Chaste Assistant in Angora

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    This is a hetero continuation to the excellent and exciting novel "The Assistant" by The Assistant. Please forgive me for borrowing and building on your ideas. I have added my special interests, breast and bottom enlargement, chastity, orgasm denial and soft sweaterdresses. I hope you like it! (In "The Assistant", the unnamed heroine writing in first person is subjected to enforced, but loving chastity and made the personal assistant to the powerful Mistress Lydia, who epilates her cunt and head and trains her in lesbian submission.)" -U
We lived with Mistress Lydia in mutual love and her domination of me, and I loved it all, even if I found it sometimes difficult not to have access to my body and delights, having to wear the chastity belt at all times when she did not use me. The controlling implement in my pussy was also troublesome, but I guess that it showed that she also cared of me. My permanently hairless cunt hillock and head were immensely exciting, and I was constantly aroused. I was also on a very strict exercise regime targeting the enhancement of my long legs and curvaceous bottom. Mistress Lydia is not a breast person, so enhancement of my breasts was not on the agenda at that time.

After some time Lydia unfortunately found another girl to live with and decided to release me. I went back to my flat and tried to reorganize my life supported by the generous financial settlement Mistress Lydia had give me. This was the beginning of a new life, and further exploration of my sexuality.. I continued to wear the chastity belt, even if I now had the key, and continued to allow myself only one orgasm a week, provided that I had been successful in keeping my exercise and weight regime. I sometimes missed the vibration of the pussy implement, but there was nothing I could do, as the remote controller had stayed at Mistress Lydia's place for further use, as she had said.

I decided to find a job to make ends meet, and tried to find a place as a personal assistant. After some time I happened to read a free newspaper that had dropped into my mailbox, and found there an ad of a law firm looking for a p.a. for the single partner, a middle-aged man who looked very strong and determined in the pictures I found on the internet. I sent my résumé and was soon invited for an interview at the office. For the interview I got myself a black, middle-length wig, a modest set of clothes, more in line of a college schoolgirl, and even got myself a pair of spectacles, which went very well with my grey pleated skirt, white blouse, tie and cardigan. OK, the skirt was quite short and my heels quite high, but it was still a demure outfit.

In the interview I was immediately attracted by the obvious aura of decisiveness and power combined with a friendly twinkle and appreciation in the partner's eye, and obviously also the lack of any signs of engagement ring or family pictures. Apparently a single boss! Apart from the actual professional skills, he also inquired about my schedules, and I managed to convey to him that I am single and completely free of any engagements. I was hired on the spot and shown my working station outside his room, with a white MAC Power book, a straight-backed chair, and a small table offering no protection against him observing my actions (and my legs) from his office. Somehow I got the feeling that he was going to observe especially my butt, which was not an entirely unpleasant development, as I found him very attractive..

Next Monday I started at the office. I wore a pleated black miniskirt, a pink cashmere twinset which displayed splendidly my proud bosom and long, slim neck encased in the tight roll-neck of the sweater, high heels and black stockings, and my chastity belt with no panties. I wore the key to the belt on a chain hanging from a collar-like leather choker hidden under the turtleneck collar of the sweater. When sitting down I made sure to swing my skirt away and to sit directly with my bottom on the chair. I was busily typing and arranging meetings for the Boss, when he called me to his office to have a welcome cup of coffee and a chat. He welcomed me warmly and said that he believes that I had something that he should keep: a certain key! I almost fell off my chair! He then said that he knew Mistress Lydia, and that she had confined in him to find me a suitable new position. In a way I felt relieved, but on the other hand I felt that I had been sold! Anyway, I showed him the belt and he took the key, promising to keep it safely and offer me necessary relief as a reward.. He precised, that he would be the judge deciding what was "necessary" on the pleasure area. I agreed, smiling warmly and keeping my eyes carefully downcast. In fact, I had started the "O" regime, not allowing myself to look at men over the crotch level other than occasional glimpses and in work-related issues. And when ordered, of course.

He also instructed me on regime and training, stating that unlike Mistress Lydia, he was a breast person, and that my endowment in that compartment was to be significantly improved soonest. I had to start immediately with training and herbal treatments. My waist size should also be further reduced, and my chest should go up to create the desired hourglass figure. A corset would be necessary for this purpose. About office attire he was quite happy with me wearing soft sweaters and short skirts, and suggested also going for short, figure-hugging sweaterdresses as soon as possible. The ideal dress would also have either a massive cowl collar, or a tight turtleneck collar, or also a huge sweetheart décolleté showing off the tops of my breasts.

I worked happily for the entire week, and every night I went to bed constantly frustrated because of the chastity belt. Then came Friday, and at the end of the workday the Boss invited me to his office after having closed the doors and sent everybody else out. He then pushed me on my knees on the floor and had me perform fellatio to his considerable cock. This was my first encounter with a male member in a long time, and I realized that I certainly was bisexual, provided the partner is sufficiently dominant. Soon I was writhing in my own frustrated excitement, while happily sucking him deep in my throat. He did not want to ejaculate, but pushed me away, produced the key and opened my belt, releasing my cunt for his attentions. First he fingered me to an orgasm, and then pushed me down, doggy-style and mounted me from behind, filling me up to the neck of my womb. Never had I thought that intercourse with a male could be that fulfilling. He was determined and gentle, firm and demanding, all at the same time. I came like a steam engine, and feeling my breasts move back and forth under the sweater was immensely arousing! When we were done, he had me wash my private parts and locked me up again, and sent me home. See you on Monday, be a good girl.

On Saturday I went hunting for sweaters and dresses, with the goal of finding several soft, figure-hugging outfits, different for every day, and matching heels and stockings. I also found a wide leather belt with kind of a lock on it. I found out that if I wore it backwards, the lock would hang and bounce deliciously on my butt. I did not want any panty lines under those dresses, so it would be bare-bottom working, except the chastity belt. Delicious.

Monday morning came, and I tottered around in the office in my pink mini sweaterdress with the cowl collar consisting of 100cm of knit rolled and collected around my neck and forming a doughnut-shaped mass of mohair 3 times wider than my head, stay-up stockings and very high heels. At times during the day I noticed the Boss looking at me with gleaming eyes, and finally, when all the others had gone home, he came to my desk, grabbed my tits from behind, and massaged them gently to verify that I did not have any bra on. Good girl, he said. Then he surprised me by giving me a bob of pink knitting yarn and sticks, and saying: When you get home, start knitting yourself a balaclava and matching mittens. Your wig will stay at the office from tomorrow night, and if you intend to conceal your lovely bald head, you will wear a balaclava matching your outfits. Once at home I surfed for knitting patterns, and settled for a very tight design covering my entire head except the eyes, the nose and the mouth. There was enough of the yarn to produce also a wide and long scarf that I could use to cover everything else but the eyes, and the mittens. Next morning I went to the office by tube, wearing the new cap and scarf and mittens, and having the wig in my purse. Oh, how vulnerable this made me feel.. The wig stayed the week in the office, and I travelled home wearing the balaclavas, and of course getting some stares because it was still quite warm in the autumn. The mittens were also wonderful in maintaining the submissive feeling, as they made holding anything very difficult. I even pretended that I could not remove them and had to fumble for the ticket at the gates in an awkward manner.

Friday came, and I had been producing more knit balaclavas every night to match the colors of my sweaterdresses. When everybody else had left, the Boss unlocked my chastity belt and proceeded to fuck me for a long time. I came and came and came and finally was all exhausted. Only then did he come and filled me with his hot lava. Finally he licked my clean and sucked all the sperm from my pussy. Before locking me in my chastity belt he inserted a butt plug, and said that he wants my anus to be as deliciously accessible as my pussy is, and that there will be a gradually larger butt plug for me every second day to wear at the office, and that he would insert it personally to keep track of the progress. In the evening I felt the need to go to the toilet and started to panic because I was still wearing the butt plug. However, there was no need to worry, because I realized that the chastity belt was cleverly designed to allow the butt plug to be removed and inserted again. I could not leave it out, as it would have been visible hanging down between my bottom cheeks, so to be somewhat presentable, I had to reinsert it, and squeeze my sphincter muscle to keep it inside.

So we continued at the office and I was working on my regime at home building my bottom and chest and slimming my waist, until one day the Boss said that I should report at a private clinic the next day for my breast enhancement operation. No need to worry the pretty head about the details, he said. This is something he wants done so that's that and I will have to comply. At the end there would be a reward for me. At the clinic I was promptly sedated after having signed releases and instructions I did not even bother to read, and when I woke up, there was an unfamiliar weight on my chest, all covered in bandages. The Boss came to fetch me, and brought me home, where a visiting nurse came for the 2 first weeks to take care of me. For a month I had to wear a tight bra at night to ensure that the form of my new tits would correspond with the specification the Boss had given, and I could only sleep on my back to avoid any lopsidedness.

Then the glorious day came when I could get back to the office, braless and bold and immensely proud of the devastating effect my new charms had on all males in the entourage. My chest was at least size 40 EE, and bounced with every step I took. The nipples were permanently erect, and strained against the fabric of the light cashmere dresses. The prominent and large aureoles had also been tattooed with a surprisingly dark brown color, to make them apparent under anything but black sweaters. The whole day I noticed the Boss looking at my tits and having a visible bulge in his pants.. In the evening he then asked me to come to his office, where a new piece of furniture had been brought in, a sturdy leather-upholstered chair with no armrests. He sat down on it and guided me gently to sit on his lap, smothering his face between my enormous sweater-covered tits. I felt him working on the hem of the sweaterdress, removing the chastity belt, and entering me gently. We soon found a perfect rhythm and both came explosively after a few minutes. To my surprise he did not lift me off his lap, but got up and walked around in the room, still firmly lodged in my pussy and apparently not seeing anything because of my tits around his head. After a while he, however, released me and turned me upside down in his strong hands, with my feet on his shoulders, and him grasping my tiny sweatered waist, while I took hold of his prick and wormed my finger up his ass. He then started eating my pussy, while I sucked his penis for everything I was worth. Delicious; we came and came again and again.

After several exhausting orgasms he locked me again in the familiar chastity belt, put my sweaterdress back and threaded the balaclava on my bald head. He also cuffed my hands behind my back and pushed a rubber ball gag in my mouth, and then put another knit cap on my head, covering my eyes. What is going on, I thought, but felt secure and trusting when he had whispered sweet things in my ears and kissed and cuddled me. We proceeded apparently by car to an unknown destination, where I was led to a building smelling slightly of disinfectant. I felt my dress being removed, and two sharp stings in my nipples. I also felt something cold being placed around my neck and heard a faint click, everything else being silent.

My dress was then replaced, and we drove again, and later entered another building, this time smelling of leather, cigars and expensive whisky, obviously a man's home!. When my vision was restored by removing the second knit cap, I saw that I was in an unfamiliar flat with the Boss, and to my astonishment also saw Mistress Lydia and all the other people from the office. There was also a minister/priest. To my immense surprise there was a short wedding ceremony, where I was asked if I wanted to belong, love and obey the Boss, and he was asked if he wanted to love and take care of my needs. We both said yes, and to seal the bond, a chain was threaded and soldered fast through my nipple rings, my collar, and my chastity belt. I was irrevocably trapped in a new relationship and loved every minute of it! To seal the bonds, Mistress Lydia then gave "my" remote controller to the Boss. In the evening I was locked in a pillory in his bedroom, and put into auto-orgasmic mode. He fell asleep while I moaned away in the waves of bliss, unaware of any surroundings. In the morning the batteries were depleted and I slept in his arms. Apparently he had released me from the pillory, exhausted of the constant orgasms.

The relationship continued so that in the office I was the sexy, demure Assistant wearing sweet, sexy sweaters and dresses and matching legwarmers and openly sitting on my unpantied butt, sometimes squirming on a gradually larger butt plug to keep my recently opened anus accessible to the Boss's large penis. At home my Master kept me bald, wearing a tiny cropped angora turtleneck sweater and heels. Sometimes I also wore matching leg-warmers at home to complete the outfit but leave my bottom available to his ministrations and caresses. I was obviously also wearing either the chastity belt or was handcuffed behind my back because otherwise I would be constantly masturbating, and my orgasms were to be a reward only, granted when he felt that I had earned one, and this did certainly not happen as often as I would have wanted!. The limits on the number of orgasms did not, however, apply to the Boss, whom I had to suck off or accommodate in my pussy or anus on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. He did not always come, but clearly enjoyed my caresses, and I always enjoyed the attention and loving he gave me.. He even massaged my bottom every day to enhance the curves, as he said. Every day I had to sit on his desk and really split my legs to show him my pussy in its chastity belt, and allow him to caress, lick and kiss it.

My exercise regime continued but in a more careful way to preserve my heavy tits from stretching and sagging. I had to wear a sturdy sports bra when exercising to preserve the forms so carefully sculpted by the leading plastic surgeon in the country. I spent countless hours slaving away on an exercise bike to tune my bottom. Gradually my bottom cheeks took a life of their own because of the constant massage, exercise and lack of panties, so that when walking the cheeks moved in their independent rhythm up and down and bounced to really show off that I was not wearing panties.

One day the Boss took me to a tattoo parlor, and had the name of Mistress Lydia removed, while having his name tattooed across my tits and bottom.. I felt very good about this, as I now again was really displayed to be owned, and knew where I belonged! The text was not really large, but nevertheless visible from above and below, because the names were tattooed to the upper side of my right breast, and the bottom side of my left bottom globe, so every time I wore a plunging neckline, or a very short skirt, or both. his ownership was displayed..

That night I spent for the first time the whole night with him in his bed. To tell the truth, I had high hopes for multiple orgasms, but unfortunately his plans were different and more subtle. I found myself spending the night cocooned in a mohair blanket, tied at my neck and ankles, and my arms tightly wrapped inside the multiple layers of the blanket. Sure, Master cuddled with me for a long time before taking me in his arms and falling asleep, but I did not come that night. In the morning he straddled my face and I was allowed to suck him off before breakfast. This happened every night from then on, with different blankets and getting more and more addicted to the feeling of mohair on my whole body. Gradually he even removed the chastity belt more and more often so that I was able to rub my depilated pussy against the mohair and this way get more and more excited, but as my hands we tied and he did not allow me any real friction on my clit, I did not come but built more and more sexual excitement every night.

For the frequent fucks in the office he soon took up a new routine, which allowed him satisfaction but none to me, other than the nice feeling of closeness and warmth. He had me on all fours on a soft carpet, still belted, and wearing a soft sweaterdress, and humped my bottom cleft over the dress and the belt, until he was close to coming, at which time he had me turn around and suck him. Alternatively, he would have me kneel between his legs, and caress hi cock between my sweater-covered huge and soft tits, until he again came in my mouth.. The doggy-style fucking/humping was especially very satisfying for me, as my enhanced, braless breasts would rub deliciously against the carpet. My pierced nipples were so sensitive that I was many times close to coming from this use, but obviously did not, as my Master was carefully reading my panting and slowed infuriatingly down before I could come.

To be continued?

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