Construction notes on Sadhus encasement balls

Submitted by: Steve C

Each and every one is custom fitted to the wearer by a Smithy. If the Sadhus wearer is poor he can actually rent or more correctly make barter for the temporary use of a encasement ball which is selected that best fit the wearer's genitalia. Please understand here that the ordinary Sadhus of today holds employment in a job usually associated with agriculture, warehousing or some type of commercial craft. So only the holy men actually continue with the ancient practice of continual chastisement that frequently involves the wearing of encasement balls or employ the use of many other chastity devices for long lengths of time. But on special holiday festivals the common Sadhus do don their encasement balls and make pilgrimages marching along in groups clothed only in their encasement balls to the Ganges to bathe or to other holy shrines in India.

All common metal encasement balls have numerous tiny vent holes (1/4 to 1/8") that allow urine to pass as well as for bath water to drain. Since in the Sadhus society folkways tradition regarding encasement balls the wearer is encouraged by his family, holyman and village to be naked so that all may admire the holy chastity of the wearer, the encased penis and balls are given adequate environmental venting to assure a dry healthy state of the encased genitalia tissues.

In common or ordinary metal encasement balls the weight is kept minimal so that no belt is worn. Further the ergonomic design of the encasement balls allows the wearer to have full flexation so that he may sit, run, bend, climb and sleep in his manner that is typical for him. Furthermore, the wearing of encasement balls is typically done only during the summer or dry seasons only. During the other season of the year the big rains come; known as Monsoons. And this is a time when the Smithy makes and repairs his metal encasement balls that he will bring to market during the next dry season.

I have been informed that the installation of ordinary Sadhus encasement balls is quite a trick and requires up to three men to help the Smithy install one on a wearer. The fitting process occurs over several hours time during which several wearers will be fitted in a group gathering... Firstly the wearer is measured for the base circumference of his penis, behind the balls. Next the wearer is measured for the fully erect length of his penis. Then an encasement ball is selected that has a opening that less in size (up to about half) the wearers penis base diameter. Then a ball size is selected that will allow the penis to be fully erect without touching the interior walls of the ball.

The wearer is then deeply relaxed with the aid of an alcoholic beverage; usually a locally brewed malt. In seated positions on woven mats are positioned two men behind the wearer with the Smithy and one assistant positioned in front of the wearer. The genitalia of the wearer is swathed in strips of cloth which have been soaked in warm malt for about half an hour up to one hour. The Smithy from time to time inspects the genitalia of the wearer until the organs have fully relaxed. The Smithy then deftly ties three 2 foot long cotton cords, via time tested slip knots, each one tied onto the wearers penis behind the glans and behind each ball. He then feeds the cords into the large opening of the encasement ball and then pulls the cords through the tiny pee and vent holes at the opposite or anterior end of the encasement ball.

At the proper time the Smithy signals to this assistants to hold the wearer and then the Smithy pulls into the encasement ball first one ball then the other ball and then the penis. As this is going on the wearer apparently is not experiencing any pain or fear but he is fully awake and is typically rather gleeful because of the spiritual benefit and social meaning of his chastisement and due to the fact that he is still under the spell of drinking so much warm malt. Using long tweezers the Smithy unties the slip knots tied to each ball and the penis and then signals to his assistants to release the wearer. Then with a sort of twang the encasement ball is pulled back by the genitalia snug against the pubic bone of the wearer. Instantly the penis becomes erect but it is held in mid air inside the metal encasement ball and there is no way that the wearer can get sexual relief... If desired, Altairboy, at a later posting I can report to you what happens to wearers of Sadhus encasement balls.

For removal of the encasement device a similar activity occurs but in reverse sequence. The only exception is that the whole encasement ball, and the wearer too, are drenched with malt. The Smithy somehow secures inside the metal ball the three cords with slip knots around the penis and each ball. Then with the help of his assistants the Smithy first stretches the penis and balls forward. Then with deft hand movements the Smithy then releases and pulls one ball from the encasement ball and then releases the other ball from the encasement ball and then the wearer's penis simply slips out.

Apparently, as this is the age old custom of the Sadhus the customs involved in this chastity trade assures the wearer to suffer no permanent harm from this type of chastity device installation or removal. Apparently since the penis is able to have typical erection flex there is no latent erection problems; otherwise the Sadhus wives would have put a stop to this practice a long time ago. However, the skin sensitivity of the genitalia remains elevated for several days..but still no harm done. And it may be said that the folkways of the Sadhus Indian caste demands this type of behavior from the mature devout Sadhus that the Sadhus male may be inbred to be adapted to this type of enforced chastity tradition.

If it interests you Altairboy, s mentioned above I can offer you a narrative of what happens to wearers when they wear negation type chastity devices, such as the encasement ball described above and I can offer you several citations to references which contain figures.

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