Controlling Wife - Part 1

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Vicky brought two glasses of white wine into the living room where her old friend Lana was sitting. As she handed her a drink she said, "I'm really glad you could stop by today, Lana." The other woman told her, "No problem. I'm very curious to hear what's going on between you and Ian. You said it was pretty odd." "It is. We've only been married six months and I'm trying to figure it out. And since you dated him before he and I met, I'm hoping you can help." Lana nodded. "I think I know where this is going, honey. Is it about your sex life?" Vicky paused for a moment before nodding wordlessly. Then she sighed and said, "I love him and want us to stay together." She sipped her wine. "But I'm sort of confused." Lana smiled and said, "It shouldn't be a problem. Tell me what's been going on and I'll tell you about what he was like when we were together." Vicky smiled gratefully. "You're an angel."

Both women were attractive -- tall and full figured, with pretty faces and wavy blond hair worn long. They were the type Ian preferred. Vicky took a deep breath and began her story. "It started when we were dating. Ian was kind of shy but I could tell he was eager for sex. When we ended up together in my apartment I was ready to go to bed with him. But then, during foreplay, he..." When she hesitated, Lana filled in for her, saying, "He got his face between your thighs, started pleasuring you, and didn't want to stop." Vicky was visibly relieved that her friend knew what had happened. Lana smiled and explained, "He was the same with me." Vicky asked her, "And then did he act like he was only interested in your satisfaction and not his own?" Lana nodded as she said, "That's what he likes, Vick. He really enjoys making a woman happy and having his own fun postponed. In fact, I think he'd be glad if he never, or almost never, got any relief."

It was obvious from her expression that Vicky didn't know what to make of this confirmation of her own suspicions. "But I don't get it. Usually all guys think about is themselves. It seems so odd." "It is, kind of, but are you going to tell me you don't like having him use his mouth on you all the time?" Vicky blushed prettily and confessed, "I love it. It's incredible. It's just..." She shrugged. "'s just that I feel like I'm not doing my duty as his wife." "Aren't you? You're giving him what he wants. Everybody's happy and you don't have him sticking his dick in and then leaving a big mess when he's done. If you can get past those guilty feelings, it could be paradise." Vicky drained her wineglass and sat there thoughtfully for a moment. Then she decided out loud, "You're right. It could be an ideal situation. And there's one other thing." She nibbled on her lower lip for a moment before revealing, "I get excited being selfish. It gets me wet when I think about running his sex life and, well, controlling him." "So," Lana concluded, "you both want the same things. It worked for me. But then I started to miss straight sex. I'll be honest with you. One time when I got a little drunk and started talking about guys who flirted with me, Ian didn't get upset. I got the impression that he would have let me cheat on him, that he would have accepted me getting laid elsewhere, so long as I came back to him, and if I really cared about him. Now, that might not apply since you're married. I don't know. Or you might not want to do it. But the point I was trying to get around to is that I might have stayed with him if not for that one issue."

"Wow," Vicky said softly. "This has given me plenty to think about. I'll have to take some time." "No problem. And now that I've moved back into the area and we're in touch with each other again, we can talk whenever you want. At least, if Ian isn't around. It might be better if you don't mention me to him. Instead, experiment and get a better idea of how much he wants that kind of a situation, with you getting all the orgasms and him just giving them to you, with no thought of any reward from you. Like I said, it could be pretty sweet for you." Vicky tapped one fingernail against the side of her glass and then said, "I will, Lana. I'm not sure where this will lead but I'm curious. And you're absolutely right. It really COULD be a good bargain for me."


A week later Lana got a phone call from Vicky. After they had chatted for a few minutes the young bride said, "I did what you suggested. I let Ian give me all the pleasure I wanted and then, instead of letting him come up with reasons why I didn't have to give him his turn, like how he always told me I sounded sleepy and that he could wait, instead of allowing that to happen I just told him he had been great and that he could wait. That was the same day I talked to you. It went on like that during the week and then, last night, when he had just about knocked me out by worshipping my pussy so much with his mouth, I simply announced that the longer he went without finishing, the better he did at pleasing me -- so I was going to keep him waiting to make sure he kept doing a good job. Well, instead of objecting, he was thrilled. He tried not to show it, but he agreed that it was a good idea to keep our sex life going in just one direction, and that he only wanted to make me happy. So I acted like that was perfectly normal and spent the next half hour cuddling with him, teasing him with my fingers and getting him all worked up, reminding him that the more I did that, the harder he would probably try to keep me contented. Ian couldn't hear enough of it. He was wildly aroused. Having me accept his preferences, and then make it my decision that we were going to keep on that way, it made him ecstatic. I'm so glad you told me everything about when you dated him."

Lana chuckled. "I'm glad too. He's a nice guy and deserves to have his dream come true, especially with you getting as much out of it as him, or maybe even more." "MORE is the right word. Telling him what to do and not letting him finish is getting me even hotter than it did at first, I guess because I'm doing it more. I love him and want this to keep happening." "Well," Lana said, "why don't you try this? Get a few glasses of wine into him. He gets really loose after a couple. Then play with him and tell him about how much you like the way your love life is changing. Then start whispering about where it might go next. See what he says. I never went that far with him but I always wondered what his limits were. And I'll expect a full report if you get any answers from him." "I'll do it," Vicky said firmly. "If I don't take this as far as I can, I'll always regret it."

After that they discussed work and television shows and other mundane topics, but every so often they would mention Ian. Obviously they were both eager to learn where all this would lead.


After she didn't hear from her friend for five days, Lana phoned Vicky, who was apologetic for being out of touch, but explained, "It's just that so much has happened. I did what you said, got Ian really relaxed with the wine and totally worked up with the sexual teasing. Then I wondered out loud what else I should do to make him keep on being so good in bed. He started talking about chastity devices. Do you know what those are? Like a tube you can put over his penis and lock in place, so he can't get erect? Right? And that way, so long as I don't unlock it, he's absolutely under my rule." "Amazing. So are you going to do anything about it?" "Well -- " Vicky sighed happily " -- I asked him where we could get one of those tubes -- or cages, some of them are like little cages -- and when he said they were on-line I made him show me. Then I said that I would think about it and made him wait 24 hours on pins and needles, even though I had decided right away to make him place an order. I have to tell you, Lana, that keeping him in suspense like that had my pussy hot the entire time. In fact, that night, after I told him he would have to wait, we had the greatest sex ever." "You mean regular sex?" "No, sweetie. Just Ian and his magic mouth pampering me until I lost count of how many times I went over the top. It was marvelous."

"And then?" "After he had waited all the next day, that evening I made him order not one, but two of them. One is a tube, closed at the end, that's about half the size of his dick. There's no way he can get hard in that thing. And the other one is similar except that -- if you can believe this -- it has little points all over the inside, so that when I get him into the mood and his poor penis tries to get big, it's going to hurt him. Not too much, you know, but enough to remind him of who's the boss. That one got me so, so wet. Am I a bad girl, Lana?" Her friend snickered. "Naughty, maybe, but not bad. There's a difference. And how did your husband dearest react?" "He was out of his head with wanting it, all of it. And then he thought we were going to have another amazing sex session, like the night before, which would have been great, but instead I told him he would have to wait until our order arrived. You should have seen the sad puppy dog look on his face. But I could tell he liked it too, having me dictate when he would be allowed to have any fun time again." "I hope he paid for rush shipping." "He did. They charged a lot but Ian sure didn't mind. He just wants those playthings to get here. They should arrive today or tomorrow. Hey, I'm sorry again for not calling sooner but this is like a runaway dream and I can't get enough of it." "I understand. And I'm kind of jealous. Except for what I said before about loving cock. But for you two this is perfect."

They discussed shopping and some clothing bargains they had each found recently, but as before their minds were on Ian and the way Vicky was fulfilling his fantasies, as well as manipulating his mind. They agreed to have lunch at a restaurant they both loved, and to do it soon.


It was only two days later that Vicky called Lana and said that they had to have that lunch date because she had so much to tell. Lana was only too glad to do it, though it had to be on her lunch hour from her job. They got to the restaurant, an intimate Italian eatery, at the same time and were led together to a secluded table. A handsome young waiter with Mediterranean good looks took their order and then, as soon as he departed, Vicky began her update. "The chastity goodies came," she said in a hushed, breathless voice. "Ian was so anxious to open the box that I was tempted to make him wait another entire day. But I was in almost as much of a hurry as him, so I only made him wait until a TV show I wanted to see was over, at nine. Then he had to carry the package to the bedroom. I made him get undressed while I sat on the bed and watched. His dick was standing at attention. You know, he hadn't emptied his balls for quite a while by that time."

Lana put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. "I wish I could have seen that." "I do too. But you'll have to settle for my description. He opened the box and gently handed me the devices, first the regular one and then the one with the teeth inside. I made him put his finger inside the second one and feel how sharp they were. That got him even harder than he already was. Anyway, I wanted to put one on him right away, just the regular one to start, but he was too hard. He saw my problem and explained that he could get an ice pack from the freezer to get his erection down. I wanted to know where he learned that trick and he told me he had read a lot of stories about chastity on several websites devoted to the subject. I acted a bit annoyed that he hadn't told me before, mostly because I wanted to have something to use for leverage, not that I needed it, but because I was getting more and more enthused about controlling him. He had to stand there, naked, and tell me all about his favorite sites and what he saw and read on them. It was embarrassing to Ian, but I knew both of us were making that a part of the game."

"Clever," Lana said. "So did the ice pack work?" "Absolutely. I made him run and fetch it, then hold it against his crotch. He was kind of ashamed, standing there looking so silly, but loving it, too. As soon as he was soft I made him slide himself into that tight tube. Then I took over and closed the attached ring behind his balls. When I put the small padlock into the device and clicked it shut, he almost had an orgasm. Except, naturally, at that point he couldn't. And we both knew that unless I unlocked him, he never could. We just looked into each other's eyes with love. Not traditional love, but something different and, for us, better. He had surrendered his body to me and I had cheerfully accepted. It formed a bond between us, something people who don't relate to this couldn't understand. It was fantastic."

"I can only imagine," Lana said wistfully. "And then you made him give you fulfillment?" "No. Then we talked." "Really?" "Oh yes. I told him that I still loved him and always would, but that he had introduced me to something that really turned me on, a psychological aphrodisiac, and I wanted it all the time. He was kind of shaken up, having his fantasy become reality. I went on to say that I intended to tease him and keep him horny all the time, that I would act and dress sexy at home, that I wouldn't object when other men got off on looking at me, and that I would be mean to him sometimes. He wanted to know what that last comment meant and I told him that, for instance, I would put the spiked chastity on him at some point and keep his dick as hard as it could get inside there, so he could feel those little points jabbing his meat." She chuckled wickedly. "That got both of us extra hot. So I added that I might smack his bottom or tweak his nipples, things like that, if I felt like it. The idea that I could mistreat him on a whim, for no other reason than that the mood struck me, was another thrill for both of us. Just imagine how much we would have missed out on if you hadn't agreed to talk to me, Lana."

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