Chastity Belts found in Europe

Submitted by: Kanuni

Many thanks for your excellent web page where I have been lurking for nearly 1 year. I feel it is time for me to make a contribution as I mentioned to you on IRC last night.

On a recent trip across Europe I came across a few Items that might interest your readers.

mberg01.jpg mberg02.jpg

This is a front and rear view of a chastity belt from Marksberg Castle near Frankfurt am Main Germany. The belt is reputed to have be a centuries old family heirloom.

pragm01.jpg pragf01.jpg

These photos were taken in a workshop in Prague which makes reproduction armaments. The 3000 Korunu price tag translates to about $90 US. the female belts were at K 2500 each - so a little less. The artisans there were very keen to make any thing to any design!

Thanks again for your web page


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