Cuckolded With Love

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The way Trina smiled made Jeff go cold inside. It was as if she could read his most private thoughts, some of which were VERY private. She walked across the room, her broad hips swaying, heavy bust unfettered by a bra and wiggling under a thin top. Then she sat on the couch and patted a spot beside her. She said, "Come here, darling husband. You and I are going to have a talk." He felt unsteady as he went to her. For a moment he just stood there and then he sat alongside his full-figured wife. He was close enough to smell the freshness of her long honey-colored hair. She let him worry for another half minute before she said, "tight-tube". He looked at her in puzzlement. She asked sweetly, "Isn't that your password on the computer?" He shuddered and told her that it was. "I know," she said, nodding. "You were so caught up in going on-line last Monday that you didn't even see me standing behind you when you typed it in. For the last week I've been going to your homepage and visiting the sites you have on your Favorites list. You are soooo kinky, Jeff. And that's what we're going to chat about."

He pressed his knees together and wrung his hands. His voice caught in his throat as he tried to talk, then he managed to say, "Really, Trina, it's not what you think." "Isn't it? Do you mean that those half dozen chastity sites are on your list by accident?" He turned his eyes downward and admitted, "Well, no." "Don't be scared, lover," she said cheerily. "I have to admit that after my initial shock, I got into the whole idea of a wife keeping her husband's penis in one of those devices. One of those 'tight tube' things." "You -- got into it?" "Yes. It's still all new to me, but I can see where it might be -- interesting." He relaxed slightly and told her, "Okay." "Plus," she went on, "I was even more attracted to the cuckold material." He grew pale and said shakily, "That stuff is strictly fantasy. I mean, I wouldn't want you to... to really..." She put her hand on his thigh. "Actually, it's not about what YOU want. As of right now it's all about what I want." She paused to let that sink in. "Understood?" He said weakly, "Yes, Trina." "Excellent. And don't look so glum. After all, how many guys have wives who not only accept their fantasies, but want to make them come true?" "I guess not... not many." "Correct. Now let's talk chastity. But first go and get us each a glass of wine. I'd like red, please."

Feeling numb, Jeff went to the kitchen, got glasses, and opened the fridge. He took out the bottle of merlot and poured for his wife. Then he replaced that and got the pinot grigio for himself. He returned with the two drinks to find his wife exactly where he had left her. There was nothing strange or outrageous going on. She was simply waiting to have their discussion. He handed her the glass of red and sat down with his wineglass in his hand. They each took a sip. He thought that it might fortify him for whatever was to come. She savored the taste of her merlot and then turned her attention back to him. "So tell me how you feel about chastity, Jeff. Please be honest and don't hold back." He permitted himself a second swallow of wine, took a deep breath, and began. "It's something that I came across about a year ago, when I was surfing the web. When I was," he clarified, "looking at sex sites. It caught my attention immediately. The thought of having a woman, of having you, control me that way, got me wildly excited." He hesitated, checking her reaction. She wasn't visibly upset or turned off, so he went on. "I kept thinking of ordering one of those devices, those tubes, just to see what it felt like to wear it. I -- " He bit his lower lip. " -- I pictured you putting it on me, locking it, and keeping the key. Maybe not letting me out of it for long periods."

She smiled approvingly. "That's very good, love. I'm glad you're being honest. You know, I had the same reaction when I saw those sites, except of course that I was thinking about ordering the tube myself. In fact, I did order one. It should be here in a few days. We'll talk about it then. And about me having an affair. Now finish your wine and then we're going to bed." He was in some form of mild shock. He gulped down his white wine and followed her to their bed. She set her glass on the bedside table and told him to strip. When he was naked she said he should undress her, which he did slowly and gently. That made her happy. Then she laid back on the bed and gestured for him to lie beside her. When he was there she got up on one elbow and ran her hand over his bare chest, intentionally brushing his nipples. He gasped with pleasure and got hard at once. Trina rolled over and lay full length atop him. He moaned with need but did nothing else. She moved unhurriedly, aware of how excited she was getting him. Her lips pressed against his and he accepted the kiss passively, as she had intended.

When she moved her face away from his he whispered, "Trina, may I ask a question?" "Certainly, dear. What is it?" "If we -- when we go ahead with what we've been talking about, will you still love me?" She grinned down at him. "Absolutely. I will always love you. But our relationship will change. I will always take the initiative in bed, like I'm doing now. I will tease you while you're in your chastity and I know it will get me off to drive you crazy with arousal and then not let you finish." She dipped her head down to lick his ear. "And you will be allowed to satisfy me sexually any way at all -- except with your penis." She chuckled. "And as long as we're being honest I'll tell you that sometimes I may be mean to you. It's a logical extension of having you in chastity, and subjecting you to -- what do they call it on your favorite sites? -- teasing and denial." She kissed his other ear. He squirmed helplessly beneath her. "And we'll talk about the cuckolding later. Right now I'm going to get you even more excited, which I'm sure will make you eager to do the best job you can of pleasing me -- with your mouth."

He passed the next hour in waking dream, being stimulated endlessly by his sexy, curvaceous wife and then using his lips and tongue to bring her slowly to the apex of pleasure several times. Afterwards she was sleepily satisfied and he was possessed by an unfamiliar contentment. Trina rolled over and said, "Cuddle up against me, sweetheart, with your poor frustrated dick against my bare bottom. I'm going to drift off but I love the idea of teasing you even while I'm asleep." She giggled. "Pleasant dreams, Jeff. Think about what I said and how our life is going to be from now on."

Three days later, when he returned from work, there was a small package on the dining room table. He glanced at the return address and was fairly sure it was from one of the companies that sold chastity devices. His wife didn't refer to it so he waited in nervous anticipation until the next day, when it was no longer there. He was concerned about that until he entered their bedroom after work and saw that it was now on her bedside table. His heart raced at the thought of it being a penis tube, of her putting it onto him -- and locking it -- and becoming his Keyholder. But she didn't say a word about it then either, instead conducting another thrilling tease and deny session before making him massage her legs, rub her back, and not even be allowed to serve her orally. In a confusion of emotions, as well as suffering from aching balls, he eventually got to sleep. Not until the following evening did she open the box. This time it was on her vanity table. She sat on the scrollback chair by the table and used a letter opener to slit the seal on the box. Her plump fingers plucked out a short tube with a ring attached. She made him stand in front of her and drop his pants. He was looking down at her impressive cleavage and couldn't help getting semi-erect. She sighed and sent him to the kitchen to fetch an icepack from the freezer. After he returned and held it against his misbehaving organ, his partial stiffness vanished.

"Speak up now if you don't want this on you, Jeff. Once I slip in the lock and click it shut, you might not get out for a long time. What's it going to be?" "Please, Trina," he requested humbly. "Put it on me. And lock it." She deftly slid the tube over his flaccid member, closed the ring around the top of his scrotum, and fitted the curved bar of a small lock through two narrow loops. With a final movement she snapped shut the padlock. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and began to tease his sensitive nipples. His penis tried to expand but was trapped in its new confinement. He inhaled audibly. She snickered at his sudden helplessness and announced, "We're going to bed and find out how much effort you'll put into gratifying me now that I control your six inches." She eyed the tube and corrected herself, saying, "Let's make that 'three inches'. Or is it 'two'? You really are compressed down there, aren't you?" He stammered, "Y... yes, dar... darling." "Oh, this is going to be fun." She was amused by his plight and stimulated by her newfound control over his sex life. Trina took her husband's hand and led him to their marital bed, where he experienced dimensions of intimacy and ecstasy that he had only imagined until then. She had known she would love the new dynamic of their relationship but it was more exciting, more addictive by far, then she had ever dared to hope.


Trina kept him aroused and unsatisfied for three weeks. She noticed how pliable and desperate to please he became. That was when she decided it was time to bring up cuckolding again. They were in the den, with her sitting on the couch, fully dressed, and him kneeling naked before her, massaging her calves. The pampered wife looked down at her very devoted husband and said, "My girlfriend Macy has a double date set up for us, her with her boyfriend Sam and me with his buddy Luke. How do you feel about that, loverboy?" She could feel, where his palms touched her legs, the shudder that ran through him. He turned his face up to her and his mouth worked wordlessly until he was able to say, "I... I don't know how I feel." "But it was a big part of your on-line fantasies, wasn't it? If you're absolutely certain you don't want me to, I won't. But you have to say so right now. Well?" He licked his lips and seemed lost in thought for several seconds before he told her, "I can't say no. There's part of me that wants it to happen -- very much. And -- " He appeared uncertain. " -- you really will still love me -- afterwards? Trina smiled at him. "I will, darling, but in a different way. My date will provide me with sex. You'll be there when I get home to worship me and give me any other stimulation I still need. He'll be the stud I go to bed with. You'll be the chaste cuckold I play games with and sleep with. You'll have to understand that." Jeff took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Thank you, Trina." She chuckled and responded, "You're welcome. Macy's husband is the same type as you. She told me you wouldn't back out. Now finish massaging my legs. And remember what I told you before. If the mood strikes me, I will be mean to you."

He was nervous for the next several days and then Saturday came, his wife's first date night. She announced to Jeff that he was going to help her get ready to go out with Luke. In the bedroom he saw a pink bag from that famous lingerie company that had a branch in the local mall. He had to get naked and then undress his plus-sized wife. The entire time he was uncomfortably aware of his tightly tubed penis trying to erect. His balls throbbed. When she was bare he had to follow her to the bathroom, unable to take his gaze off her wide, rolling backside. Then he had to get into the tub and start the shower for her. When she stepped in it was his job to get down on his knees and lather up and wash her legs, and then that desirable bottom. She said, "Just think, Jeff. In a few hours it'll be Luke who has his hands on me down there." She chuckled. "Among other places." Her distressed (yet wildly excited) husband then had to stand and wash her smooth back. By the time she had rinsed off and gotten out he was trembling with overstimulation and swirling emotions. In that state he had to take an oversized towel and gently dry her voluptuous body.

Then it was back to the bedroom to help her dress for her night out. He reached into the bag and removed a pair of high-cut panties, along with a half-bra that would cup the undersides of her full breasts while leaving the fronts uncovered. He was scandalized but could say nothing, and even had to help her into the filmy undergarments. Wearing only those, Trina made an impossibly provocative sight. It was so sexy that he could only stand there and whimper with need. She snickered at him and patted the top of his head. Then she put on a short tight skirt and a clinging sleeveless top. That was followed by heavier make-up than she usually wore. Then she stepped into a pair of flashy red heels. The message was clear from one glance at her. She was ready for an evening of unrestrained sex. Trina allowed him to put on a short robe when they went to the living room to wait for Macy to arrive. Jeff sat nervously on the edge of the sofa until the doorbell rang. Meekly, he went to answer it and was confronted with Macy, who he had never seen before. She had overstated curves like his wife, long black hair, and a full-lipped mouth. Jeff realized he was gaping at her. He stepped back and she brushed past him. Trina stood and the girls shared a hug. Then Jeff's wife locked eyes with him and said, "Show Macy your chastity tube. She's been really eager to see it." He was stunned but had become so docile that he opened his robe without thinking. He stood there, his shameful chastity device on display, blushing deeply and the females pointed and snickered.

Then it was time for them to leave. Trina told him to lose the robe and stay naked. She would call him on her cell phone when she was on her way home. In the meantime he was to sign in on the computer and visit his favorite chastity and cuckolding sites. "I don't want you to stop thinking about what you've gotten yourself into for even one minute." "Yeah," Macy added as they walked to the door. "And if you want to, you can take off your little tube and wank yourself," which she knew very well he had no way of doing. After they were out on the front walk he could hear them laughing. Then he hurried to the computer, compelled to do as he had been told. The whole time, as he gazed at the photos of men in chastity and cheating wives, he kept wondering how far his wife would go with fulfilling his dreams, and if she would go beyond what he had thought he wanted.

Four hours later the phone rang, making him flinch. He picked it up and said hello. His wife, sounding happy and like she'd had a few drinks, told him that he was officially a cuckold. "And Luke was fantastic in bed. I'm definatly going to love this set-up of having him for hot sex and you for warm follow-ups. Think about what I've been doing and I'll see you soon." He heard Macy starting to say something in the background and then the connection was cut.

About forty-five minutes later the front door opened. He left the computer and padded through the house, hoping his wife was alone, as he didn't want Macy seeing him this way again. It was only Trina. Her hair was a bit mussed and she had a smug look of triumph on her pretty face. He stood there wringing his hands until she strolled past him, heading toward their room. Jeff followed silently, feeling stricken and yet thrilled. She sat on the edge of their bed and pointed to the floor in front of her, where he knelt obediently. As Jeff slid her shoes off her feet she began to talk. "It was amazing," she said. "We went to a club, danced for a while, chatted, and then drove to Macy's house, which is about halfway between the club and here. Her husband was home but he had to stay in what she calls the guest bedroom, even though it's really a walk-in closet with a dog bed in it, where she likes to put him. Before long Macy and Sam were in the bed she shares with her hubby. Imagine having to sleep next to a sexy woman like her, in chastity, after she cheated on you. And Luke and I used the other bedroom. He couldn't keep his hands off my body. Or his mouth. And I was all over him. It was incredible, Jeff, and it went on and on. I had two deep, hard orgasms. But now I'm ready for some tender caresses. Among other things.

She stood up and he had to reach under that brief skirt to work her panties down over her generous thighs. The seductive garment's crotch was very damp. In no hurry she had him undress her completely. Then she stretched out on her back on the bed and had him kneel between her parted legs. He could see the evidence of her recent intercourse. His trapped penis tried to grow inside its prison but couldn't. Trina ordered him to stroke her thighs and kiss her belly. He was so worked up he felt dizzy. She said, "The way I finished with Luke was sooooo good but now I need a gentler touch. It's your turn to please me, husband dearest. You're allowed to give me pleasure, but not the way Luke did." She sighed at the thought of what was to come. "So get your mouth down there and take your time giving me a long licking and a warm wet finish. Get busy, lover. You can make me feel great and clean me up at the same time." She paused before adding, "If I'm not being too mean." What could he say. All she was doing was fulfilling his fantasies. Well, that and making sure she had a fully satisfying evening. He pressed his lips to the center of her womanhood for several seconds before pulling away slightly to say, "I'll do whatever you tell me to, Trina. I love you." "And I love you, Jeff. I always will. But for right now get your tongue busy and show me how far you're willing to go to prove that love."

He did as he was told, not hurrying, finding a new type of sexual fulfillment in sacrificing his pleasure while adding to hers. Half an hour later, after he had gradually coaxed her into her third climax of the night, this one drawn out and mellow. She kept him down there while she enjoyed an extended afterglow and then summoned him to lie alongside her. Sleepily, she teased him with her talented fingers, keeping his excitement at a fever pitch for as long as he had pleasured her. Then she rolled over and told him to cuddle up behind her. His crotch was pressed to her well-padded rear end, which prevented him from relaxing, even after she drifted off to satiated sleep.


The next morning, after he had prepared her breakfast and brought it to her in bed, Trina declared that the previous night had been a complete success and that it would be the basis for their relationship from then on. He was still uncertain about it all but, at the same time, knew that he had lost any power to change matters. Also, the part of him that wanted it this way was taking over. Soon his uncertainties would be driven out by his need to remain chaste and a cuckold. Most importantly, he knew that Trina honestly did love him, and always would. Even when she sometimes got mean and nasty, as he knew was inevitable, her affection for him would remain. Jeff couldn't believe it. His most cherished fantasies had been made reality and, because his wife had come to share them so quickly and fully, they would never be taken away from him. He was trapped but it was a trap he never wanted to escape. As she finished her breakfast Trina told him to take her plate away, get himself something quick to eat, and then get ready to go out. "We're going shopping," she said. "I've been thinking of some fun items we can buy to make our new life together even more interesting." As he went back to the kitchen, still nude except for his chastity, he could only wonder about what additional plans she was making for him.

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