The Continuation of "Locked For Her"

Submitted by: Mike
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Christine woke me up as usual with a Saturday morning pussy licking. I love it but it would be even better if I wasn't locked in a CB6000. I haven't gotten to have full-blown sexual intercourse in a little less than a month. I've been locked up for about a year now and Christine promises that I will be marrying her completely locked up. Ultimately, she believes that it's better if I stay locked up for very long periods of time. In fact, she thinks it would be perfect if I was locked up for life.

"It is only fair that we women get to have more control over our men. Locking you up shows that I am truly superior and dominant to you."

Our relationship wasn't always like this; I dominated at first. As you read about in my first story, Christine used to be my little slut-on-call. I could get a BJ anywhere and anytime. Then came a party about a year ago. I got a little drunk and flirted with her friend. I thought I could get away with it.

I was wrong.

Now, I have to wear a cock cage 24/7. Every Friday of every week, I roll a dice. If I get a 1, I stay locked up, a 2, I get an HJ but when I cum, I am forced to eat all of my sperm. If I get a 3, I get an HJ and I get to cum in the garbage can. If I roll a 4, I get to jack myself off while watching Christine fuck herself with her Rabbit vibrator. If I roll a 5, I get a BJ. However, when I roll a 5, I roll a second time. If I get a 6, she will swallow all of my spunk; anything else and I am forced to drink my sperm from her mouth with a French kiss. If I roll a 6, I get to roll again. If I get another 6, I get to have intercourse with her any how and any way I want it. This can include forcing her to wear whatever I want her to wear, do whatever I want, anything. I am still waiting for that to happen. Here is the worst catch to this game: If I roll a 6 and then re-roll and I get a 1 through 5, Christine is allowed to do whatever she wants with another man and I stay locked up.

"Mmm, Michael, I love your tongue in between my hot little pussy folds! Do you taste that? That is the sperm of a very lucky guy who got to blow his huge wad inside of your beautiful girlfriend! Keep licking me, sweetheart! His balls were enormous! He clearly isn't wearing a cage." She moaned with pleasure after saying this aloud.

Early yesterday morning, before work, we played our dice game. I was so excited because I've been locked up for almost a month and I thought that I might be able to fuck my sexy girlfriend.

I rolled a 6. My heart skipped a beat. I rolled again quickly. A 5. Christine had the biggest smile on her face. She kissed the plastic tip of my poor, locked-up cock. "One more week, little one. Sorry!"

"He blew so much cum inside of me, honey. When you are done giving me at least three orgasms, I want you to lick out all of his cum from my tiny, black thong on the floor. Oh, and do all of the laundry including our panties. You're going to be wearing panties permanently from now on."

I continued eating her pussy while drinking the lucky guy's sperm. She giggled and continued to tell me all about her wild night with this guy…

Looks like no pleasure for me…

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