Penile Negation Chastity Devices

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I thought you might be interested in something I know about. There is a chastity device which is in current popular use as male chastity devices by the indigenous people of India. According to ethnographers, the Sadhus caste of India have been following this particular folkway social behavior for more than 10,000 years.

This a topical area within the family life pantheon of Asian folkways that I have been involved with on a personal basis for over 20 years, and which I am still researching in the pursuit of a graduate thesis topic.

I realize this article may not be of interest to all of your readers, but if you find it worthy of posting to the website, go ahead.

According to the ancient practice, chastity by negation is entirely a male activity in which the penis and balls are encased in a hollow metal ball or encased in mud plaster (in a similar manner that a broken arm or leg is set into) or encased by some other construction. The purpose of this encasement is to install on the male wearer a very permanent and not easily removed chastity device which demonstrates to the wearer's community the extent and degree of the wearer's spiritual devotion and fidelity. An encasement chastity device allows the penis to attain full nonrestricted erection and for the balls to change shape and move about in an nonrestricted manner. Chastity by encasement therefore occurs to the wearer, being that all voluntary sensations are negated.

This means that to the wearer, any and all forms of touching or the perception of sensation by the genitals is impossible and absolutely no sex, masturbation or any type of direct contact to the penis and ball is therefore possible by this particular device to the wearer. What happens is that a man can attain an erection but he cannot relieve it. Because of the ball shape, no type of vibration or twisting can reduce this effect. Reportedly, over time all sensations from the penis and balls is reduced or negated and often pronounced and beneficial emotional and physical changes can be seen in the wearer.

Because of the specialized construction and installation methods of encasement devices, a specialized Smithy or itinerant craftsman visits the villages of the Sadhus and installs and remove encasement devices from the male wearer. And encasement chastity devices are worn in terms of weeks to months up to years in special cases, depending upon the degree of devotion sought of the spiritual wearer or in some rare instances, as terms of sentence for men found guilty of sexual crimes.

There are several visual and written records of note that record and visual evidence of the continued popular use of encasement chastity devices in the Sadhus of India. National Geographic and several epic public television documentaries on the 'People of India' have shown Sadhus on sacred pilgrimage to the Ganges River, and who are typically shown in a happy marching group dancing about and wearing only their shiny encasement balls.

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