The Simple Bet - Part 3

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Eight months ago my wife Linda went to Tokyo for a business trip. While on her way back she had her laptop stolen at the security check-point. Inside the laptop case were the only keys to me very secure stainless steel chastity cage. I had already been locked up for three months when the keys were stolen. Now I was nearing a full year locked inside this chastity cage.

After meeting with a woman at an adult toy store we learned that picking the locks or otherwise trying to defeat them had serious consequences. We also learned that the chastity company does not give replacement keys - for any reason. I was trapped, most likely for the rest of my life.

In the time since I lost my job, a victim to the poor economy and some stupid choices by an arrogant CEO. Linda earns a good salary, and I desperately needed something to do with myself. Being the maid and the butler wasn't enough. I bought a Nikon camera and took some on-line classes in photography. I had taken a few classes in film photography in college, so working with digital was not completely foreign to me.

I began calling on friends to let me photograph them, and eventually my obsession with sexual denial led me to photographing people involved in kinky life-styles. It was fun, kept me busy and on occasion I made a few dollars from it.

I particularly liked photographing Brian and his girlfriend Ralee. She worked with Linda and appeared to know quite a lot about my situation, though she never outright said anything. Brian was an aspiring model and he had an incredibly sculpted body that was perfect for the camera.

We had finished an outdoor shoot at a secluded spot Ralee knew about, then returned to my place to go through the images. I pulled out my computer and booted it up, but only had a few minutes of battery life remaining. A quick check of my office area in the spare bedroom failed to turn up my charger. I went upstairs to the bedroom and began to look in her closet for Linda's laptop bag. Our house was not huge, but we did have the luxury of his and hers closets. Perhaps she had left her charger behind.

I dug through the closet a bit and did not see any trace of her computer or charger. I was about ready to close the door when something caught my eye. I did not know what it was, or even where it was. There was just something in my wife's closet that made me pause. Something was out of place. I studied the closet for a moment but couldn't figure out what was wrong. Just then Brian's voice came from downstairs, saying he had found the charger.

After going through the photos from the session and sending a couple of files to the lab for printing we joined up with Linda and had dinner . Linda stopped and got Chinese takeout. We were finishing our dinner when Ralee asked how Linda was coping with everything. Linda gave her an odd look but then responded that work was very hectic, and she was sure looking forward to her vacation.

"Planning on another trip to Tokyo?" asked Ralee. This caught my attention, since Linda had told me that her trip last year was for business.

"Well, I was so busy that I barely got to see much, with all of the meetings and everything," responded Linda, who was clearly uncomfortable.

"I thought you only had meetings that first week. Huh, guess I am not remembering things right," shrugged Ralee.

"No, I was supposed to have a week for sight-seeing, but the whole trip ended up being work related and I never got to do anything."

"But, that's work. How about everything else. What's it like? How do you cope?"

"Excuse me? Cope with what?" asked Linda.

"You know. The lack of pene . . . umm. The adjustments in the bedroom that you must have, umm" Ralee stopped talking.

Linda was red with anger, I was flushed with embarrassment and Brian was clueless at what his girlfriend had just done.

In a very monotone voice and with slightly clenched teeth Linda hissed, "It's fine. Drop it."

Brian spoke up, "can somebody explain? I'm completely lost."

I decided to call the women on the carpet. I looked at Brian and said matter of factly, "your girlfriend is asking my wife what it is like to have a marriage where all the sex is without the man's cock."

Brian was even more confused. "You clearly don't get it, and I'm guessing that secretly Ralee would love to see it, so why not. Since my wife can't keep her mouth shut, we might as well let them see firsthand."

I stood and began to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my slacks. Linda tried to stop me, telling me to sit down, but my initial embarrassment had turned to anger at her for betraying my confidence and sharing something so personal. I dropped my pants and underwear to my knees and faced our friends.

Ralee whispered to herself, "my god, that is hot...!"

Brian looked for a moment and then said, "I've seen one of those before. We were shooting photos for the metal manufacturing place and one of the guys was wearing one. He loved it, but it made things a bit difficult for the photographer to shoot the catalog. It was hard to hide it in a Speedo."

Ralee found her voice and spoke to be heard, "you've really been locked for a year? Without sex at all?"

"Yes. I've really been unable to touch my penis in a year."

"The guy from the photo shoot said he could get off by one of his boyfriends fucking him in the ass . . ." Brian said.

"That would be great if I was homosexual. And to answer your next question, I tried it once with a strap- on and all it did was make me even more desperate. And believe me, I'm already very desperate."

"So why don't you get the key and let yourself out? Really man, that's a long time. Whatever she's punishing you for has to have been paid for by now. You now, you've paid your debt to society," Brian said.

"You can talk to Linda about why I'm not able to get out," I said, pulling up my pants and rushing up to the bedroom. Suddenly I was sick of them. I wanted them gone and I wanted to be left alone. I locked the bedroom door and sat at the small desk, looking out the window at the street below.

Eventually our friends left. A few minutes later Linda came to the room and tried to open the door.

"Mark? I'm sorry. Please open the door. I want to talk to you."

I sat silently - ignoring her.

"Look Mark, I had to tell somebody. I needed to talk to somebody. It's so much to take and deal with. I know I shouldn't have, but I needed somebody to listen."

"So much deal with?" I yelled back through the door. "What do you know about how much this is to deal with. I've lost my job, and my manhood. Now, thanks to you I've lost my dignity. You know that everybody is going to find out now."

" I know it has been hard for you. It's been hard for me too," Linda said. Then quieter, so I was not quite sure she said it I heard, "I hope it has been very hard for you." Then Linda's footsteps sounded down the stairs and a few moment later her car pulled out of the driveway.

I sat for a few moments wondering about what she meant, and where she was going. That's when I saw her closet again. The door was partially open, and I remembered the feeling from earlier, that something was wrong inside.

I opened the door and began to really look. I moved clothes on the racks, opened the drawers. Nothing that didn't belong. Then I looked up and I saw it. On the top shelf were some travel duffels, and a familiar looking black strap with a red heart hand-drawn with a permanent marker. I reached up for the strap and tugged. A few empty duffel bags came down on top of me, but so did the strap - and the computer bag it was attached to.

I held it in my hands and stared in disbelief. It was her old laptop bag. The one she had taken with her on the trip to Tokyo. The bag that she said was stolen with her laptop and the chastity belt keys. It was a trick. A lie.

I remembered the paperwork. She filled it out, but I never really knew if she filed it. I remember her not wanting to go get a new computer - her boss supposedly giving her his, identical to the one stolen. The computer was never stolen. She never lost the keys.

I opened the bedroom door and went to the empty living room. I brought up a search engine and looked for the stories and information on the man who had gone to jail for destroying one of the locks. I found him - doing six months for drunk driving. I checked some more - with the patent office. There were no patents for special locks for my chastity cage. All lies. Kalya was nothing but a lie. Lie on top of lie. I remembered the conversation I heard on the phone. What I thought was business was her talking to somebody about phone web pages and stories to fool me.



A whole year of this, and it would have gone even longer. WHY?!?

Then I heard the dinner conversation. I heard Brian: whatever debt you owed has been paid by now. The debt I owed. I fell to my knees in shock. She knew. She found out and this was her plan all along. She was punishing me. She knew about my affair with the junior partner at work.

I reached into my pocket and found my phone. In a few seconds the line was ringing. After three rings I heard Steve's voice on the line.

"Steve? Mark. I just found out something and I need a straight answer from you. Why did I get fired?"

"Mark, dude, you know why. We lost that client and..."

"The truth Steve. The truth. Was it because of Amy? Did people find out?"

There was a long pause before Steve answered, "yeah. People found out. Your wife find out. She told Amy she would never tell her husband if she got rid of you. Amy and a few of us knew it would ruin her career, and your wife was willing to help hide it if we got rid of you. It was the best way to avoid a scene."

I hung up the phone and felt my chest constrict like I had a Buick parked on top of me. I couldn't breathe. It was all my own fault. She knew I was cheating and this had been a set up from the start. I was being punished for my sins.

I don't know how long I sat there on the floor. I don't even remember hearing Linda walk into the house. I just looked up and saw here standing in front of me, staring.

"You figured it out?"

"Yes, you were punishing me."

"I thought the punishment should fit the crime."

I nodded.

"Go ahead and ask," she said quietly. I nodded again, and prepared to ask, afraid of the answer, "Where are the keys to my cage?"

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