The Island

Submitted by: Roger

Max was the strong patient type, slow to anger but when he lost his patience he got really upset. Max was 6ft 4 inches tall, blond hair and blue eyes and 220 lb of muscle, at the moment he was tied to a bed by his girlfriend just for some kinky fun. She was teasing the heck out of him, and Max had a rampant erection because of it.

"I have got a surprise for you Max, do you know what this is [snigger] it's an escape proof Chastity belt, the tube goes over you penis like this and this steel ring locks behind your Ball's and if you think it's going to easy to pull out there is a set of teeth that will clamp down for five minutes before it let's go of you, next time you try it, it will be ten agonising minutes and so on, and I've hidden the key so in future you will do as your told if you ever want to use your dick again" Sarah said smugly.

Max took one look at the Chastity Belt and lost his erection making it easy for Sarah to put it on him.

"Sarah Harris you better let me up right now, and take this thing off me. I have to check on the boat because, there's a storm coming I can feel the boat rocking too much, CRASH!!! Oh @#%" he said.

Sarah just had enough time to cut the ropes and get into a small boat before it sunk under them not even enough time for a mayday call, max just grabbed his clothes. The storm raged around the boat was pushed forward by the waves for what seemed like hours but it was only minutes, when they grounded on a sandy Beach. Max pulled the boat up the sandy beach out of the way of the waves and the storm and turned it over, and crawled under it with Sarah and wondered where the Hell they were there wasn't supposed to be any rocks; there wasn't even supposed to be any Island here neither. The storm made talking imposable and after awhile the beating rain lulled them to sleep.

Hours later the storm moved on, and the sun came out drying everything out. The thing that woke Max up was a hard-on, it had nowhere to go in the tube and was pulling his Ball's off and making his dick hurt.

"OH crap my Ball's and dick hurt" he moaned.

Max heard a giggle in the dark and pushed the boat off them and looked at Sarah dressed in only a pink tee-shirt and light blue panties with dark blue lace around the edge, and tried to get hard.

"Oh my Ball's and dick, [he moaned] I stuck wearing this thing and the key is about two hundred feet down, and it's all your fault you little brat. What you need is a spanking and dam it, that's what you're going to get" he shouted.

Sarah opened her mouth to tell him she has the key on a chain around her neck, when she found herself over his lap and her panties pulled down and hard smack's rained down on her little bottom cheeks. Now she was getting mad with Max for making her bottom cheeks sore and smart, but the worse of it was she found she loved getting spanked and that made her ashamed, she must be a pervert and it was all Max's fault, so she kept quiet about the key and sobbed, and then the smarting turned to pleasure, and it seemed a super nova went off in her head, it was a orgasm the like she had never felt before, she trembled and squealed and ached her back and her eyes went as big as saucers and she screamed as she cum.

"I don't believe it, you like being spanked OHHHHH! My Ball's are being pulled off" he moaned holding himself.

"Good! Maybe your keep your hands to yourself "Sarah said pulling her panties up and wincing.

Max found his sandals and that's all, everything else was lost in the storm. Max took a good look around him for the first time, there was something not right here and then he stared in horror.

"That's imposable; there two Suns in the sky and the trees are not quite right, and it's a lot warmer than it should be at this time of the year, WE ARE NOT ON EARTH" he said in shock.

After they got over the shock they looking around them careful not to eat anything that might be poisonous, there were flowers everywhere and they smelled wonderful but there was something in the smell that really turned them both on, PHEROMONES - Oh that's @#$%ING great, I've got a hot and Horney female and I can't do anything about it, he moaned pulling at his Chastity Belt and almost sobbing with frustration.

"Max I must have you, "Sarah whined pulling her panties down, completely forgetting she had the key around her neck in her lust.

Max pulled Sarah to the ground and threw her panties away and put his head in-between Sarah's legs Licking and sucking her clitoris like his life depended on it, all the while he was so turned on it felt like his attempted erection was pulling his nuts off.

"What is he doing Jenner? And what is that thing on his Ball's and dick" Amy said puzzled.

"My you are full of questions aren't you Amy, I don't know what that thing is, but I think It's a good idea, all guys should wear one. I'll see our Science department and get them to study it and make some, looks like we better get them away from those flowers before they get too much Pheromones" Jenna said putting on a mask from her back-pack.

"Okay you two knock it off and come with us" Jenna said.

Sarah and Max were too far gone to care who was there, Max had sperm leaking out of his tube and Sarah had lost count of her orgasms, and ignored them and cared on making love.

"Okay Amy get on the comm. And get transport and don't forget your mask like last time, you tried to get my pants down I wouldn't have minded but Captain Muller was there [she giggled] you should have seen her face, I think she wanted to join in. I'm going to distil some of those flowers and wear a blocking agent and wear it like perfume and have some fun." she said eyeing Amy's lovely bottom cheeks.

While Amy was talking on the Comm, Jenna picked a dozen of the flowers and quickly put then in an air tight bag and grinned Amy was her roommate and Amy was a bit on the shy side, well after a little Pheromones she won't be shy [And she giggled again.

Thirty minutes later a Sec craft landed on antigravity motors and some grinning troopers stood around watching them.

"Okay stun them and put them in the craft, and give me anything they have on them, never mind about that thing on his Ball's and dick, It's not going to come off" Jenna said.

"We found this key, well that's what it looks like" one of the troopers said.

"Okay I'll bag it and take it with me; this may be the key to that thing he's wearing" she mused.

Later that day she interviewed Max and Sarah who were themselves again.

"Stand up Max she said, let's try this key, oh my you are a big boy " Jenna said as Max's erection stood up.

"OH @#% that feels better, but where did you get the key?" He said.

"She was wearing it around her neck on a chain" Jenna said grinning at his red face.

"Dammit! You could have told me Sarah" he said to the scared girl.

And then to Jenna's surprise he put Sarah over his knee and took down her panties and spanked the wriggling girl.

"I'm sorry Max, I was only having some [smack] owwww, fun [smack] owww, [smack] I was going to tell you but those flowers messed up my mind" Sarah said from near the floor.

Jenna was strangely turned on by the spanking, she looked at Sarah's bed bottom cheeks and knew it must hurt, but she was still turned on and she decided to wait her opportunity and spank Amy, now she was really turned on and felt her clitoris throb, and she licked her lips at the spanking still going on in front of her but at last it stopped, and then Max did a strange thing, he sat Sarah on her sore bottom and hugged her telling her he loved her.

Jenna told Max every so often people suddenly show up where they found them after a storm, and it was Amy and her job to take a look just in case, most time there was nothing, but every so often somebody would be there, and there Scientist decided there must be a vortex or wormhole connecting the two planets but it was a bit erratic, and if one of the two ends didn't make contact it didn't work, which was just as well, it wouldn't be very nice to go in one end and come out in vacuum.

"What planet are you from Max, is it Earth?" Jenna asked.

"Yes! We were in my boat and I set it on auto, and I was down in the cabin having some fun with Sarah when she put that Chastity Belt on me, just as she snapped it shut I heard a crash, and we had just enough time to get in the lifeboat before it sunk, and then we smelled those flowers and the rest you know" Max said.

"Yes those flowers, [she grinned thinking of the fun she was going to have with Amy] they seem to grow on that part of the Island, and if you're not careful they will get a hold of you, and you'll find yourself doing all sorts of things with the people your with" Jenna said with a grin.

"How come you can understand English?" Sarah asked.

"Well the story is a cruise ship came through the vortex and they spoke English and some of them were scientist that was 200 years ago, the vortex also has a time effect as well. Anyway as far as we know we haven't been able to find out how to get back, so you might be stuck here with us" Jenna said.

Just then a female came in with the Chastity Belt and gave it to Jenna.

"Our Scientist say it will be easy to mass produce it for the male population, and they've already started to make them with the Matter Transmitter, and they made some miner improvements on this one as well, you're no longer need a key just a live thumb print, there will be two thumb prints yours Jenna, and the mate of the male yours will be the master that will unlock all of them" she said with a grin.

"Thank you, you may go and hand out the Chastity Belts to the rest of the Women. Now Sarah put the Chastity Belt on Max again and put your thumb print here on this disk and whenever you have need of him just touch it with your thumb, and you can take it off again" she said smiling at Max's face.

Sarah was frilled and quickly put the chastity Belt on Max before he could get hard, and when she done it she put her thumb on the disk and then she caressed his Ball's until he moaned and was close to coming and then she stopped.

"Oh I should tell you Max, there is a drug that goes's into the food that only affects the males, you will want to have an orgasm but you won't be able to come, YOU WILL BE SO HORNEY ALL THE TIME. [Giggle] the males get so desperate we have to milk them by putting a vibe, up there asshole, and after ten minutes or so there sperm leaks out without giving them an orgasm, draining them dry," Dam I love being a woman" and with that Jenna walked off.

"Oh @#$#% I have to get this thing off me" he shouted.

He dried pulling his dick out of the tube, when and a set off teeth snapped down on his penis making him squeal in pain, Max stayed like that for five agonizing minutes when the teeth relished him, and in a panic he pushed it back in and held himself in pain.

"Oh crap! That hurt, what do I do Sarah?" Max said still in pain.

"I guess you have to be a good boy Max, and do as you're told the first time. Oh yes, when you need to be milked let me know, and I'll be delighted to do it for you, as long as you ask me nicely" she said and she smacked his bottom cheek.

Jenna got the flowers distilled into a perfume, it only took 30 minutes, and she also made a blocking agent for herself in a pill form, and then she spayed the perfume on herself just before she had dinner with Amy.

Amy began to get turned on as she sat down for dinner that night, she looked at Jenna shyly, Jenna was wearing a lose flowing top that hid everything and a modest skirt, suddenly she looked at Jenna with hungry eyes and started to breathe heavily - Amy couldn't stand it anymore.

"Jenna I want you take your panties off and the rest of your clothes, before I rip them off you " Amy said drooling.

"Amy I not that sort of girl..." she said and didn't get any further.

Amy threw herself on Jenna and ripped her blouse off and her bra and panties the rest of her clothes quickly followed. The next thing she knew Amy had her head in-between her legs licking and sucking her clitoris, Jenna made sure she had plenty of perfume down there as well.

Jenna was surprised at the ferocity of Amy's lovemaking, and was a little frightened by Amy, but then she had a strong orgasm and just gave herself over and kissed Amy and ripped off her shorts and tee-shirt.

After the perfume wore off Amy was in tears, and was embarrassed by what she had done.

"I'm so sorry Jenna [she sobbed] I don't know why I done that Please don't tell anyone" Amy sobbed.

Jenna was sorry for what she done; she loved Amy and had always wanted to make love to her, so she decided to tell her the truth.

"Amy it wasn't your fault it was mine, I should ask you for forgiveness, I...I made a perfume of some of those flowers and a blocking agent for myself. I... I LOVE YOU AMY," Jenna said with tears running down her face.

"You did what! You ... you, did you say you love me? Jenna" Amy said frilled.

"Yes I'm sorry, I'll accept any punishment from you Amy" Jenna said in a small voice.

"I was watching Max spank Sarah, I want to spank you Jenna, and then I have something to tell you" she said with a strained voice.

"Yes Amy [she said timidly and bent over Amy's lap] please don't leave me Amy" Jenna said from near the floor.

Amy had never spanked anyone or seen a spanking until today, but she watched Max very closely, so she copied him and smacked Jenna's bottom cheeks hard making her squeal and kick her legs, Amy got so turned on she almost had an orgasm. She looked down at Jenna's red roasted bottom cheeks, and that tipped her over the top and had the best orgasm ever. After her orgasm was over she stopped spanking the sobbing Jenna and sat her on her lap just like Max had done to Sarah.

"Jenna I LOVE YOU, and that's what is going to happen to you whenever you're bad, I've loved you for a long time and I've been too afraid to tell you ,has that blocking agent worn off yet?" Amy asked Jenna cuddling her.

"Yes Amy it only lasted 30 minutes, I'll have to make it stronger" Jenna said loving the cuddles.

Amy reached over and picked up the spray, and with a wicked smile on her face she spayed Jenna breasts and her pussy, and then she spayed herself and waited. She didn't have to wait very long, both girls ended up in the sixty nine position and went at it like a couple of Rabbits in heat, Jenna last lucid thought was, I'll have to get some more of those flowers and she started moaning as another orgasm was racing toward her.

End of part one

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