Exobelt Extreme Review

Submitted by: Submissive Jim

From the second I opened this in the mail I was excited about getting the exobelt extreme! From the pictures it looked like no other chastity device I have ever seen. I am a chastity enthusiast and have bought and worn just about all of the devices on the market. I have and have worn the cb-2000, cb-3000, curve, cb-6000, birdlock, and an actual locked in steel chastity belt. All of the devices I have used before except for the Locked in Steel belt have been very escapeable and uncomfortable. With all of the previous devices I have been able to pull my penis out of the back of the tube and escape, even though my balls were still locked to the cage, I would find myself in fits of frustration and sneak out once and while during times I was alone. The only one I could not pull out from was the actual chastity belt made by Locked In Steel. It was a good belt, but after a while it became quite uncomfortable and I could get some sensations while I was aroused.

The new Exobelt Extreme has covered it all! I am so impressed with this device. After receiving it in the mail I quickly unpacked the box and took it out. It arrived with all of the spacers, shells, and the backplate locked together which was a good way to see how everything was supposed to fit. On observing the device, I could see the slight bulge on the lower plate that the penis head fit into and the hole that he penis would be fitted through. The top plate was a bit flat but had some slight grooves to fit the penis in. I noticed the pins were steel and would not be easily cut if I were to try to escape,( i love the security of steel rather than plastic). The back plate was squared off on the bottom but was rounded and smooth for the balls to be held.

I simply just couldnt wait any more. I had to try it on. The only thing that has frustrated me (very insignificant) was trying to put the new device on. Since it was new I was taking my time and gently placed each piece in its place. I put the backpiece behind my balls and ran the two pins through the piece. I then put my penis through the hole of the lower plate and place the head in its "tray". Excitedly i added the top piece and braced for a pinch. I have had horrible experiences with being pinched while putting devices on, but this time, NO PINCH! I couldnt believe it! This was designed so well that thought has been given on how to put the two plates together without pinching! I was already becoming more and more impressed. I added a few spacers to the top of the steel posts and locked the two locks (There was only 1 key to both of the locks so that was another brilliant thought to keep people like me from sneaking the second key in a hiding spot *lol, i guess i can be bad sometimes*)

Wearing the new Exobelt Extreme was amazing. There was no pressure on my ballsack from rings like the cb series. Arousal was completely denied and impossible while wearing the device. Even better, when I attempted to become aroused, the device didnt hurt like the models of the cb series. The cb series always made me feel like my balls were going to be ripped from my body when I became aroused in the devices. With the Exobelt, there was no way I could get aroused, feel sensations, or anything! I was truly Locked! On top of that, it was amazingly comfortable!

  As for the security of the Exobelt Extreme, none of the others can even compare! As I said before, I was able to pull out of every device made except for the actual chastity belt which are very expensive and uncomfortable. I had to give ti a try. I was so worried that I would be able to pull out I really didnt want to but I thought I would give a shot. I tried to pull down on the cage and my penis didnt even move a bit. I tried to grasp my penis and pull it from the cage out the back, still nothing! I tried for at least an hour and could not escape at all. The funny thing, after all that work i did for that hour, my penis didnt even move a bit in the Exobelt. I was no short of amazed!

The next thing I tried was to see if i could still pee while locked in the device. I was unsure from looking at the pictures before I even bought it that it may be a problem since the two pieces clamped together and trapped my penis. I sat down on the toilet and thought I would have to push hard, but there was no difficulty at all. I was in total disbelief! I couldnt believe that I could still pee while the two plates were clamped together and gripping my penis! No extra pushing was necessary it was a totally natural!

Wearing the Exobelt under clothing was no problem at all. The device was much more smaller than any other device out there making it very undetecable. I went to work all day and ran errands and had no problems at all. Its nice to have a device that holds close to the body unlike any of the other ones. The other ones seemed to get caught on my clothing and I would constantly have to keep adjusting myself under my clothes.

Sleeping at night was the really nice thing! There was no uncomfort at all! In other models I would wake up frequently and sometimes be aroused. I lost many hours of sleep as a result of that. I was able to sleep through the night and wake up comfortable with the new Exobelt Extreme. Since it prevents any kind of arousal or movement, I did not wake up from any discomfort or pain!

This has to be the very best Chastity Device out there! I still cant say how impressed and happy I am with the device! Finally, something secure, small, inexpensive, and total quality!

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