The Assistant - Part II

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This past August I told my story to all interested readers, this is the continuation. Lydia is the woman I work for, she not only is my boss, my lover but also the key holder. Not to retell my story but she shaved my head and had my pubic hair lasered off, pierced my clit and nipples and tattooed her name across my now permanently bald mound. She has paraded me around on a chain like her bitch in front of the women I use to dominate. I have for all intense and purposes become her slave, and love it.

She has me pleasing her and begging for my own release, which it slow to come. She usually has me wait for months on end for an orgasm. I am allowed out of the belt on a daily basis for cleaning and to change pads during the time of the month when I have my period, which comes and ends like clockwork.

Four months ago Lydia suggested we stay home and have an evening to ourselves. Those evenings usually result in my release and some serious sex with all the toys. Lydia is not without passion and lust and fortunately I am the object of both of those desires. After releasing the house chef and sending the staff away I knew the evening was shaping up to be something special, little did I know. We moved to our play room, you cannot even begin to imagine the objects of pain and pleasure that exist. She has a table/bed with stirrups and arm restraints that once in you cannot get out of. This is one of her favorites and she loves to strap me in and tease me for hours on end before letting me orgasm. We have several strapons which she will use on me until my pussy can take no more and I plead with her to stop. She always reminds me the next time I ask for release that I was the one who wanted to stop. This usually cost me something if I want release, pictures, videos anything that will place me further under her permanent control. Sometimes she will bring me to the brink time after time and then place me back in the belt leaving me at her feet begging.

This particular evening she released me and told me to shower but not to touch myself. It had been a long time since the last release and the water from the shower head was bringing me close to orgasm until she stepped in and said out and dry off. On the bed we kissed and held each other and she made love to me and brought me to multiple orgasms with no pleasure for herself. She then looked at me and asked if I would give her what she wanted, of course I said anything. We moved over to the table and she strapped me in. With legs spread and arms strapped in and ball gag in place I was vulnerable to her every desire, even I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

She left the room and when she returned she had a man with her, he was tall, gorgeous, well built and wearing a robe. She came over to me and reminded me that I offered to give her whatever she wanted. She leaned in and said I love you and what I want more than anything else is to have a baby with you and this is the man who is going to do it for us. I pulled on the straps and realized that I was going to have sex with a man for the first time in my life and there was nothing I could do about it. Lydia said I have been tracking your periods for months and I know that you are at your most fertile time.

She stepped back and removed his robe and exposed his completely hairless body and nine inch plus cock. Slowly he moved between my legs and placed his cock against my pussy. I found myself scared, strangely aroused and soaking wet, he gently pushed until I felt the head slip in. He began to work in and out, inch by inch, not wanting to hurt or scare me, until he was all the way in. I loved the warmth of a real cock and the way it felt inside me, hard but soft enough to conform. I know that sounds odd but I don't know how else to describe it, I had only experienced vibrators and dildos.

He withdrew all the way to the tip and slowly pushed back in me, I had my first orgasm. After a couple of minutes I wanted out of the straps so I could move with him, fuck him the way he was fucking me. The orgasms were coming one after another, wave after wave. I think Lydia saw and loved my pleasure and frustration. Finally he started moaning, I felt his cock start to pulse and then like and hot fountain he started coming. I had never felt anything like this and my body responded with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. This man fucked my hot swollen pussy twice more before the night was over. This was a new and exciting sexual experience that once again I owed to Lydia.

I was placed back in my belt after she cleaned me up and then released, I went straight to the bed a passed out. When I awoke Lydia was wrapped around me, holding me, squeezing me. I was now under watch by her and the staff and was not allowed out of the belt without supervision. When it came time for my clockwork period, I was late and knew what had happened. I didn't think I could get pregnant on the first try and went to Lydia to discuss it. She had a female friend come over to examine me who is a gynecologist. I was stripped to my belt and placed on the table, strapped down and covered with a sheet. The doctor and Lydia came in together and when she lifted my sheet she turned to Lydia and smiled. She unlocked the belt, gave me a full exam and came back with the same verdict the home test showed, pregnant.

I am still in the belt and four months pregnant but have not started to show yet. Lydia always had me workout and has a trainer working with me now to strengthen my abs and back. She said we will do what we need to with the belt once I start to grow. She has removed the ring from my clit and the ones from my nipples, wanting the nipples to heal so I can breast feed. My stomach might not be growing but my tits are huge. If I wanted to abort the baby I can't because of the belt, I have no access and I am watched all the time. I am not allowed to drink and she has the house chef prepare a special menu recommended by the doctor. Lydia found a dual purpose for the belt, nothing in or out without her permission. I know I said back in August that I had submitted myself to Lydia, but this is without a doubt total submission, I am having her baby.

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