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"I'm really tired of it. Why can't you just let it go?" she asked with a combination of disdain and exasperation in her words. "I don't know how much more specific I can be about it; I am not interested. Here we are talking about starting a family and you want to do this instead."

That was four months ago. Steve had heard the words, and tried to take them to heart. Somehow they weren't quite real to him. Perhaps she was only saying that because she was in a bad mood, or perhaps she needed to focus on her job and needed him to leave her some space. From the logic of his brain he knew she had meant it. From inside though, where his desires rested, he still hoped. Maybe.after all, she had indulged him in the past.

For a while Steve had abandoned his obsession. He quit reading the on-line forums and groups, quit visiting the websites and tried to be a vanilla person. He tried to be a regular husband. His efforts seemed unnoticed by Callie. Their love life continued to be virtually non-existent. He craved her attention, especially on an intimate level, yet she showed no interest. Surely her project at work could not take every ounce of energy for so long. Yet it did. She came home exhausted every night and left for work early every morning. Aside from instructions about things that needed handling for the household they barely even spoke.

Steve drifted back to the computer and slowly began once again to get wrapped up in the forums, groups and web sites. The idea of actually experiencing long-term chastity excited him and scared him at the same time. He wondered what it would really be like to experience denial for weeks, even months. Callie and Steve's last intimate encounter was over two months past. He wasn't having sex anyway, so why not make a game out of the lack of intimacy?

The real issue he concerned himself with came down to frustration. Yes, it had been months since their last encounter, but he had been able to pleasure himself in the meantime, several times a week in fact. To quit completely, allowing himself to be denied entirely, would be something entirely different. Would he actually enjoy the experience, or would he very quickly come to regret it?

By now he was growing more desperate for Callie's attention. Steve also was growing more focused on his own fantasies. Perhaps, since they were not having sex anyway, she would be willing to go along with letting him experience the fantasies.

As he browsed the web and explored other people's writings about the experiences they had he began to make notes and collect things that caught his attention. A few of the items he found were well written and expressed things he had thought, in much more succinct language than he had been able to express. Yet, having been so coldly rebuked by her before, he was afraid to simply ask her. Perhaps sending the texts to her so she could read them when she had time would be a better solution. She could read when she had time and be more receptive to the ideas.

Almost as soon as he had pressed the mouse to send the Email he began to regret it. After all, she had said she was not interested. She had been very clear on it. Was there some way to access her personal Email account and retrieve it before she saw? No. That was not the answer. Steve knew that he would continue to want to escalate and want to involve his wife in is desires. What was done was done. Perhaps she might even be willing to accommodate him in some way.

For the next week he wondered every time he saw Callie, "Would this be the day she read his Email?" She never mentioned it if she had. She certainly did not act like she had seen it. Until last night. After sharing dinner together, Steve sat down in the living room to read a report for work on his laptop. Callie was in the den, working on her computer as well.

-Should we talk now?

Steve stared at the instant message that had just popped up on his screen. It was from Callie's personal account.

"-Sure. I'll be right there."

"-No. Not yet. You wanted to do this via computer, to avoid facing me. Isn't that right?"

"I guess" he typed.

"No. You KNOW! Why afraid?"

He stared at the blinking cursor on his laptop and tried to figure out the way to answer that would not make things even tenser. He did not want to admit that his fear was because she had told him not interested. Bringing that up would certainly lead to a lecture that he should respect what she had said. Ignoring it and not admitting was a bad step as well. Why had he not cared enough to remember what she said?

His screen flashed another message, "No reply?"

With his breathing growing slightly more shallow and a tight feeling of nerves in his chest he finally typed his response, "Afraid of rejection and your disapproval."

"why? Who has rejected you?"

"You have. You have been ignoring me for months now. Always working. Always too tired to talk. or anything else."

"yes. Tired from work. Not tired of you. I am done working now. Just finished the last part of major presentation," she typed. "Project will mean big bonus check. Going to need the money."

Steve just sat in silence, waiting for more. Finally another message came through. "Need the money for a leave of absence. 12 to 18 months is my guess."

Now Steve was very confused, and more than slightly worried. Where was Callie going for such a long time? Was she leaving him? Thinking about how ridiculous it was not to talk face to face about something so serious, Steve started up the stairs to the spare bedroom that they had converted into an office. Callie called it the den.

As he stepped up to the top step he saw the door to the room swing shut, "Go back downstairs to your computer!" she ordered. Steve hesitated for a few moments and then Callie called out to him in a forceful tone, "I mean it. Right now."

Steve settled back onto the sofa, pulled his 15" Dell back onto his lap and tried to find some way to get comfortable.

"Back at your computer???" was blinking, waiting for him on the screen. Finally, he responded that he was.

"Good. Explain please, why do you not desire to share a bed with me anymore? Why you not want to make love anymore? I don't get it."

Steve paused to frame his thoughts for a moment before typing his response. "I never said I didn't want to be with you. Never said I lost interest in you. I crave it."

Steve paused to construct his next sentence when she replied, "If you want me, why do you need to be in chastity? It makes no sense."

"Yes, it does. I love the way you make me feel. The way I get turned on by you. I crave the way you arouse me with just a smile or a gentle touch. I also love making love to you. When we are done, then the feeling is gone. I lose interest; I lose my desire for you. Lose all interest in sex completely. Even though I love the satisfaction of an orgasm, I don't enjoy the loss of desire after. Even worse is the way that I feel when I take care of myself. And when you don't have the time or energy or interest and I get to feeling like I need it, well, I give myself an orgasm. Then the interest is gone, and I feel like I have cheated on you by being selfish.

"When I think about being locked into a chastity belt, when I remember the few short stints I have done in the past, I was denied the ability to make myself lose that desire. I stayed excited until you were willing to let me have my release. The chastity device was also a constant reminder that I was waiting for you to grant me pleasure. It made me crave you even more. I became even more focused on wanting you. Plus, the chastity belt also provided continual slight contact. Like a gentle teasing touch"

"I think I see," came her reply. "So why were you also wanting to be treated like a slave?"

"Harder to explain. I am still not clear on that myself most of the time. I guess because I cherish you, and want to treat you so special."

"No. Not really what I think. I think you are having some self esteem problems and want me to treat you in a degrading way to justify you feelings."

"I have tried to find the root of that many times. The closest I can come up with is my growing up without a father figure, and growing up with a mother who had very set rules, mixed with the few times my father would come home I was always made to feel inferior, a failure. I think it has developed into a feeling that I need to serve somebody completely, give my total attention to doing a perfect job and then, through my service, maybe then I could be recognized as being good at something, possibly deserving some recognition."

Steve waited for several minutes until Callie's reply came to his screen. "That makes some sense." Not knowing how to respond back Steve simply waited. She wrote again, "I never really wanted to have somebody grovel at my feet. Why could you not see that your desires were making me uncomfortable, not happy?"

Steve contemplated her words, trying to formulate some type of response, but she sent another message, "Rhetorical question. At least now I have some insight."

"Can you explain what your leave from work is about?"

"Has not started yet. Am simply planning on it being soon. I'll be granting you your fantasy. Here's the deal: you can either say you want me to lock you into a chastity belt, and you will exist completely under my terms, or you can say that you don't want to be locked up and agree not to ever ask me about it again."

"Not ever? What about in six months or a year? What about three years from now?"

"Never again means never. My rules. I will play your game, but I won't have you doing it on your own terms. You want to give up control and have me in charge, then that's what we do. I'm going to use the restroom and get a soda. In fifteen minutes I expect to see a single word from you on my computer screen. Yes, or no. You have fantasized for this for so long, doubt it should take you anywhere near that long to give me response."

"How can I answer if I don't know what you have in mind?"

"I either have total control or I don't. Decide. No more questions."

Steve was aware of her walking through the upstairs hallway to the restroom. How could he answer? It was always something of a game. Every time he tried to get her to play along, he knew it was something that he was at least partially in control of. Now.

When Callie returned to her computer to check for his reply the screen had no new text. She was surprised. She checked the clock on her computer and found he had two minutes left to her deadline. When the clock ticked to one minute he still had no responded. She was getting ready to type to him that no response was the same as saying no, when the message popped on to her screen. She had been so sure of his response when she had left the room, but with the response taking so long she began to doubt. She smiled very slightly when she read the response: Yes.

"You may come upstairs and talk to me now."

Steve approached the open door with hesitation. "Well come in. You were invited and you made the decision. Too late to have second thoughts now." Callie called. As he stepped through the door he saw his wife dressed in the sports bra and lycra shorts that she would wear to go jogging or to exercise on the stair machine. The outfit always made him moan inside with desire. Her breasts were simply magnificent to see under the tightly stretched fabric, and the muscles of her long legs practically rippled under the lycra.

"Well, sit down already. We've a lot to discuss. Beginning with my wanting to repeat that you are getting what you wanted - me securing you in a chastity belt, having me control all aspects of it. Isn't that right?"

Steve tried to look her in the eyes and respond, but her gaze was so powerful and he felt so small in front of her that he quickly averted his eyes to a non-descript spot on the carpeting.

"I need you to answer. For the record."

"Yes, "Steve looked up and forced himself to return her gaze. "Yes, I want you to lock me into a chastity belt and I want you to set all of the details as you see fit," he stated before having to look away again from her commanding gaze. In looking away from her Steve spotted the small tripod in the corner of the room. Then he noticed the solid red LED glowing at the top of it. She was videotaping their conversation.

Seeing the direction of his look, Callie smiled and said, "I need this all on tape, for the record, so that later on you can never tell me you did not want this. Now stand up and get undressed. Completely."

Steve just looked at the video camera and sat motionless.

"Would you forget about the camera and focus on what needs your attention right now. So get undressed." Her voice was gentle and enticing, and Steve wondered if he could have fought her request, somehow refused her. He could never refuse her. Slowly her got to his feet and began to remove his clothing.

Once he had completed his task she took his hand and held it between both of hers. She looked into his eyes and said, "Do you realize how lucky you are to have a wife that loves you enough to make your fondest fantasy come true? Now I want you to open the desk drawer and take out the acrylic chastity tube and the padlocks. I want you to then stand in font of the camera and ask me to please lock your penis up in the chastity device. I want you to ask me to deny you sexual relief for as long as I want, and in any way I choose. I want you to state very plainly that this is something that you truly want me to do, and that this situation is your idea and you are not only going along with it, but you are the one that requests it. State for the record, for the camera, that I am doing this to fulfill your request."

Steve turned to the camera and did as Callie had requested. He even added that he loved her very much for being willing to accommodate him, and that he was willing to submit to any actions she wanted to take in terms of his wearing of the chastity device.

"Good. Now sit down on the chair again and put the device in place. I'll hold the package with the lock and keys while you do."

In a matter of only a few moments he had placed himself inside of the device. Callie opened the package containing the lock and, kneeling in front of him so she could reach the device more easily, put it into place. "Beg me to lock you," she instructed him in almost a whisper. "Beg for it."

He looked down at her fingers as they fondled the lock, and looked into her eyes for reassurance. "I wish I knew what you had in mind," he told her quietly. She simply smiled back at him.

Drawing a deep breath, Steve shut his eyes and let the air exit his lungs slowly. Tilting his head back so he was no longer looking at the device and the waiting padlock he said "Yes. I want you to. I want you to lock me inside this device. I have fantasized about it for a very long time. It is what I want more than anything in the world. I want to surrender my sexual fulfillment to your control. I want you to lock it," he said, almost breathlessly.

"You know, I heard some real begging in there. You sounded almost like you meant it. Do you mean it? You really want me to take away your access to your cock?"

"I really do. Please.. Please do it," he begged, opening his eyes and looking back down at her as she knelt in front of him.

"Tell me you love me. Tell me that you want me to lock you up because you love so much you want to let me decide how our relationship progresses."

"I love you. I worship you. I'll do anything you want me to do. I'll obey your wishes," his voice cracked and trembled as he continued. "I need you to lock me up and control my cock."

Callie placed a finger over her lips and shushed him, "Yes. I really think you want this. I honestly believe you want this, even without knowing my rules or plans."

Steve nodded excitedly in response. He was not even sure what happened next. Her hands reached forward and touched the device very slightly. Then she looked up at him and smiled. She rose up and placed her lips on his, kissing him deeply. He closed his eyes and felt overwhelmed by the sensations of her lips. Then abruptly she broke away from his lips, pulled her hands away from his waist and rose to her feet to stand over him.

A broad smile spread over her lips as she said, "You are getting what you asked for."

Steve looked down and saw the device was indeed locked. Somewhere in the back of his brain he was able to realize that he had heard the click of the latch as she had been kissing him. He was now locked up under her control.

"Let me give you a few details of how this is going to go for you. I am not entirely convinced that you actually enjoy making love to me more than you enjoy pleasuring yourself. As a matter of fact I know how much you have been taking care of yourself and doing so in your own fantasy world." As she spoke she pressed a few buttons on the computer. The screen went dark before suddenly coming to life with an image of their bedroom. As he looked at the screen he heard Callie continue, "Why would I want to come home and make love to you when I knew you had already gotten pleasure and would not be very enthusiastic about it?"

Callie turned up the sound on the speakers and he became aware of the sound of his own ragged breathing, of him muttering to himself. He looked closer and saw that she was showing him a video of himself masturbating. Soon she clicked to another file and the angle of the camera changed, and again it showed him masturbating. Twice more she opened files on the computer and each time he was shown more video of himself.

"How often would you say that you get yourself off?"

"I have no idea." he replied.

"Well, you are right about one thing. You certainly do need to be under my control. You certainly don't have any control for yourself. Do you know that in the last four months you have been videotaped doing this an average of four times a week. A few times you even had twice in one day. If you want proof, I can show you each and every video here."

"So for the next two weeks you are going to remain locked with no unlocking for any reason. And, if you are thinking to yourself that two weeks is not so bad, you are right. You also know that I have wanted to have a baby for a long time, and we were never in a spot that would allow us to handle it, financially. That's what my leave of absence is going to be for."

Steve nodded, half showing he was listening, and half in agreement with her idea of having a child. It was something they both wanted since they began their marriage.

"Good. I am glad you agree. Now I am going to be fertile in about two to three weeks. To make sure you have the best chance at getting me pregnant you are not going to be able to touch yourself in any way until then. Sound reasonable?"

Steve agreed. It made good sense, and was a fun way for them to play a bit in the process.

"So you are in total agreement on this. That I have your permission to keep you completely locked up until it is time for us to get pregnant? Remember, this is for the record so only say it if you mean it."

"I not only agree, I wish that I had come up with the idea. I am not only going along with the idea, I want you to do it."

Callie smiled at him before continuing, "Once I am pregnant I am probably not going to be very interested in sex. Let me ask you one last time, do you want me to keep you denied and locked up for as long as I feel like it, and you willingly submit to my denying you sexual release until I want you to have it?"

"Yes, that is what I am asking you for. I want to give you all say. I want to surrender my sexuality to your desires and whims. I want to let you control it and decide everything about my cock."

"Good, that's what I wanted you to be specific about," smiled Callie as she turned off the video camera. She took the digital disk from the camera and inserted it into the computer. She typed a few commands and clicked the mouse a few times before turning back to her husband. "Downloading the video just to keep it safe," she informed him.

"Since you so clearly stated that you want to play by my decisions, my rules, let me tell you what I am thinking will be my decisions. Once you have gotten me pregnant you will get to masturbate once during the first month, once during the third month and once a week before my due date. During that time I am going order you a custom made steel chastity device. You will then lock yourself up in the steel device on the day our baby is born."

Steve's breathing became shallow and he felt himself become erect as much as he could manage while locked in his newly secured chastity device. He could not begin to describe the excitement, and the fear, he felt as she talked. Was his wife rally going to keep him locked and denied until their baby came?

"Once the baby is born, well, there won't be much reason for me to need your cock after that. Certainly there won't be any reason for me to let you get yourself off. So when the baby is born we're going to lock you in the steel device, and the keys will be mailed off to a bank for placement in to a safety deposit box. If we decide to have a second child then we will either go to the bank and get the key, or more likely I'll give you a prostate massage until your semen leaks out, and simply impregnate myself without your penis ever getting out of the cage."

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, it's called prostate 'milking' and it makes the prostate release its fluid without having to go through the bother of working you to an orgasm. I hear tell that it takes all the fun out of things for the male, and people describe it as simply feeling like you are urinating. Still once I can get your seed out that way I can simply use a syringe to get it where I need it."

With his eyes open wide in horror, Steve slowly began to realize what his wife was saying. As soon as their first child was born he would likely not be allowed another orgasm. "You can't really mean that you.."

"You just begged me to do it!" she barked at him, cutting him off mid sentence. "I have video proof of you requesting that I deny you sex except for in anyway I decide you should have it. I have decided that you will get three orgasms next week while we are trying to get me pregnant, then three more during the pregnancy. Six orgasms in the next nine months. That's not too awful is it?"

"Of course, once the baby is born, well, I suspect that I might not even bother paying the renewal fee on the safety deposit box after the first year. I think they just discard the contents when that happens."

He could barely keep from letting tears roll down his cheeks. "Why? What is so awful that you would do this, this?"

"For starters, this was your fantasy. I have several letters from you, stories from you, where you begged for this exact thing. You just begged for it a few minutes ago on camera. I am giving you what you said you wanted. Also, I am teaching you a lesson. I told you months ago that I was not interested in playing this type of game. But what kind of wife would I be to ignore my husband's desires so completely."

"Face it. I am giving you your deepest, darkest, fondest, wish. Enjoy it!


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