Goddess Manuela - Part 2 : Welcome to Hell

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Submitted by: Severin

I had been waiting for her to contact me for over 6 weeks when, one evening, my phone rang. When I picked it up, a familiar voice said "Welcome to hell Severin" I almost dropped the phone. What did that mean? Had she selected me? I was in an incredible state. "Yes my slave, I have decided that you will have the honor to serve me as my full-time long-term online slave. That's for the good news". She paused a moment and went on. "The bad news, I'm afraid, you will not like. First, your belt stays on for another 3 months at least, or even longer, depending on your attitude. Second, you are now completely in my power. It is not anymore a question of you deciding to visit me online whenever you feel like it. I have the video now and, I can tell you, I had the best laugh in a long time when I reviewed it. So, let it be clear now, if you do not obey to every order I give you from this very moment, I will publish immediately your little video on Youtube." This was a horrifying thought! "Did you hear me clear slave?" "Yes Goddess Manuela." "Good then. Over the past month, with the personal and professional information you provided me with, I also did my little research and I know that your boss' name is Cristina Parker, I even have her email adress at your company. Also, I found a lot of your friends on Facebook. They will all receive a copy of the video if you fail to obey me in any way, shape or form, do you understand? I own your life now slave, and even more than you can imagine at this point..." I was speechless, the joy of having been selected was fading to leave room to an overwelming feeling of fear.

"I have prepared some instructions for you, so go get a pen and paper and report back to the phone, quick!" I did what was asked of me (what other choice did I have?). "Well, let's start with the beginning. I want you to install hidden video surveillance cameras in every room of your appartment. No corner should be left hidden, from the toilets, to the bathroom, every place. Also, larger rooms like your bedroom or livingroom should have at least 3 cameras, in order to cover all angles. You will also purchase a very high debit internet connection so that all these video surveillance streams can be sent to my computer 24/7. You will also install loud speakers in every room connected to your computer, so I can give you my orders online wherever you are in your flat without the need of a phone." Before I had the time to think, she concluded. "And send me a map of your appartment as well as a list of all the items you currently own : books, clothes, DVDs, furniture, everything. I expect you to be ready within 2 weeks. You may contact me online as soon as you are ready." With that she hung up. I was totally disorientated. I never thought the situation would turn to that extreme. Within 2 days though, I had put the list together and sent it to her together with a map of my appartment. I had only excluded my most precious belongings from the list, which I stored safely in my appartment's basement. She answered the next day, indicating me precisely where she wanted the cameras to be placed: indeed, I would have no place to hide in my own flat. Installing all this took some time, as I comissioned a professional security company to do it. 2 weeks later, exatly, the installation was ready for the first test.

Finally, my fantasy of being a full-time slave to a cruel woman was becoming a reality. I logged on and sent the video feeds to Goddess Manuela's computer, as instructed by her. I knew this was a new step in my slave life, a step that would turn me into her full-time slave. "Oh I can see you little mouse!" her voice said...."Can you hear me?" "Yes Mistress". "Good then, as of now, our relationship will be based on this. I can see you while you can only hear me. Seeing me will be a priviledge that you will need to earn, and earn the hard way! Now, slave boy, just a few rules to get us started. First, you are not allowed to wear any clothes in your appartment, you should always be naked and exposed so I can check my property is properly locked and the aneros is in place. I really think we should find a name for that king-size anal plug of yours, just calling him aneros is just not fun. As I am your Mistress, I thought of calling him Master... so, you will have Master fucking your sorry ass at all times when spending time in your appartment. Isn't that hilarious? Second, do you currently use the services of a maid or cleaning lady?" "I do Goddess Manuela." "You mean you did until today. I want you to call her right away and fire her. As of today, you will take care of all the cleaning in this house yourself, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Third, you do not need any books, CDs or DVDs in this flat. You have 2 weeks to sell all your stock on ebay. Anything left beyond that you will dispose of in the trash. Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress." "Fourth, you will destroy tonight all your male underwear and tomorrow you will go to your most expensive women underwear shop in town and buy yourself 5 expensive pink see-through panties, one for each day of the working week. It will be your responsibility to handwash them also. Fifth, you will get rid of all the food that you currently have in your kitchen and replace it with the following: 1.25 kg dog food cans. I did my little market research on the internet : your budget is of maximum 1 euro per kilo. Don't expect to be able to afford a premium brand with that! You may also purchase a few more expensive cans (up to 2 euros per kilo), that you will be able to enjoy as a reward or on week-ends. You will only drink tab water as of now on. No mineral water, sodas or wine allowed. You will also purchase a collection of powerful laxative pills and viagra pills. Is everything clear?" "Very clear Mistress." "Oh, and I forgot to inform you that this morning you enjoyed the last hot shower in a long time. As of now, only cold showers are allowed. You see, water vapor actually obstructs the visibility of the video cameras. I hope you understand. This will be it for now. I will contact you in exactly 2 weeks at 6 p.m.. your time via online video chat. I expect you to have complied with all of my orders. During that period, and untill further notice, the video stream stays on, so that I can check what you are up to whenever I please. You may thank me now." "Thank you Goddess Manuela".

I spent the following 2 weeks in a state of constant excitement, duly complying with all the instructions Mistress had given me. At 6 p.m. I was kneeling in front of my computer, dying to see a glimpse of my Goddess on the screen. A few minutes later, she entered the video call. And there she was, dressed in her usual strict business suit, at a table filled with apetizing food and drinks, looking at me with a cruel smile... "Good evening Mistress, I said." "Good evening slave. I hope everything is as per my orders..." "Yes Mistress." "Excellent, so, let me show you something." And with that, she zoomed out with her webcam, revealing three other women, sitting with her at the table with a smile. "Tonight, I decided to offer a show to my friends, and you will be the main character. We all had a tough day and deserve a good laugh I think. So, as you follow my orders, be aware that 4 women are watching you perform." This was a most exciting situation, yet again... "As you can see, we are having dinner right now, so why don't you join us? In order to make it fun for us to watch, I will give you a little challenge : you have 10 minutes to eat a full 1.25 kg can of dog food, drink 3 litres of water and swallow 6 laxative pills. Off you go, we're watching!" I ran to the kitchen to get the "food" and started to open the can. "You should please eat and drink this on the floor of the kitchen, with your hands behind your back, as you will always eat as of today." as I was litterally devouring the disgusting dog "meat", I could heat their chatter and laughter in the background, together with some appreciative comments about their meal & delicate drinks... Once everything was ingurgitated, Goddess Manuela went on : "Come and have a look at us now, you deserve a reward." As I came back to my computer screen, she had moved her webcam under their table and I could see their elegant legs & feet wrapped in fine hosery and expensive high-hill shoes. "You will now stay kneeling and worship our legs & feet while we finish our dinner. You are not allowed to pee or shit for now. Just let us know when the need to do it becomes really unbearable." And with that she continued her meal, chatting casually with her friends... An hour later, I was desperate to pee & shit like never in my entire life. "Mistress, may I go to the toilet now?" "Well, Severin, I don't think you asked properly." "I apologize, Goddess Manuela. I beg You on my knees to be allowed to release myself." "OK slave, but not before you put together a little show for us... you will immediately run to your living room, crouch in the middle of your beautiful white carpet, hands on your head and await further orders."

I did as ordered, and waited in position. "Good boy. Now, I want you to close your eyes and listen attentively as each of us will go, in turn, to the toilets. Sandra is going first, she is entering the toilets, lifting up her skirt and pulling down her panties to her ankles. Now she is sitting." At that moment, I heard the distinctive noise of piss trickling down the toilets. What a torture! An just after, a sound of something solid falling in the water... "How do you like these sounds slave? We are 3 more to go, so listen attentively...." I listen to each of them releasing herself there, while the pressure was becoming unbearable for me. "I think you are ready now Severin. What I want you to do now is to release your Master, right there, on the white carpet, for us. And please, try not to make a mess! Ahaha." I was petrified.. How was I supposed to do this? "Quick, quick, you have 30 seconds to release your Master, she said with a harsh tone." I started to push hard, afraid of the consequences of not complying, and that's when the disaster happened... I managed to expulse the huge anal plug, but with the pressure on my bladder and intestines, I covered my legs, feet and the white carpet with a mix of piss and nauseous diarrea... "You filthy pig! How dare you do this? she screamed in the speaker, You deserve an exemplary punishment for your disgusting attitude. Get up immediately." I was in tears. "And stop crying, this will lead you nowhere. You will now clean up your ass on the nice beige sofa, yes, like that. Now, I want you to start a 30 minutes jogging in your appartment, going through every room and stepping in your mess every 30 seconds... We are watching." I started to run like an idiot, spreading shit all over the appartment. "Faster, faster, she ordered." And faster I went, making an even greater mess.... After 30 minutes, I was asked to report back in front of the computer. The image was back to the initial one, showing me the 4 ladies sitting at the table. "I am very disappointed with you Severin, and I am sure your Master is too. So, you will now go and pick your Master on the floor and, apologize to Him." I went back to the livingroom, kneeled in the brown stuff, picked the anal plug and said "I am sorry Master." At that time, I heard and explosion of laughter on the other side. "Good, Severin. Now, you will lick your Master clean and put it back where He belongs." As I started to lick the grossly maculated anal tool, the laughs became hysterical on the other side. "Once this is done, you will have a cold shower and start cleaning your appartment. You are not allowed to sleep, eat, drink or leave until your whole place is immaculate. So, have fun!"

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