Cuckolded With Love - Part 2

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It had been a week since Trina cheated on Jeff with her newfound lover, Luke. Jeff had accepted his cuckolded status, as he had previously accepted being put into chastity. The shopping trip they had taken yielded several interesting items. She bought him tight jockey shorts which showed off the tube that squeezed his penis. Then there was a large wooden kitchen spoon that she used to smack his bottom anytime he hesitated in fulfilling his new role. Jeff wanted to be obedient but sometimes he just wasn't quick enough. She also bought him some sleeveless undershirts that were very thin, so it was easy for her to tease his receptive nipples through their material.

When he came home from work on Friday he did what she had told him to do every time he returned. Jeff walked though the house until he found her, then stood and waited for his wife to acknowledge his presence. She was sitting in the den checking some paperwork and let him stand there for several minutes before at last looking up. "Hello," she said. "I've just been checking the investments I made recently and they're doing fabulously." She asked him how his day had been and he told her it had gone fine. Then she snapped her fingers. He immediately undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. She checked his snug shorts and didn't bother to hide an amused smile. It was a pair she had dyed bright yellow. Then she pointed and he tugged them down and pushed them to his ankles, joining his pants. Trina looked critically at his chastity tube for a moment while he stood there, still not comfortable during these inspections. She caught him letting his discomfort show in his expression and told him, "You're making a face. Get rid of those pants and bring me the wooden spoon."

His features flushed. It bothered him to be treated like a misbehaving boy though it was appropriate for his new lifestyle. He got out of his socks and shoes, stepped free from his pants, and pulled his colorful shorts from around his ankles. Then he hurried toward the kitchen, pausing at the bathroom to set his discarded clothing neatly atop the hamper, and rushed back with the wooden spoon. Jeff stood there, naked from the waist down, and handed the utensil to his wife, making sure to offer her the handle end. She took it and stood up and told him, "Bend over and put your hands where I was sitting." He did, and felt the warmth of her body on the cushions of the couch. In no hurry, letting him anticipate what was to come, she stood behind him. Then she raised the large spoon and brought it's wide end down hard against his bottom, first one cheek and then the other, several times, and was rewarded with several red blossoms on each side. Jeff had to bite his lips to keep from yelping. She set the spoon down on an end table and left him in that awkward pose for several minutes while she picked up her paperwork and rechecked it.

"Have you learned not to make faces?" she asked in a no nonsense tone. He nodded and said softly, "Yes, dear." She went on, "You know that I love you and I only do that to help you learn." He repeated his previous response. She said, "Now let's have a light dinner and then I'll take you into the bedroom and show you just how much I really do love you." He was thrilled. All through their meal of seafood salad and white wine he looked forward to what would follow. Afterwards he cleared the table and loaded the dirty items into the dishwasher. He was aware of how he looked, his backside on display, those obvious marks decorating his pale skin. Then, at last, he was done. He stood waiting meekly for his wife to rise. When she did he followed her with equal timidity.

She had him finish undressing and sit on the edge of the bed before she began a slow motion striptease, showing off her full contours, with plenty of pauses during which she kissed him, stroked his body, and ran her fingernails lightly over him. He was breathing hard by the time she had slipped off her panties. Then she pushed him onto his back and told him to turn and put his head on a pillow. He chose her pillow, breathing in her scent as he sank into it, and she didn't object. Then Trina laid on top of him, her superior weight pressing him against the mattress, and performed a variation of a lap dance, but with her entire body, all the while whispering seductively about how much she adored him. Jeff felt as if he was melting. He writhed beneath his bride and moaned loudly, by then not even fearing that he would transgress some rule, stated or otherwise, and earn a punishment. She even stroked and fondled his penis, despite its encased condition. He felt her gently cup his balls in the soft palm of her hand and manipulate them. It was ecstasy, even though he knew he would not be granted release. Her imaginative foreplay went on and on while he struggled not to cry out in gratitude.

When at last she rolled off him he was panting. Trina urged him to worship her with his mouth but without touching her pussy. She said she wanted to feel what he felt, the endless need that didn't lead to satisfaction. He loved that idea and surpassed all his previous efforts at stimulating his wife. She squirmed and hissed and tugged at her hair with both hands as he played her voluptuous form as if it was a musical instrument and he a virtuoso. When at last she softly begged him to cease he did as he was told. Then Jeff propped himself up on one elbow and looked at her. He wanted to know, "Why did you want me to tease you but not give you an orgasm?" She smiled, a hint of her ability to be mean suddenly visible. "Isn't it obvious, darling? I didn't want you to finish me because I'll have Luke, my stud lover, to do that on Sunday night. Understand?" For a few seconds he looked stricken but then his distress faded. He surrendered to her control, her desire to be selfish, and the pleasure she got from occasionally hurting him, to assert her control or even simply to amuse herself. She loved him and in the end that was all that mattered.

"Yes, dearest. I understand. He gives you great sex. I have to remain chaste to prove my dedication to you. It's fine. It's the way it has to be." She told him, "That's exactly right. It is the way it has to be."


The next day was filled with activities that any young couple might experience. She cooked breakfast. They watched a few TV programs during a lazy afternoon. Then they took a drive and did a bit of shopping at the mall. The only purchase that was unusual was when she bought two pairs of boxer shorts -- for Luke -- even though, as she mentioned to Jeff, "Luke prefers to be bare assed." That gave Jeff a twinge of jealousy. When he grew sulky she announced, in a soft voice, that she would use the spoon on his sitter after they were home. He apologized. She accepted but told him he would still get the spoon. She was simply toying with him, playing with his emotions, feeling out the limits of their new relationship. The more she knew about how her husband felt and thought, the more thoroughly she could control him. Besides, she didn't want him to ever be completely sure she wouldn't start loving someone else.

When she declared that they would have another light dinner Jeff let his hopes rise. But Trina's dark side was in the ascendant. After the meal she made him strip and put on one of his sleeveless undershirts, one that she had dyed bright orange. Making him wear what she wanted was a fun way for her to demonstrate her power. He had to stay half dressed like that while they watched a movie she had selected, a romance with one of her favorite male stars in the lead. Then, after some network TV shows, she sent him to the bedroom and told him to wait for her on the bed, on his back. He was there, naked except for the garish shirt and, of course, his ever-present chastity tube, when she appeared in the doorway wearing only a fishnet teddy and glossy black high heels. Jeff goggled at her until she showed the hand that she had kept behind her back, which was holding the unwelcome wooden spoon. "Turn over," she snapped. "And put a pillow under your hips. YOUR pillow, not mine." He shuddered as he obeyed. When he was in position she walked up and down alongside the bed, waving the spoon in the air, not speaking, letting him worry that she might be genuinely angry and not simply playing with his mind.

Unexpectedly, she slashed the spoon through the air and smacked it hard against his unprotected rump. He yowled with surprise and pain, and continued to as she delivered blow after blow, landing a full two dozen in rapid succession and igniting burning pain across his bottom. Trina yanked the pillow out from under him and threw it against the headboard. She commanded him to roll over. Then she picked up her cell phone, put on the hands free headset, and got on the bed, straddling his chest and settling her full weight down on his narrow ribcage. Jeff fought to breath for half a minute before he got control of himself. By then she had hit a pre-set number and it had connected. She set the phone aside, then gave her husband a sharp glance and put a finger in front of her lips, signaling him to remain silent.

"Hey, Luke," she said, suddenly cheery. "How's that big hammer hanging, lover? Yeah? Me too. I can't wait till we hook up tomorrow night. No, I didn't mean 'hook up' that way, but now that you say it, my legs and starting to spread all by themselves." She laughed. "My husband? Same as I said before. He'll be right here at home behaving like a good boy. He knows I need crazy sex and he knows that you're the guy who gives it to me." It went on like that. Trina bent forward and pressed one heavy breast against Jeff's lower face. He automatically began to suck her large nipple, the action having a calming effect on him. At the same time she wet her forefinger in her mouth before inserting it into his ear and teasing him that way. He was tantalized by how near her pussy was and how impossible it had become for him to even hope of being allowed entrance into it. He often imagined how warm and wet and satiny it would feel. That was what he was thinking as his wife traded salacious remarks with the other man and her second encounter with him grew nearer.

When at last the lively conversation concluded, she got off Jeff, put the headset on her nightstand by the phone, and rolled onto her side. She told him, "You can curl up behind me, but this time I want you kissing my ass. I don't want you getting any uppity thoughts about me dating Luke. In fact, after you've given my butt a thorough smooching, you can get your face between my cheeks and keep it there until I go to sleep." She paused before adding, "And for as much longer as you want after that."

Jeff did what she said. As he lay there performing that lowly and yet stimulating act, his penis straining outward against the interior of the chastity tube. He had gotten everything his fantasies dictated and, perhaps, more. He was always conscious of his organ's imprisonment and his unfulfilled needs. It was constantly frustrating and yet when he pictured the situation reverting to what it had been before his secret desires were revealed, that seemed worse. Finally done kissing her full buttocks, he pressed his features deep into the valley of his wife's bum. What really mattered was that she loved him.


They passed an unhurried Sunday morning and afternoon. Even so, he couldn't stop thinking about Trina's impending date or his own sexually deprived state. He repeatedly felt like sighing but didn't want to provoke another session with the wooden spoon. They didn't have a light meal in the evening. Trina made spaghetti and meatballs, joking that she needed carbs and protein for the sexual bout ahead of her. She enjoyed a small glass of red wine with the meal but only allowed him ginger ale. As she had become fond of doing, Trina was subjecting him to yet another minor indignity. He drank his soda in silence, aware of the dreamy look on her pretty face and sure that she was thinking about the hours to come that she would spend with Luke. Jeff reminded himself again that, though her lover got all the sex, she saved her intimacy for her husband. At the same time, he couldn't avoid feelings of anxious insecurity that she had planted in his mind by mentioning how close she felt to Luke. Poor Jeff was kept off balance by the uncertainty that she had triggered.

After they ate and he cleared the table, Trina declared that he was going to help her get ready for her date. He tightened up inside but didn't let himself react outwardly. After all, wasn't it from the websites he had on his Favorites list that she had picked up that idea? She had also given him instructions to relate to her anything he saw there that struck him as particularly wicked. Her mean streak was growing. Already he had told her about a scene he had read in a story on-line, in which the husband had to sit in his car and watch while his wife and her lover sat at a table in the front window of a restaurant, where he could watch them eat and flirt. Jeff wondered if he would soon be seeing Trina and Luke from that unwanted position. Or was it so unwanted? His loins stirred at the thought of having to do it.

First they went to the bathroom where he had to undress himself and then turn on the water and get the temperature right for her shower. Then he helped his wife disrobe, all the while aware of her soft pink body so close and yet destined to be enjoyed by another. As he became aroused it felt as if the chastity tube was shrinking, rather than his penis attempting to grow, as if the device was becoming ever more narrow. She stepped into the shower and he got in behind her. Jeff washed Trina's back. Then he knelt and did her plump legs. Finally he was allowed to soap up his hands and lather her hefty rump. It was glorious to feel his slick palms and fingers gliding over her smooth skin but, at the same time, maddeningly, disarmingly frustrating. By the time she dismissed him he was quaking with unculminated need. His wife hummed merrily to herself as she finished showering and washed her hair. He stood on the other side of the shower curtain, yearning hopelessly for sex with her.

When she stepped out he used a large fluffy towed to dry her. Then he was told to go to their bedroom and wait while she dried her hair. He stood by the foot of the bed, his body still damp, and waited in silence. His eyes moved downward to the chastity device and he thought about how long he had dreamed of wearing one. Was he happy to be in it now? Yes, he had to admit, more than happy. Even so, every minute he was with his stunning wife was endlessly frustrating. He was living a life of sweet torment. His thoughts were interrupted when she strolled in naked, with her hair hanging loose. As often as he had seen her naked, this was one of those times when it was like it had never happened before. Trina was so relaxed and confident, her well upholstered figure so sexy, that he could only stand and stare. She smiled at his smitten condition and sent an air kiss in his direction. Then she told him to turn back the bedspread.

When Jeff folded the cover back he saw that she had laid out her outfit for the evening and then hidden it, so that he would be surprised. There were high cut French panties and a lacy see-through bra. Then came a low cut red top and short black skirt, both of which he could tell would fit her closely and show off her contours, as well as plenty of cleavage and thigh. Finally there were elastic topped stockings, smoky grey with a fine pattern of flowers and hearts. She instructed him to pull out and open the shoebox that was under the bed, from which he took a pair of stacked heels that were in a darker shade of grey than the stockings. Even with her standing there unclothed he formed a vivid mental picture of how she would look when dressed. Luke wouldn't be able to keep his rough hands off her. Trina was going to be ravished while Jeff sat home doing what he was told.

He watched her sit at her vanity table and put on her make-up, again heavier than she had worn in the past. She told him, "Luke appreciates this image. He likes me to look slutty. And act slutty." She fussed with her hair, brushing and spraying until it was just right, and then put on her revealing outfit. As she stepped into the shoes Jeff swallowed dryly. She was magnificent. Trina turned her back to him and waggled her big bottom. He sighed in spite of the possibility of earning more smacks from the spoon. She didn't react, just sauntered away, hips rolling. Jeff followed her and was told to sit at the computer in just his short robe and explore his chastity and cuckold sites. He was about a half hour into it, staring at a close-up of a penis in a tube lined with short spikes, wondering if Trina would ever be mean enough to put him in one of those, when he heard a knock at the front door. Trina answered it. He heard her voice, giddily happy, and a male voice, deep and easygoing. The door shut loudly and Jeff returned his attention to the computer screen. The next picture he brought up was a captioned photo of a sexy woman with a naturally oversized bosom. She was saying, "How long has it been since you've been allowed to touch my knockers, hubby? Six months? And you used to love it so much. Well, my boyfriend gets to enjoy them every time we go to bed." He wondered if Trina would put a restriction like that on him. She might, because now he had to tell her that he had seen the idea on that site.

An hour later he spotted another cruel idea and shuddered at having to pass it along to her. He even thought she might want to see it so he set the page up as a favorite to be able to go back to it directly. Jeff knew that if he tried to hide anything, attempted to omit telling her about something he saw that he believed she would be interested by, it would be bad for him in the long run. Either she would detect his guilt or he would spontaneously confess. Or both. Two hours after that, as he sat there with his unused balls aching, gazing at a picture of a guy orally worshipping a woman's ass, the phone rang. He twitched violently, then picked up. It was Trina. "Hello, my cuckolded husband. Make that twice cuckolded. Luke and I had a wonderful time. He'll be dropping me off in about a half hour, so you can leave the computer and head for the bedroom. You can -- " She paused, thinking about how she wanted to find him when she arrived. " -- you can kneel by the bed, without your robe, hugging my pillow and -- " She giggled. " -- sucking your thumb. I'll be bringing you home a midnight snack, same as last time. Luke loves to ride me bareback." With a loud laugh, echoed by her lover in the background, she hung up. Jeff's shoulders sank. At the same time, his penis tingled.

When she returned, Trina posed in the bedroom door. Waiting in the demeaning pose she had dictated, Jeff felt his eyes go wide. Her clothes were a bit disheveled, hair slightly mussed, and if her lipstick were not smear proof he was sure it too would have been affected. She smiled impishly and sauntered over to him, dropped her shoulder bag on the night table, and sat her large bottom heavily on the bed. "Poor baby," she cooed teasingly. "Hope you had a good night, cause I had a GREAT one. Luke had my legs up in the air and my feet kicking." She chuckled. "But just like after our last date, I want another climax. After those hard deep ones he gave me, now I need the subtle, gentle kind your eager tongue gives me after I've already been thoroughly banged. And your tongue IS eager, isn't it, husband sweetie?" He nodded, thumb still in his mouth. She got onto her back and pushed herself up until her head was on his pillow. She told him to put her pillow under her head, too, so she could look down at him when he got his face between her thighs and was busy using his mouth.

Jeff's thoughts were conflicted. This was the fantasy he had dreamed about, come to life. But as superior as Luke obviously was in bed, and with Jeff unable to even have his penis free, he couldn't stop worrying that his wife's passion for the other man would morph into love. Even as he began lapping at her well used pussy, his chastity tube holding him firmly, he couldn't stop dwelling on that possibility. Still, he kept on, delivering the type of love he was permitted to give her, on and on, while she moaned and wriggled, until he coaxed a long rolling orgasm out of her. Then Trina sighed and relaxed. She told him to move up and lie alongside her.

"What's the matter?" she wanted to know. "Why the boo boo face?" He admitted that he was again fretting over that dreaded possibility. She reassured him that he was the only one she loved but couldn't resist finishing by saying, "But that Luke can touch me so gently, even when he's in the middle of screwing me inside out." So Jeff was reassured and yet left with enough of his old uncertainty to keep him desperate to please, just the way she wanted him and intended to keep him. Trina had gotten proficient enough at reading him that she knew there was something else on his mind. "What else are you thinking, lover boy?" she inquired as she lazily toyed with his nearer nipple and gave him fresh stimulation.

"Well," he said sheepishly, sounding like he had on the night she made him confess his secret longings. "You told me I have to let you know about anything I see on the sites I visit, anything that you might want to try when you feel -- you know -- if you're feeling mean." She licked her lips theatrically. "Mmmmm, and what did you find, Jeffy?" First he told her about the captioned photo of the busty woman denying her cuckold the right to touch her breasts. Trina said that would be fun and that she would think about it. Then, with a lump in his throat, he described the other image he had seen. It was of a wife who had her husband in a rubber maid's outfit and full-head mask. In the caption she was telling him that now he could serve her and her lover drinks while they were in bed together, and watch them having sex. That provoked a wide grin from Jeff's wife. "Well, well, well," she mused. "So you think I could be that mean. Or maybe you WANT me to be as bad as the woman in the picture. I'm certainly going to think about it, Jeffy boy. I'm going to think about it quite a lot. In fact, just hearing about doing that is giving me a buzz. So get your mouth back down there and give me a long, lingering goodnight kiss. Then I'll let you keep your face there while I drift off to dreams about Luke and his wildman lovemaking. And about you watching, in that outfit. That's it, darling, keep that tongue moving." She surprised him by having a second, milder finish. Then she put her hands on the back of his head to make sure he knew to remain where he was.

Trina said sleepily, "I love you so much, Jeff. I'll never leave you. But I'm so happy with our new arrangement, with YOUR fantasies as the basis for our love life. So, who knows, I might just make your chastity permanent. And I might get together with Luke and Macy's boyfriend Sam for a threesome. She says she doesn't mind. And I'll bet that would really drive you crazy -- with excitement -- to know I'm getting slammed by two guys together." Her voice faded toward sleep as she added, "Your wife, who loves you soooo much, getting done by two guys... to... gether..." And then she was sleeping. Jeff stayed where he was for the next half hour, thinking about that, wishing it didn't double his sexual urges, and yet understanding that she was now in control, and she would take his fantasies beyond their old limits. He sighed and put himself next to her again. She rolled onto her side and he cuddled up behind her, his crotch against the warm hemisphere of her rump, his frustration mounting anew as he tried to fall asleep. Jeff could have simply turned over and dozed off instead of torturing himself by staying in contact with his wife's desirable body. Naturally, he didn't.


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