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Early on I realized I was different from the other girls, I didn't like the boys, I liked the girls. Now living in a small town did not offer many opportunities for a 5'10 lesbian, so I headed for Los Angeles with hopes and a great job waiting for me. I gradually worked my way to the top of the food chain at one local bar called Ladies Night. Everyone knew me and I had my choice of the young ladies to use, and use and discard them I did. Many a young ladies panties were lost to me. I attract a lot of attention in my three inch high heels making me 611" with 36D's leading the way, with long flowing brown hair and my long legs in a short skirt, I was the queen. I occupied the VIP area in the club anytime I came in and had my say as to who was allowed in the private areas. I had an entourage and we controlled everything from the dance floor to the pool tables.

One Friday night I arrived at the club just a little later than usual, I stopped at the bar to check out the new bartender and to grab a drink. I looked up to the VIP area and saw this beautiful redhead sitting in my chair starring at me with a smirk on her face. I approached the owner of the club and found out she was involved in the entertainment industry, was very powerful and apparently very, very wealthy. The owner asked me to be nice to her and her crew, to which I agreed. Before the night was over she sent a drink to me and asked me to join her. We immediately hit it off and I spent the next several hours talking to Lydia. During it all I was a little uncomfortable with the feeling she was leading me and that is not a feeling I am comfortable with. She asked me back to her place and I declined and said maybe another time and left the club.

The following Friday I arrived at the club early and once again found her there and in my chair. I strutted up the stairs and explained to her this was my area and that I usually had it all to myself except for those I allowed in. She laughed and said I knew if I sat here again I would have the chance to talk to you once more. Again I found myself talking and laughing and before long I realized she was still in my chair. That night I did go home with her. She lived in the biggest house I had ever been in, complete with people attending to our every need. Once in her bedroom she started stripping me and again she was trying to control a person who is use to being in control. When she slid off my bras and exposed what have been described as perfect tits she moaned and began to lick, expertly sucking and teasing my nipples until she brought me to orgasm. Then she slid off my panties to expose my thick and well groomed muff.

Now all the women in the men's magazines do not have a trace of hair anywhere on their pussies. Mostly lesbians take great pride in their pubic patch and like to keep it natural and do not like to have their grooming habits dictated by some man in a board room. For years I have groomed, trimmed and shaped my pubic hair with conditioners, shampoos, trimmers and soft brushes until I have a mound of fur, not kinky pubic hair. My lovers always comment and spend hours stroking and running their fingers thru it. Lydia was no different and brought me to multiple orgasms with her tongue and fingers until I finally rolled over and went to sleep. When I awoke she was gone, her help said I was to make myself at home and proceeded to cook for me and arranged a massage and a Mani/Petti. While in the midst of my being spoiled I realized I had been seduced and had never seen Lydia naked, damn she did it to me again.

When Lydia came home I was by the pool and she immediately came over to me, kissed me and asked if there was anything I needed, she was wonderful. I stood up to kiss her and realized she was at least 3" taller than me and judging by the size of the borrowed bathing suit I was wearing she was at least a DD. That night I found myself in her arms again lightly complaining it was my turn to please her. She agreed and laid back on the bed and I proceeded to do just that. Her body was more than my equal and her tits were perfect with large areolas and long firm nipples. When I finally made my way down between her legs I was greeted with a gorgeous red silky large patch of fur. I spent the next several hours with my nose in her muff and my tongue buried in the sweetest pussy I have ever experienced.

We were together every night for the next month and she finally asked me to move in with her and to be her assistant. I really had to work hard to keep up with her but the rewards and the life style was like a dream come true. I found myself becoming more and more submissive and at times was almost angry with myself and still was not comfortable with those feelings. Still at work or in bed she would always find a way to exert her dominance over me. She did at times allow me to tie her with silk scarves and have my way with her, which I just loved. I would get a little rough with the nipple play making her beg me to stop and would have her suck my pussy until I was satisfied. On one such occasion feeling really empowered I forced her to slip her tongue in my ass at the threat of shaving that beautiful mound between her legs. Now some of you might not think shaving to be such a big deal but understand that allowing someone to shave you can be very erotic and can be an act of submission in certain circles. She like me was very proud of her mound and had gone to great lengths to take care of it.

We had been together for six months and our life together was fantastic. We both struggled with the same feelings, hers was to treat me as an equal in bed and mine was trying to get her to do that. We still hit the club and between the two of us we had no equals. One Friday night she suggested we stay home instead of going out so that we could spend some quiet time together. That usually meant an evening of great sex. After dinner she released the house crew so we could be alone without interruption. We drank a little, smoked a little and moved to the bedroom and stripped each other. She opened the toy chest and produced the leather cuffs and straps I used to tie her to the bed. Only this time she suggested she tie me and take the dominate roll, now I have to tell this is not what I do best. After some persuasion I found myself spread eagle on the bed strapped down barely able to move and at her mercy.

She leaned in and whispered, tonight I have something really special for you and then slipped a ball gag in my mouth and slipped and blindfold on me, I pulled on the straps again only to find I was helpless. I heard a buzz and then felt it between my legs and realized she was shaving my pubic hair. I cried out thru the gag but she proceeded to completely shave me. She whispered the night has just begun as I fought back the tears. I felt a second set of hands on me and suddenly felt scared and very vulnerable as she and this other party whispered. I heard a popping sound and a slight sting on my freshly shorn mound. I took me a minute before I realized she was having my pubic hair lasered off. I tried to scream and fight back but I could barely move and was crying uncontrollably. She used the laser over my entire pubic area and even between my legs. When she finished she soothed the area with some kind of cream. Lydia kissed my check and licked away a tear and said not to worry love, this makes you mine for all time. I felt a gloved hand rubbing and tugging my clit until it seemed numb and then I felt it, the piercing. Quickly she moved to my nipples and proceeded to do the same to both. I was crying when Lydia removed the gag and before I could catch my breath and ask her why she mounted my face and I found myself sucking and licking her and ignoring the pain I was in.

When she released me I went to the mirror and stared in disbelief, my glorious mound of fur was gone, forever. My large sensitive clit was now pushed out and completely exposed and my big nipples were even larger, over sized. Lydia helped me take care of my piercings and even talked me into a second laser treatment to remove the slight re-growth of hair. She did buy me a new Jaguar convertible to help me get over my new condition. Months past and even though I was upset with her taking advantage of me when I trusted her I oddly found myself submitting to her will and enjoying it. The piercing made my clit so sensitive that all she had to do was flick my also pierced nipples with her tongue and just touch my clit with her fingers and she would send me into frenzied orgasms. Just the feel of my silk panties rubbing against me kept me wet and excited all the time, so much so that I had to wear pads to keep the juices from running down my legs. I was always wanting and waiting for sex with Lydia, I was at her call. More and more she was having me please her and making me wait or almost beg for my pleasure.

I whined a little to her that she had been ignoring my needs of late. She told me not to worry this weekend she would remedy the situation. Saturday night came and Lydia told me to get dressed and we hit the town including the club. It was still early when she whispered, let's go home, with that we headed home to be alone. She slowly stripped me and laid me on the bed, she was sucking and nibbling my all ready swollen nipples and stroking my exposed clit. She straddled me and pinned my hands over my head and gave me a wet sucking kiss that took my breath away, she then once again tied me to the bed. Once again the blindfold and ball gag were in place and soon the second set of hands were on me. I once again felt the buzz on my hairless mound and soon realized I was being tattooed. When she finished I heard the door slam and soon Lydia was on my pussy with her tongue, bringing me to the brink of orgasm and then stopping. She kept me in the frenzied state for what seemed like hours before she finally took me over the edge. I experienced the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. It was so strong I blacked out for just a second.

Once out of my bonds I looked in the mirror and saw that I now had a tattoo in a beautiful script that said, LYDIA across my hairless mound in three inch high letters. Lydia came from behind and slipped her arms around me and told me she wanted me for all time, at that moment I let myself go and submitted to her completely. A couple of weeks later Lydia called me into her office and told me she had a present for me and told me to strip, which I did without hesitation. She opened a box and produced what turned out to be a chastity belt. She told me she took my measurements while I was tied up and had this one crafted especially for me. I stepped into the belt as she pulled it on me and brought it to my waist. Once buckled around my waist she produced the second part which was the front shield that was made of gold with Lydia engraved on the front and had a vaginal insert, I gasped as she slid it in me. Once in place she locked it all together and told me she would hold the key. The belt was a perfect fit, I did not even have room to fit my fingers under the belt. The front shield also had a small feature that rubbed my always swollen clit when I walked. Lydia smiled and said now for my favorite feature and she held up a remote and pushed the button and the vaginal insert and the knob that rubbed my clit began to vibrate. With every click it got faster and faster until I was on the floor in ecstasy, she allowed me several orgasms before she shut in off.

She kissed me and said now I can give you or deny you pleasure at my discretion, and you will give me pleasure also at my discretion, my love. Now I think we should we should go to the club tonight and take this baby out for a test drive. Once at the club she toyed with the control all night bringing me up and down and even at one point I cried out in pleasure and frustration. I don't know if was just me but it seemed like everyone was staring at me. Some of my old girls asked me if I was alright, that I seemed different. How do you tell someone who looked up to you that you have had your pubic hair permanently removed, your clit and nipples pierced, your lovers named tattooed on your mound and that you are wearing a chastity belt that you don't have the keys to without sounding like someone's bitch, you don't.

I had been in the belt now for three weeks without relief and she was constantly using the remote to keep me in a state of excitement. I finally was on my knees at her feet begging to be let out for some relief, agreeing to do anything she wanting. With that she grabbed me by the hand and led me to the Salon we have in the house and strapped me to one of the chairs. Lydia then produced a pair of shears and started shaving my beautiful hair. I struggled and she reminded me I said anything and if I wanted out to just let it happen. With tears running down my face she completely shaved my head. She then lathered me up and used a razor to remove any traces of hair. She kissed me and told me from now on I was to keep my head shaved until she told me otherwise. I now have my head shaved two or three times a week and have scalp treatments to keep the skin smooth. Lydia has started having me wear extremely short skirts while I am at work for her pleasure. She loves my long shapely legs and has me work out with a trainer all the time to keep my body in great shape. When we go to the studios I get a lot of stares from admiring men and women. How often do you see a 6'1" bald headed woman with a killer body wearing extremely revealing clothes, even in Los Angeles?

Between the belt and Lydia with the remote I stay in a constant state or arousal waiting to please her and begging to be pleased. She sometimes lets me out and we make love together and the orgasms I have are so intense I can't even describe them, and then I gladly go back in the belt. When we go out to a nice restaurant an opening or to a business meeting she allows me to wear a nice dress or a suit for the occasion. One Friday after a nice dinner, we were back in the Limo, Lydia told me to strip that she had a present for me. I removed my clothes and was down to my bra and panties and she said get rid of those also. Soon I was completely nude except for the belt. She handed me a box and told me to put the clothes on. The top was a sheer luminescent white skin tight fitting top that showed my tits and the piercing were completely visible and my nipples were completely exposed. The bottoms were made of the same material and hid nothing, the belt could easily be seen and the front shield being gold was not hidden at all. She handed me a pair of red stiletto heels with ankle straps. She asked me to turn around and then placed a three wide fitted gold band around my neck and locked it in place and of course Lydia was engraved on the front. She also placed three inch wide bracelets on each wrist and they locked in place. The bright red lipstick on my full pouty lips was the final touch to my new outfit. Lydia was pleased and said I love this lesbian slut look on you.

The car came to a stop and I realized we were sitting in front of Ladies Night. I think Lydia knew by the look of terror on my face that I did not want to go in. We had not been there since she shaved my head and now I was all slutted up. I looked at Lydia and mouthed the word please no. With that she opened the door and said come on love, it will be fun for both of us. When you walk in the door of the club you are on a platform where everyone can see you, Lydia of course stopped and waited as the whole club looked on. Some of the girls I had used in the past were starring and laughing and some were in shock and looked on with amusement. We made our way to the VIP area and instead of allowing me to sit next to her, Lydia had me kneel on the floor next to her chair. Lydia paraded me around all night, first to the bar to get her a drink, then the dance floor and cleared the floor and had me dance for the entire club. When I thought it could not get any worse she hooked a gold chain on my collar and led me from the dance floor.

After humiliating me for hours we finally left the club and went home. I was quiet on the ride home wondering how I had arrived at this place and wondering if this small town girl was out of her league. Once home Lydia brought me in and had me undress her and then strip myself and sit at her feet. She said I have brought you a long way from our first meeting. I pay you well and have trusted you with the details of my business and personal life, something I have never done with anyone. I had to know that you were not only loyal but would not ever leave me before we went any further. You have proven that no matter what you want to be with me and love me like I love you. I looked up and said you didn't have to do that tonight for me to prove myself to you. She laughed and said oh honey I know that, but there can only be one queen and now the whole kingdom knows who she is. With that she spread her long legs and said now make me glad I chose you to be my partner for life.

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