Controlling Wife - Part 2

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"So," Lana asked Vicky, "what's been happening since the last time we talked. Has Ian been out of his chastity tube at all?" "Not even once," her friend said with a broad smile. "He loves being kept chaste, even though he really misses the sex. But his need to be controlled outweighs everything else. And, like I started to learn earlier, he wants me to do whatever I please to him, teasing or being cruel or tormenting him with mind games." "And I'll bet you've been giving him plenty of all that." "You know it. He loves my big bust and especially my bottom, which I used to see as a liability, because its so wide and sticks out so far, except that he worships it. I told him to prove it by kneeling behind me and kissing my butt through my panties and he was down there in a second, planting his lips all over both cheeks, moaning and panting. I got a buzz from giving orders that way, so I kept him where he was and made him work his way down both my legs and then back up, for an extra long session of ass kissing."

"I'm not surprised," Lana told her. "When we were dating he couldn't keep his hands off my fat sitter. Well, at first he could, because he's kind of shy about sex and all. I remember that I liked being with a guy who adored my back end, so I told him to touch it all he wanted, and THEN, I guess because I was giving an order, he wouldn't leave it alone." They both thought that was funny. Sitting at Vicky's dining room table, they clinked their glasses of ice water together. Lana said, "I wonder how Ian would react if he knew what we've been talking about." "I don't know. I mean, I'm sure he'd be embarrassed that you know what I'm doing to him. On the other hand, he's so pleased that I put him in chastity and, for the most part, that I've done all the teasing and making him serve me in bed, that I don't see how he could object." "You know," Lana said thoughtfully, "maybe I could come and visit some evening, when he's home. We wouldn't say anything about his chastity but it'd be fun to have both of us here, looking sexy and turning him on, maybe talking sort of dirty, and him stuck in that snug little tube." "Sounds good," Vicky said without hesitation. "Let me think about it some."

"Last time we talked," Lana remembered out loud, "you said you told him that you were okay with other guys eyeing you and thinking you were desirable. How did he take that?" "Well..." Vicky took a deep breath. "That was kind of interesting. I could tell it upset him on one level. He asked me right away -- again -- if I would still love him if I got more of that sort of attention. Of course I reassured him that I would. But on some other level he was obviously intrigued with the thought of me being looked at that way, of having other men want me when he can't have me." She paused again and then seemed to make a decision, "So, without thinking what I was doing, I started talking about this single guy I know at the office, a real stud who just came to work for the company, and how he already undresses me with his eyes, and how I've even worn a few extra sexy outfits, not wild or anything, still okay for at work, but that I did and that he noticed -- a lot." Neither of them spoke for several moments. Lana finally said, "And..." "And Ian just sat there, breathing hard, licking his lips. So I came right out and asked him what he thought of that. And I used my 'superior' voice, as if I was in control of the conversation. He kind of squirmed around in his seat and then said something about it being all right for me to do whatever I wanted. I was feeling sort of mean, getting off on my newfound power, so I said that maybe I would flirt with this guy, whose name is Carl. Ian nodded. So I pushed it a little more and said maybe there would be more than flirting. He nodded again."

"And," Lana said perceptively, "all that got you to thinking about what I said the first time we talked, that I thought Ian would have been okay, when we were together, if I had cheated on him and just kept him as my sex toy. Be honest, honey, did it make you remember that?" Vicky sighed. "Yes, it did. I started having serious visions of myself in bed with Carl. I guess I need penetration the same way you do. But I'm not sure if I want to take it that far." "Well," Lana said calmingly, "there's no hurry. Why don't you keep your relationship with this hunk named Carl at the flirting stage. You can mention it occasionally to Ian and see if his reactions change. In fact -- " Lana smiled impishly. " -- you can mention Carl while you're in bed with your husband. Drop his name while you're teasing Ian. And then when he's going down on you. After a few times doing that you can decide how Ian is taking it and figure out what, if anything, you want to do next." "That's true. No hurry."


Lana got an e-mail from Vicky. It said, "L. I have been making eye contact with Carl. A lot. He smiles and I tingle. Tomorrow we're having lunch together."

That evening Lana called her friend. The first thing she wanted to know was, "Where are you two having lunch?" "We're going to a wine bar, The Grapery, that specializes in seafood. Not big meals, just light servings. They do some Italian, too. You know, white wine with seafood and red with Italian." "Vicky, I don't care what kind of wine you'll be drinking. That's a casual place but expensive. I mean, he could be taking you for burgers. But he's not. It sounds like he's... interested in you." Vicky nodded slowly. "I know. He doesn't bother trying to hide it. And I'm interested right back, at least sexually. But I'm going to, like you said before, take my time." "And does Carl know you're married?" Vicky turned her eyes down as her cheeks grew pink. "He does. He came right out and asked me where my husband fit into all this. I told him... well, I told him that Ian understands that I have needs that he can't meet. And that we've discussed the situation. That's how I put it." "And what did Carl say?" "He said he could fill my needs. Completely. And that there didn't have to be any entanglements." "In other words, he can give you exactly what you want and need. Plus, if he's that confident, and if he picked that word 'completely' for the right reasons, I'm guessing he's got something in his trousers to back up his attitude."


The next night it was Vicky who called Lana. She started right out by saying, "I had lunch with Carl and it was perfect. He's easygoing and handsome and great to talk with. I had one glass of wine and then I put my hand on his knee under the table. When I didn't take it away he put his hand over mind and moved my fingers until I was touching his cock. Which is huge. And got hard right away." "Way to go, girl," Lana congratulated. "And did you tell Ian?" "I did. As soon as I got home. He had another one of those split reactions, being kind of upset but really liking it, except that this time the liking it part won out. I can tell that my husband wants me to have an affair. And keep him locked in chastity. As long as I still love him." She let out a long breath. "Lana, I almost can't believe this is happening. Do you know where Ian is right now? I made him go into the bedroom and strip. When I get there he'll be kneeling at the foot of our bed." "You should start calling it YOUR bed, Vicky." "Good idea. Thanks. And he already knows I'm going to phone Carl when I get there. Well, after Ian helps me undress and get into some super-sexy new lingerie I bought the other day. Ian will be massaging my legs while I'm talking to Carl. If it goes the way I expect, Ian will be listening when Carl asks me to do more than just have lunch with him. And when I accept. Oh, Lana, I am SO excited. The idea of cheating on Ian gets me so aroused I can barely stand it. After I finish on the phone my husband is going to spend a long time catering to my needs."

"Sounds incredible. Are you going to tease him, too?" "You know I am," Vicky said mischievously. "I'll nibble his ears and bite his neck. I might even lick his nipples. They are soooo sensitive. Of course, I won't do any of that until AFTER I've had my multiple orgasms. And then, while my mouth is right next to his ear, I'll whisper to him about how I get all the climaxes I want, from him, and soon from my lover, and hubby gets NONE." She laughed devilishly. "He'll be so overstimulated. Then, while I relax, I'll make him tell me all about his new life in chastity. I love hearing him describe how it feels, how frustrated he gets, how he can't stop thinking about being locked. And then I'll remind him that I still have that spiked tube to use on his dick." "Whoa! You are getting better than good at this stuff." "Thanks. I love what I do."


"Tell me," Lana urged as she sat across from Vicky at the latter's kitchen table. "Tell me, tell me, tell me." Vicky closed her eyes and smiled happily. "It went exactly as I hoped. I had Ian totally distracted in my sexy bedroom outfit, making him plump up my pillow, reminding him that I would be calling Carl soon. Then I ordered him to start rubbing my legs. He kept going too fast and trying to reach my thighs so I had to make him slow down and spend more time on my calves. It was so much fun keeping him aroused and watching him worry about Carl and me. Poor Ian, naked and touching my legs like that. I got ready to speed dial Carl and then I stopped. Said I had to check Ian's chastity. I made him stand alongside the bed while I lay there and manipulated his balls, turned the tube side to side, and fussed with the padlock. He was fidgeting the entire time. Not until I was done all that did I call Carl. There was Ian, back to massaging my calves, while I used my most sultry voice on the phone. I flirted shamelessly with Carl. When Carl eventually asked me to sleep with him, I repeated his request to make sure my hubby knew exactly what was happening. And then I said 'Yes'. We made our plans, talked dirty for a while, and then said goodbye. That's when Ian's mouth got a long work-out on my pussy. It was delightful, Lana." "Really. I'm getting hot just hearing about it. So, how about if I come over while you're on your date, sort of be your husband sitter for Ian?" "Great idea. Fantastic. I liked your other idea, before, about just visiting and watching him react. But things have just been progressing too fast. He'll be so surprised to see you." "To put it mildly. He'll have the return of Lana and he'll be turned into a cuckold, both in the same evening."


Date night arrived. Ian had to be naked, with his chastity on display. When the doorbell rang, Vicky went to answer it, leaving her nervous husband in the bedroom, now known as HER bedroom. She gave Lana a warm hug and sent her friend, Ian's former girlfriend, to tend to him. Carl pulled up in his practically brand new car to pick her up. He came to where she stood, framed in the still opened door, and escorted her down the front walk. She wondered if any of the neighbors would see and, if so, what they might think. Then she was off to her evening of fun -- and more.

When she returned he walked her to the door, they shared a passionate kiss, and she went inside. Vicky called out, "I'm home." Lana appeared from the recreation room, wearing only panties, her abundant curves uncovered. She had a short robe draped over the back of one of the kitchen chairs. She slipped the garment on and looked at her friend questioningly. Vicky grinned and told her, "Yes, his cock is huge, and yes, he knows how to use it. That man can go on and on and on, but he keeps changing how he's doing it, so you never lose interest for even a second. Did you amuse yourself with my loving husband?" "Non-stop," she replied. "From the moment he got the shock of seeing me and hearing that I was going to mind him while you were out getting slammed, it was so entertaining. You should have seen how he squirmed, having to stand there in nothing but his tube. I made him keep his hands by his sides while I walked around him and touched wherever I pleased. Like you said, it bothers him at the same time that it gets him excited. Then I put the tip of my finger under his chin and gazed into his eyes. I let him know that we were going to be together until you returned and that I was going to do whatever I wanted to him." She paused. "I'll tell you more but first I want details about your night out."

"Well, as soon as we were out on the highway, I started saying suggestive things to Carl. He played along and matched everything I thought up with hot talk of his own. We got to the club where he ordered us drinks and appetizers. We agreed that we didn't want to eat anything heavy, not with what both of us intended to do later. I kept taking his hand. He has really large hands. And he would gently squeeze my fingers. After about an hour at that place he mentioned that his apartment was only three blocks away. I complimented him on his smooth planning but I said that no matter how he had set up our date I wanted to end up in his bed. So we got there, went inside, and right away we were making out on his couch and taking each other's clothes off. It was like two horny teenagers. Then we went straight to the bedroom and hit the sheets. Like I said before, he's hung like a dream and has technique and stamina to spare. The beautiful bastard got two orgasms out of me before he let himself finish. What a gentleman. Then we just lay there and cuddled." "Are you going to tell Ian all that?" "In detail. Now I want to know what happened with you two."

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