wearing my key on her fly. As before I felt the perplexing twang of both anger and lust. Ever the observant one, Christina saw that I had caught a glimpse of her little trophy dangling between her legs, and gave me a smirk.

We went back to my car, and as Christina sat down in the passenger seat, I noticed she began to behave a little unusual. That uncharacteristic cheerful mood she had been in and out of also seemed to involve her behaving in a more demure manner than she was known to be. She even urged me to decide where she and I would spend out date that night. At first I thought it was an act, some kind of tease she came up with to mess with me as she kept me locked up against my will. But after a while, there was something that made me believe that she was rather sincere in her behavior. She even seemed to enjoy it.

Naturally she was delighted to be holding my key, I could tell. It was especially apparent after the underhanded way she took it from me, and the kinky way she insisted in flaunting it before me, giving me foxy little grins and smirks here and there. Indeed, Christina was very pleased to be my key-holder. Yet in light of that, she also seemed very happy with the idea of me taking charge during our time together. It was rather confusing. What was her deal? I wondered about it the whole evening.

At the restaurant, Christina's sudden compliance while in my presence kept popping up in small, yet noticeable ways. One instance in particular stuck with me, and it was when the time to order came. After perusing the menu, Christina idly pointed out what she had in mind to order. When the waitress arrived, rather than simply order for herself, Christina turned to me and nodded in the direction of the server. Taking the hint, I placed the order for her. Christina looked pleased.

As our date went on, Christina eventually started making it clear that she wanted to leave, asking me if I wanted to get out of there and have it just be the two of us. I felt her nudge me under the table with her foot affectionately. I could feel myself swelling inside my chastity belt. It had been so long since I had relief, and there were few things I wanted more than to be unlocked. Christina's little game, confusing as it seemed, was my only way out. I figured I would play along. Hey, if it meant finally being released and having a night with this girl, it would be worth it.

I asked her, "So... your place or mine?"

She replied, "Oh, you decide."

I thought for a moment, all the while her smiling at me in her strangely genial way. I'm not sure why I drew the conclusion I did, but I did. "Your place," I answered.

Christina, was, naturally by this point, fine with this. I paid, naturally, and we left. The sun had gone down by this time, setting a much more romantic mood. As we drove along, Christina sat in my passenger seat, looking very happy, almost excited. I assumed she was looking forward to the night we had ahead of us.

My heart was pounding a bit too. I was no stranger to good luck with beautiful girls, but the prospect of being released from my chastity belt after so much time was what really had me fired up. Plus, Christina had always just been slightly out of reach for me for so long, although this wasn't the circumstance I expected to be in once I finally won her over.

Admittedly I was still a little cross about how she had pulled one over on me by stealing my key and lording it over me as she did. But then again, maybe that was supposed to be part of the fun. A little scare, a big tease, and finally a sublime payoff. I was sure I'd soon forgive her after our night together. I glanced between her legs as we went, seeing the glint of my key cleverly secured between her legs. It wouldn't be long now.

We arrived at her place, and I walked her in. Within the doorway, we made out a little, giving me a chance to finally really feel her sexy form in my hands. She giggled pleasantly as I caressed her supple form. After a while, she broke away from me, stepped out of her sandals, and started to head towards her kitchen, bidding me to make myself at home.

"Want anything to drink?" she asked.

"Yeah, uh, I'll have what you're having, thanks," I responded.

Christina smiled with approval and, after giving my key a little rub and flick with a finger, strutted gracefully away. I sat and waited for a moment, sitting in her well furnished sitting room, listening to her hum quietly to herself in the kitchen. After a while, she returned with two glasses of wine and handed one to me. Curiously, instead of sitting right next to me on her sofa as I expected, she sat herself directly across from me in one of her recliners.

So there we sat, facing each other, drinks in our hands and we began to chat. Christina seemed suddenly interested in taking the conversation in a more sexual direction. That old fox-like look in her eye has returned now, giving her that sexy, irresistible look that I always adored. She asked me about my turn-ons, and some of my more memorable sexual experiences. She in turn shared with me some of her secrets as well. We flirted. I bragged. She giggled. It wasn't long before I was aching for sex like I had never before.

Christina peered at me from across the way, one leg up on the armrest of her chair, her other foot on the floor, giving me a clear look between her legs and my key she kept there. She eyed me thoughtfully for a moment, both of us silent. Then finally, taking a last sip from her drink, she spoke.

"I want to see it," she said firmly.

I hesitated, not entire sure what exactly she expected of me.

"Come on, come on, you know what I mean. I only saw it quickly last time, I want to get a good look at it now."

I stood up apprehensively, and began to undo my pants.

Christina suddenly blurted out, "All of it. Take everything off," she said, waving her finger in a circle in my direction.

I looked at her with slight disbelief and glanced around me.

"Relax," she said, "all the curtains are drawn. It's just the two of us."

Still a bit suspicious, I set to removing my clothes, with Christina eying my hungrily the entire time. Soon I was standing there in Christina's living room, naked but for my chastity belt, with my clothes piled up on the floor beside me. Christina's gaze turned to my crotch where my device was fastened to my body. Her eyes widened with delight and amazement. With almost catlike moves, she slid off her seat and crawled up to me on all fours, her eyes fixated on my chastity belt. I remained still, waiting for her to make her move.

Kneeling before me, her face only a few inches from my chastity belt, Christina studied the device intensely. Her keen eyes scanned along the smooth surface of the codpiece that sealed away my yearning loins. She must have been relishing in the fact that she held the only key to undo it.

"It's big," she said, not without a sense of irony. I wasn't sure how much longer I could withstand her teases. That old sense outrage and lust hit me again. But Christina was just getting started.

"Mm, looks like you're really filling it up, too." she said. Christina could see part of my cock through the small convenience slit at the end of the tube as it bulged with desire. My God, I was so horny by now, and I was getting a little angry. Now her little teases were becoming downright vindictive.

She reached up with one hand, and ran one slender finger along the downward curving tube that housed my cock. I could hear the dull sound of it along the surface, even feel the slight pressure of her touch around the belt, but my cock was denied any sensation or satisfaction.

"Can you feel that?" asked Christina.

I said, "No... "

Christina smiled, then cupped her entire hand around the shield of my belt, rubbing it back and forth in a firm but gentle massage. I swelled within my belt, longing for release.

"How about that?"

I gritted my teeth, so horny now that I couldn't even speak. I shook my head slowly in response to her question.

Christina uttered a quick giggle at my obvious distress, then sat back slightly, finally taking her hand away from my crotch. There she sat for a moment, on her knees before me, but totally in control. That foxy look appeared on her beautiful face again. Her grin broadened slightly, and she gave me a quick, devious glance up at me. Before I knew it, her head darted forward and she landed a quick kiss on the very tip of the tube encasing my cock. She jerked back just as quickly, giggling out loud with the joy of her little dominance display.

By now I was practically delirious with the frustration I was enduring, not to mention the growing rage from Christina's malicious teases. I wasn't sure if I was waiting for this night to end or really begin. The next step in her little game, however, was about to really take off, although I didn't know it then.

A look of satisfaction had crossed Christina's smirking face, and she sat there looking at my belt for a moment, as if she had made a decision about something. She started to get up, heading towards my pile of clothes and began to gather everything up in her arms. I watched her, confused, and fairly leery as to what she was trying to do. Of course, I was in no position to stop her.

She stood up, and said, "Wait right here," and departed with my only means of public attire with her.

There I stood, more anxious than ever. My mind raced with the situation I was in. I was naked and trapped in a chastity belt in a beautiful girl's home. A beautiful girl who was the holder of the only key that could set me free and give me the pleasure of which I was once master of. Yet the only reason she had that key was through thievery and deception. She blatantly violated me, and robbed me of my freedom. And now, she still insisted on teasing and denying me, even after keeping me in a state of frustration for a whole week.

Yet the way she went about it was so... beguiling, despite its infuriating nature. The slick way she managed to deceive and elude me, the kinky way she insisted on wearing my key whenever she was around me, it was all very provocative, even a turn-on unto itself. I looked down at my belt and stared at the little smear of lipstick where she kissed it. Did I hate her, or was I starting to love her? Was I angry at her, or entranced by her? I had never once thought of any of this when I first stumbled across the concept of chastity, and honestly, I had never imagined the scenario turning out like this.

I don't know how much time had gone by in that moment as I pondered the ramifications of my situation. Maybe twenty minutes, maybe longer. But soon after, I heard Christina's dulcet voice call me from down her hallway, requesting me to finally join her in her bedroom. I hoped intensely this was the moment I was waiting for.

I made my way down the hallway, the light much dimmer than her well-lit sitting area and kitchen. I soon came to a doorway that stood partially open. I could see the lights were off inside, aside from a faint red glow. I entered.

Closing the door behind me and giving my eyes a moment to adjust to the low light, I briefly surveyed the bedroom I was in. The dull red glow came from a small lamp on a table next to a large, enticing bed to my left. A few other items furnished the room, but my attention soon locked on to the real centerpiece of the room.

There stood Christina herself, not more than a few feet from me, stark naked. Naked, except for the tiny silver rings that dangled from her nipples, and the delicate silver chain that encircled her waist, from which my key now hung just below her navel.

She was a thousand times more sexy than I had ever imagined she'd be. Despite the low light, her heavenly body was plainly visible to me. I gazed at her longingly, up from her slender, shapely legs, her sexy toned stomach, her perfect breasts, to her beautiful face. She made her trademark foxy grin at me, and ran her hands up and down the sides of her body, rolling her hips back and forth slowly as she did so.

She moved her hands upwards again, until she had reached both her arms high above her head, wrists together, and stretched her whole fantastic body along with them. Arching her back and closing her eyes, she uttered a faint, "Mmm... " sound, and said, "I can't wait to get started."

As she writhed before me in her dance-like undulation, the silver chain about her waist slid around, gloriously emphasizing her sexy hips and belly, my key jingling around on it in its own teasing dance, and her nipple rings glinted silently at the ends of her jiggling breasts. I was speechless.

Returning to form, Christina stepped away from me, and retreated to a darkened corner of the already dimly lit room. I could hardly even see her now, but I heard her voice.

"I want you to do something for me," she said.

I awaited her instructions, now eager to please her. As she sat in her darkened corner, she ordered that I describe my chastity belt, and also demonstrate its effectiveness. I found her requests puzzling, but in the state that I was, I went through with them anyway.

She sat in her shadowy throne, issuing her commands at me in a low, patient manner. Per her instructions, I described my belt, as I ran my hands along the various simple yet sturdy parts. I explained how it kept me from pleasure, how secure it was and how long I had been locked up. She had me describe how it made me feel, how I was unbearably horny after a week's worth of denial and a whole night of flawless teasing.

In a way, I was putting on my own provocative dance. I struggled with my belt as I described it, trying to either get through it or remove it. After a while I wasn't just demonstrating its effectiveness, but truly longing to be free of it. I flexed my fit and handsome body as I went into detail about how I longed for sex with the only woman who held the key to my pleasure. I could tell Christina was loving the show. She kept following up my performances with little comments and murmurs of pleasure.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Christina suddenly bid me to stop. This had to be the moment she released me and we had the sex I had been praying for. At least, that's what I thought, when suddenly she started speaking to me in rather flat tones.

"Is your name Tony Palladino?"

I blinked with surprise. "Uh, yeah."

"And are you over eighteen years old?"

"Well of course, but why-" my blood ran cold.

"Thanks baby, that's all I needed," said Christina, the tone of her voice suggesting she was smiling.

I heard her stand up from her darkened perch, and she turned to a desk next to her. She leaned over and the vibrant light from a laptop screen suddenly pierced the darkness, revealing a camcorder on a tripod that she had going since before I even entered her room. I seethed with anger.

"What are you doing?!" I exclaimed, as I heard her lithe fingers tapping along the computer's keyboard.

"Oh I'll just be a sec, I'm just sending your little performance to my station at work."

I went silent with rage, the sheer evil of her scheme almost impossible to fathom. Christina turned to me, seeing me in my state, and just rolled her eyes.

"Oh relax, I'm just sending it there for safekeeping," she said glibly. "It'll be our little secret, I promise. But only as long as you play by the rules." I glared at her, slightly cooled by the reassurance but still outraged at her deception. Shutting down her laptop and restoring the ambient red glow to the room, she was generous enough to explain everything to me.

"Oh I love playing your key-holder, Tony, I really do. I love knowing I turn you on so much, and the fact that I'm the only one who could ever pleasure you. In fact, I like it so much, I want you to stay that way constantly." She repeated her sexy dance from earlier as she spoke. "But let's face it, I'm sure you'd get pretty tired of being celibate for so long, especially while around me all the time."

She slowly began to swagger to the foot of her bed, continuing her speech. "Now I'm sure that thing is plenty durable. In fact... now I know it for a fact!" She smirked mockingly at me, but then looked more dire. "But I'm sure it's not indestructible... " I was starting to see where she was going with this.

"Simple rules," she stated. "No trying to steal your key back from me, no trying to tamper with your chastity belt, or anything like that, and your sexy little act stays between us. Any attempts at getting free without my consent, and well... let's just say you could become pretty damn famous, pretty damn fast."

I was numb. The anger, the disbelief in the terrible predicament I was in, the way she had so efficiently tricked me into it all, it was staggering. I glared at her from where I stood, she leered back at me with her foxy grin. My mind raced and I tried to think of some way out of this nightmare. Nothing came to me.

"Fine... " I said finally.

Christina beamed conceitedly in her triumph, and climbed into her bed. She lay one her back, bathed in the red glow with her wrists crossed above her head.

"Now then," she crooned, "I think it's time you made all my effort worthwhile."

I stood there, still fuming over the trap I was in, but unsure of what she wanted me to do.

"Oh come on, babe, use your imagination!"

Sighing with derision, I climbed onto the bed next to her, kneeling at her side. Christina smiled at me as I place one hand on her chest, caressing her supple mounds affectionately, then ran my other hand down her midriff, briefly catching the sensation of her waist chain and my key. From there, I slid my hand between her legs, and worked my fingers along her tender womanhood. Christina moaned at the sensation and squirmed in my grip.

Working my hand between her legs, Christina's gentle coos of pleasure soon turned into loud moans of ecstasy, writhing almost convulsively causing the chain at her waist to jingle around frantically, giving me repeated glimpses of my key that was so close, yet completely out of reach. After a good long while of foreplay, I moved on the next phase of my maneuvers.

I slid off at the foot of the bed, firmly pried Christina's legs open and moved my head up to her crotch. I hovered there for a moment, gazing across the landscape of her sexy body, seeing her grinning at me from just above her breasts, awaiting me to finish what I had started. I pressed my mouth against her now swollen sex, and at the angle I was at, I could see my key dangling from her bellychain right before my eyes, which only made me more mad.

I started tonguing her with steady, deliberate strokes, making sure to maximize her pleasure. Christina pumped her hips in quivering spasms, gasping and moaning while my tongue squirmed deep within her. All this time I could see my key dancing mere inches from my face. After what seemed like ages her convulsions reached their peak, her howls of pleasure almost becoming screams, and finally she came in my mouth with an almost musical wail of orgasmic satisfaction.

Panting and sweating, Christina jerked her hips a few more times, shaking out the last spasms of sexual relief as I pulled myself away from her hot loins. I watched her lie there in her bed, her skin glistening with sweat. Her needs were met, our bout of lovemaking was over. I scowled slightly, jealous of the pleasure she enjoyed while I remained denied, all because of her schemes.

Christina's eyes opened and she looked at me and smiled approvingly.

"That... was... amazing!" she gasped. Then sighing contentedly, she ran her fingers through my hair, praising me excessively for my sexual prowess. Adjusting her pillows slightly, she finally said, "Let's get some sleep, babe."

Obeying her, I lay down next to her in her vast and comfortable bed, and she snuggled up next to me, one arm draped over me in a loving embrace. She uttered one last sigh before she soon fell fast asleep.

I, on the other hand, couldn't sleep for hours, for the fact that I was both horny as hell, and still fuming over Christina's insidious trap. Countless thoughts ran through my head as I contemplated the situation I found myself in. I cursed all the bad decisions I had made, wished intensely I hadn't made any of them, and cursed myself for getting in this mess.

Most of all I cursed Christina for the cruel trick she played on me. But for all the wishes I had for a different outcome, none of it it mattered, for Christina now had me thoroughly wrapped around her finger. My cock throbbed with lust inside its prison, longing for the pleasure that Christina had selfishly enjoyed at my expense. I could still see my key danging from the chain that adorned her waist as she slumbered. Even while she slept, she still seemed in control.

Trying to clear my head of my angry thoughts and sexual frustration, I found myself wondering what the next day was going to bring. Hell, what would the next week, or month, or year bring? In any case, it was going to be a long night.

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