Locked For Her

Submitted by: Mike

It's been three whole weeks. Three weeks of no fun. 21 days without my manhood. My girlfriend has locked me into a CB6000. She loves it.

When we had first met, I was the alpha male. I did whatever I wanted and I got whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. She would give me oral sex whenever and wherever. I wouldn't beg or plead; after pulling into a random date spot, restaurant or movie theatre, I would pull down my pants, point down and she knew her job. She loved it. I loved it. This was before the chastity.

In the future...

We've just arrived back to my one-bedroom apartment. We enter the kitchen. Her skirt is raised and her crotchless panties are splayed open before me. She smiles and points down. I know my place. I begin licking like I've never licked before. She is moaning but in between her feminine pleasure she still takes time to put away the groceries. The phone rings and she answers. I continue licking.

"There is a party tonight?" My beautiful girlfriend of 20 years is grinning from ear to ear. She turns around. She motions to her pink asshole and pulls the ruffled string of her panties out of her scrumptious rump. I begin licking her backdoor.

"Well, I will be right over!" She exclaims before hanging up her pink Blackberry. "Mike, guess what? Jenny is having a party tonight!" She begins rubbing her left nipple while grabbing the back of my head and forcing me further into her ass. She moans harder and louder. I continue. "The only problem is... well... you aren't invited tonight! So, you know what that means!"

"Take off all your clothes, honey," Christine states after fixing her crotchless panties, "and lay on our bed with your man-pussy on display for me." I do as she asks. "This night could be a long one, sweetheart. Jenny says there are going to be lots of boys. I'm sure they aren't locked up so I'll let you just think about that while you are here by yourself." She giggles. I love it when she controls me. It's the only reason why I allow her to pretend as if I am her cuckold boyfriend. She lubes up my asshole and sticks the Aneros buttplug deep into me then flips me over and pulls Hannah Montana panties up my legs. Finally, she blindfolds me and places a ball gag in my mouth then locks it.

"Aw, poor baby, no pleasure for you tonight." She knows I love this; I am so turned on. "Nope, no play for you. Wow, locked, pantied, buttplugged, blindfolded and ballgagged. You must be pussywhipped... don't expect me home early." After giving my balls a kiss through the flimsy fabric of the panties, I hear the door close and lock. I rub my cock; the fake plastic one. I think back to my wild days of girls, drinking and cars. Did I mention girls? I loved getting some all the time but after we met, that all went right out the window when she found out I liked to be controlled.

I quickly fell asleep and awaited her arrival...

I awoke to her rustling me... the first thing she always checks is my cock to make sure it is still locked up. She smiles since it is... she loves knowing I'm not getting any pleasure anymore.

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