Goddess Manuela - Part 1 : The Selection

Submitted by: Severin

Over the past months, I had become a very regular online slave to Goddess Manuela, via one of the main videochat internet platforms. I was really becoming addicted to our sessions and my heart was beating in anticipation whenever I was logging on into her virtual room to follow her orders. Goddess Manuela had initiated me to the pleasures of teasing & denial. First she made me buy a CB-6000 chastity belt in order to keep me in chastity for extended periods and then an aneros in order to tease me and milk me with this prostate massager. Mistress was incredibly sexy, imaginative and cruel, and I was unable to refrain from visiting her online almost daily. Sometimes, she would just order me to leave the room and reconnect 24 hours later, other times, when she wanted to be really cruel, she would focus her webcam on her feet, order me to kneel down on the floor with my hands on my head and just ignore me while I was waiting there, helpless. With the numbered plastic padlocks, she was able to check whether I was keeping the belt on between our sessions, and she seemed to take immense pleasure in my frustrations.

One night, as I was logging on for our regular session, having been kept one week in the belt, she gave me the following orders : "Get undressed, put some dry rice on the floor, kneel down on it, hands on the head. Tonight I need to talk to you and I want your full attention". I immediately complied to her orders and, as I started to feel he rice hurt my knees, she started : "Listen slave, I have decided to start a process to select a "real" online slave. You are one of 30 regular slaves that visit me on this platform to whom I will give a chance to participate. You have to realize that the selection process will be very challenging and that, for the lucky (unlucky?) slave who will be selected, what will follow will be even more extreme. Are you interested?" I nodded immediately. My heart was beating incredibly. I felt like the luckyest man in the world! She continued : "Good, in order to be able to participate, each slave will need to pay me a registration fee of 1,000 euros, provide me with his home adress, mobile and fixed line phone numbers. The selection process will last 3 months, during which each participant will remain belted the whole time." The fear and excitement started to fill my body with waves of adrenaline. "I will leave you one week to think about it, after which, if you provide me what I requested, you will be allowed to participate to the selection. If you do not provide me with what I asked, you should not bother visiting me online ever again, as I will not accept you. Now, you will keep your belt on for the next week as you reflect and you are not allowed to contact me again before you have sent me what I ordered." With this she interrupted the session. My head was spinning. She was really asking for a pretty strong commitment and disclosure on my part... but becoming her real slave, what a dream! Within two days, I had sent her the money and all the information she requested. I received a brief email answer from her : "I will send you a package via post. Once you receive it you may contact me again. Do not open it before I order you to. MM".

"Congratulations Severin! You are one of 28 slaves who had the guts to send me their details.. So, you have my little package I recon." I showed it to her on the webcam.. "Very good. So we can start, open it now." As I opened, I found a metal belt together with a metal security lock. She had also purchased for me the largest size aneros anal toy available on the market. "So, do you like what you see? I thought this would be safer for both you and I. I'm sure you would not like to lose all your chances to become my real slave my escaping from your plastic belt one day of too much frustration! Please note that once locked, I will only send you the key after 3 months, regardless of whether you remain in the league for the selection." 3 months. I had never done that long before. This sounded like an eternity. "So, what are you waiting for? Try i on for me please. First take out your CB-6000, yes, that's it... would you like to wank a little bit that tiny thing for me before you put on the metal belt? Good, so get some oil, get back on your knees and start stroking it... but remember, if you come, you are out of the league, immediately". I complied to these frustrating order, and, after 30 minutes of teasing, I had to use ice cubes on my dick to be able to put on the metal belt. "Very good, now lock it on for me. Congratulations! I think you deserve a reward for taking that important step. Rice on the floor, on your knees and hands on your head!" As soon as she saw I was in position, she started to unbutton her shirt, offering me a glimpse of her full and gorgeous breasts in a black lace bra. "You may stare at my breasts while I am giving you the orders for the next phase of the selection process she started. As you will gradually understand, I need total submission from my real online slave, in all aspects of his pathetic life : sex, money, food, comfort, entertainment... So, within the next 2 days, you will send me a scanned copy of your past 12 salary statements, and a scanned copy of all your fixed expenses: rent, leasing, anything else you may have to pay. I will make a calculation of what you will pay me monthly based on this input, so make sure not to forget anything. Also, for our next session, I want you to bring with you a can of dog food. For now, you still get to choose the brand and flavor. Finally, I want you to get used to wear the large aneros, so don't bother coming back to me untill you can keep it in for at least an hour, as, from now on, you will be wearing it for all our sessions. Good luck severin, and good night!"

As her screen turned black, I was left there wanting more... more excited and frustrated than I had ever been in my life and also scared about the consequences of this crazy selection process. I spent the following 4 evenings gathering the documents and trying to get my ass used to the huge aneros. That was going to take more time than planned, as it was a really big one and my hole was definetly not used to this size. After one month of gradual training, I was finally able to keep it in for one full hour and I anxiously reconnected with Goddess Manuela. "Oh, Severin, I thought you had given up! Show me please, is it in?" I turned around and slided the aneros out for her to see. "Excellent, I am glad to see that you are still in the race. You were the slowest one to get used to the anal plug though, so I don't know what chances you stand for the next steps." I started to feel the anxiety increase : all this for nothing? Was she going to kick me out of the selection process? "Don't worry silly boy, you are still a contender... Did you bring the dog food with you?" I showed her the can. "Good, open it now. You will need to get used to slave food, especially as your budget will be drastically reduced, she teased. I think I should give you an incentive to hep you a little bit with this one. You will pour the content of the can in a plate, place it on the floor and, hands behind your back, you will eat directly with your mouth. If you manage to eat it all in less than 5 minutes, you will make it to the next level and you might even receive another reward. If you cannot eat it all within 5 minutes, you are out and will never see me again. Start now!" I frantically rushed to pour the food in a plate and, kneeling, hands behind my back, starting eating the disgusting food under her amused eyes... "Hurry, Hurry, she said, I would hate to have to kick you out at that point... and no puking please! ahahah!" I finally made it within the required time. Fealing nauseous and disgusted, I showed her the empty plate. "Good, you will be pleased to know that only 5 of you have succeded with this one. So, as promissed, get in position, you will get your reward." And as I poured the rice on the floor, she unbuttoned her blouse and bra and showed me for the first time her superb bare breasts. I as speechless, so thankfull, yet so frustrated. "You see, she continued, good slaves get rewarded. So, you may now stare at my breasts while I give you your next orders."

"I think you now realize that you are only 5 slaves in the race and that I need to raise the bar to test your motivation to surrender fully and completely to me. I have been through your finances. As of this month, you will put in place an automatic payment of 25% of your revenues to me, as your owner and Mistress. This does not mean that I will not expect gifts or order penalty payments whenever I see fit. It is just meant to provide a sound financial base for our Mistress-slave relationship going forward.. Now, as you continue to stare at my gorgeous breasts, let me go on with the next requirements. You will have all of your body hair removed. Once this is done, you will go to a tatoo shop and have the following text tatood above your sex : "owned bygoddessmanuela@gmail.com". You will then produce a short video for me, showing your face, mentioning your name, address, employer, job title and showing your belt, tatoo, aneros and state that you are the slave of Goddess Manuela. I will send you a package with a special sissy outfit that you will then put on for the video as well. I give you one month to send me the video. After that month, I will review all the videos that I have received and decide who will become my real online slave. You are not allowed to try to contact me during that period. I might take weeks or months to decide, and you will just have to wait for my call. If you receive your belt's key sduring that period, that means that you have not been selected and that you can therefore stop the monthly payment. Untill you receive anything from me though, interrupting the payment would be eliminatory. Did I make myself clear?" I nodded. "Good, so I think you have quite a number of things to organize. Good luck Severin!". And with that she interrupted our session.

I have now done as ordered and sent her the compromizing video 3 weeks ago. I have not yet heard from her and do not know how long I will need to wait in this belt, more horny than I have ever been in my life, totally at her mercy and depending on her wim... Every phone call, every letter drives me to the edge as not knowing whether I will ever see Goddess Manuela again is almost unbearable...

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