cb6000 Security Addition

Submitted by: Norbert


I tried all the CBx000 dvices when they came out. At first I was a bit surprised about the small size of the CB3000's tube. But eventually I managed to squeeze in.

The new CB6000 fits me like a second skin. I like it very much. But there still is the pull out problem. There are many proposals to solve it on your site or elsewhere in the Internet. If there are so many then it really must be a problem not easily solved.

So here is solution #n+1. I started from my experience with the buddylock. This is what it looks like.

n080612a.jpg n080612b.jpg

It consists of three parts:
A rubber ring of the right size that goes around the tip of the penis behind the glans.
A curiously shaped piece of stainless steel. (You find this material in the back of wind screen wipers.)
A ring cut out from a sheet of PMMA (Plexiglas) that makes the tube some 5mm longer.

The rubber ring is positioned around the glans. The penis is then inserted into the tube with the metal bit coming out through the front opening. The metal piece is then folded underneath the tube. Its little hook is engaged in the small hole at the bottom of the PMMA ring. This ring is then put flush against the back of the tube. Here you have to be carefull not to pinch your skin. Then the whole thing is secured with the usual spacer and locking pin.

The design works very nicely, at least for me. It may not be suitable for anyone else. But this is usually the case with these devices. Generally YMMV

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