KTB Reveiw

Submitted by: scob89@gmail.com

A few months ago I bought a KTB from the Malechastitynow.com website, I also purchased the optional rear ring, The KTB was just the standard style in the mild size.

I bought the rear ring in hopes that it would make the KTB more comfortable to wear and allow longer wear time. I was aiming for the dreaded 24/7/365 with only short small breaks if I had pleased the wife and earned it.

At first I tried just the KTB, and it was a very interesting and some times very painful feeling. After a couple days of playing I added in the rear ring and the whole thing felt much more secure and did not feel like it could possibly slip off.

After a couple weeks I presented the only 2 keys to the wife and that put a smile on her face. It was up unit this time that she had never even see the device, We had just wanted to try out chastity, but I had wanted to be locked up since years before. My wife said it was up to me on what device to choose, we had looked at the CB series, Exo belt, and the KTB. She kinda liked the CB series, mainly the 6000, but I had a feeling that I could easily get out of it if I really wanted to.

I will never forget that look on her face when she pulled down my pants to see which one I had chosen. She was very happy with my choice because I can not get and erection without being punished severely. So far I have been locked up for the last 6 week with no release and no sign of release in the near future.

I'm loving every minute of it and the wife has informed me that she has ordered the intense version so she can really punish me when I have been bad. Also I have found out that a puppy leash clipped to the lock is a very good training tool.

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