The Island: Part 2

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Max held out as long as possible, it seem like forever but in fact it was only two very long weeks. The drug in the food or was it the water, really made him horny and he was almost sobbing with the need to come, all he had to do was look at any one of the beautiful girl on the Island and he would try to get an erection, but wearing a steel Chastity Belt over his penis and a steel ring around his Balls made that imposable.

Sarah was getting very dominant, he tried to resist her but the drug was too strong and found himself wanting to do as he was told. Sarah was still upset he spanked her in front of Jenna, so she wouldn't let him out for relief and now he was desperate.

"Sarah, will you milk me please, [max said going red] I just can't stand it anymore "he almost sobbed in his need.

"Well I was wondering how long you could go. But I can't do that degrading thing to you, it might hurt you. Amy showed me what they do to the men, they put this big vibe up there bottom hole and about ten minutes later there sperm leaks out , the poor things don't have a orgasm " she said getting very turned on.

"I don't care if you stick a baseball bat up there, I need relief Sarah PLEASE" max said pulling at his Chastity, belt but being very careful not to pull his dick out of the tube.

"Very well, but don't say I never warned you, strip naked Max and go to your knees and elbows and Stick your bottom in the air, but there is a penalty, you have to have a spanking with this thick leather strap afterward" Sarah said seeing how far she could go.

"Please Sarah; you can do anything you like to me" Max said almost in tears.

Sarah put plenty of lube on the big fat vibe shaped like a male penis, and she also put some up his bottom hole as well, causing a mild warm feeling that made him desperate to come. Sarah pushed the head of the vibe against his anis and slipped it inside of him. Sarah watched Max wriggle around in pain and moaned with his need , she giggled when he started making love to it, and after a minute or so he calmed down and enjoyed the feeling, Sarah drove the vibe/dildo right in as far as the big round disk at the end.

Max felt his ass hole being stretched impossible wide and immediately pain flooded through him, and then a warm erotic feeling flowed, and he found himself humping the vibe desperately his fat hanging Ball's full of sperm . After twelve minutes his ass hole was getting very sore, he felt his sperm dribbling out of his tube but he got no pleasure at all and he felt cheated, after a few minutes he was dry and Sarah pulled the vibe/dildo out.

"Well you made a pig of yourself Max, did I forget to tell you that drug won't let you have an orgasm [giggle] it was designed to please the superior sex, woman. Control a man's Ball's and you control the man it's as simple as that ,we don't have such weakness, as long as you think you're going to come your do whatever we tell you. Now for your spanking Max, bend over and touch your toes and spread your legs, I'll start off with six, and if you stand up I'll start all over again" Sarah told him.

Sarah was so turned on she could feel her secretions making her labia wet. She brought the strap back over her shoulder and brought it down hard on his left cheek only, so the wicked tails played havoc with the tender inner slope.

Max felt a line of fire across his left cheek and yelled with pain when the tails painted his tender bottom crack.

"OH @#$% please Sarah not so CRACK, OWWWW my ass hard "he whined.

Sarah gave the next one with all she had, and again he yelled with pain and he clench his bottom cheeks, the next one almost made him stand up but his macho pride kept him down. Sarah changed sides and strapped Max on his right cheek hard ,and again the tails played havoc with the inner slopes, again he clenched his bottom cheeks but this time as the strap landed and almost skinned his crack, this made him spread his bottom cheeks as far apart as he could, so they didn't touch, but to the sadistic Sarah this made an easy target, and the last stroke landed across his sore anis .Max howled and clenched his hands and wriggled his bottom cheeks jiggling his chastity belt madly.

Jenna and Amy were watching on a hidden camera fascinated and turned on; Jenna looked down at Amy's lovely round bottom cheeks as she sat on her knee and patted her left cheek.

"Be a good girl and get the strap Amy, I want to try it out on you "she said and smiled sweetly.

"Oh come on Jenna, that looks very painful [she whined] I bet his not having any trouble with a hard-on inside his Chastity belt" she said and giggled getting up for the strap.

While Amy was getting the strap, Jenna watched Sarah on the screen and noticed she took off Max's Chastity Belt and was madly riding his dick, like a thing possess. Jenna held the strap and told Amy to strip and bend over the table; she looked at Amy's softer rounder bottom cheeks and gave them a good smack with the strap. Amy wasn't anywhere near as brave as Max and burst into tears and stood up clutching her ass.

"OH my @#$%ing ass, OWWWW that hurt, OW, OW, OW, my bottom" Amy sobbed.

"Come on Amy back down and don't be a baby, you didn't hear Max bawl his eyes out. And where did you learn such words? I'm a good mind to wash your mouth with soap" she said crossly.

"I heard Max say them Jenna [bending over the table] I'm sorry I won't say them again" Amy said.

"You better not "she said and gave Amy's bottom a good strapping, which would keep her standing for a couple of hours.

"I love you Max, You don't have to wear that chastity Belt any longer" Sarah said caressing his Ball's.

"Yes I do, because I want too Sarah, and I want you to carry on being the boss, ever since we've been here it's been the happiest time of my life, I love you Sarah, you better put my Chastity Belt on before I get a hard-on " Max said feeling the tube go over his limp penis.

Max heard a click as the ring went behind his fat Ball's and shut, locking it until next time she wanted sex, immediately Max tried to get hard and couldn't, his penis was trying to break the steel tube and failing miss ably, this caused the ring to pull away from his body trying to pull his Ball's off . Max was a masochist and was enjoying the feeling of being dominated by Sarah and this caused him to try to get harder still making his Ball go a reddish blue colour. Max grabbed his Ball's as if to push them back against his body, and moaned with pleasure.

"You've got some work to do young man [spreading her legs wide] and you better not disappoint me" Sarah said with a wicked smile.

Max set to happily licking her clitoris and pleasuring Sarah.

Sarah picked up the thick leaver strap and smacked it down hard; on Max's bottom cheek's, which were high in the air making him squeal, the strap went down his bottom crack, and the wicked tails catching his Ball's making him work harder, whenever he slowed down Sarah would smack the strap down on a bottom cheeks, the tails playing havoc with his sit-spot.

To the watching Jenna and Amy they were so turned on that Jenna used the strap on Amy in the same way, causing Amy to squeal as the strap and its wicked tails sort out every nook and cranny. After Jenna pleasured Amy they snuggled up to each other and went to sleep.

Max and Amy were also cuddling into each other, and just before Max drifted off to sleep he thought how good life was, goon was all the stress of Earth life, in its place was the paradise ,living on this tropical Island with the girl he loved ,who kept him in an escape proof Chastity Belt. Life was very good and he drifted off to sleep.

The end

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